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Category: True Blood

This post helps us to remember the beauty of True Blood. There was a lot of gore, sex, violence and more in True Blood, but there was also much love shown throughout the seven seasons. Two of those love relationships we want to remember here are Bill & Sookie and Hoyt & Jessica.

Bill and Sookie

We still can’t believe that the vampire, Bill Compton is no more. Stephen Moyer was probably the best Bill Compton there was, or will ever be, and his character will be very missed. Even though we don’t agree with the fact of his death or the means by which died, we will always remember him and how much we enjoyed True Blood.

Below is a photo released by HBO that pretty much says it all about the finale episode for Bill.


To remember Bill in our hearts, we provide this fan made video which pretty much sums up Bill’s journey in the final season of True Blood.

We know it may be difficult for the true Bill fans to watch, but we all need to mourn and we thought that this might help some to get through the sadness of his passing.


Hoyt and Jessica

We also want to remember the joy we saw during the finale, too. Jessica and Hoyt represent the future and the living or dead and we wish them much happiness together.

large_trueblood jessica hoyt

Date: September 12th | Category: True Blood
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Sookie-True-BloodThe video below gives tribute to many of those who played characters on True Blood. Nice and poignant tribute to our favorite show, I’d say.

Thanks to Darkmustang1 for making the video and for being a fan.

And, yes we will love True Blood for a 1,000 y

Well one of my favorite shows (True Blood) had its Series Finale a few days ago. I’m very sad its over. But at least I can watch the seasons anytime I want =3 True Blood was on for 7 Seasons, and they were all great to me! So I started planning this Tribute video several weeks ago. I got my inspiration from the ending credits of Twilight and Lord of the Rings. I used one of my favorite love songs. What I did is only put the people in the video who I think had big impacts in the series. Sadly I couldn’t put everyone in the video, but I tried to put as many as possible. It might not look like it took a lot of time to make, but it actually took me around 18 hours total to make this video! xP So I would really really appreciate some comments on it, even if you don’t watch the show.

The people that have an animal beside them on the screen, thats the animal they change into. I couldn’t find clips of everyone’s animal. A couple of them are shapeshifters, so I just used the animal their most known for shifting into.

Date: September 3rd | Category: True Blood, Videos
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You’d think True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten would take advantage of his abdominal super powers on a regular basis, but oh no, he’s one hell of a gentleman. When asked how he feels about TRUE BLOOD’s final season, he has a very down to earth vibe.

“The whole thing feels fantastic. From growing up in a coastal town to being on a HBO show, and for that show to last seven years, for me that’s still hard for me to comprehend,” he says. “There’s an amount of gratitude that comes with that… to have this success, I don’t take lightly.”

Check out some photos and an interview with Ryan below:


So how much of Kwanten do we see in his onscreen character? “I think in a weird way [Jason Stackhouse] has made me a better person, a better man, and I don’t think that I would have said that in the beginning,” Kwanten says. “He looks at everything with these wide, naïve eyes. To take that cynical hat off and approach things with innocence…it’s always more interesting to play characters like that, I think, who have faults rather than positive traits.”

Very rarely do you get a slice of humble pie served with this much handsome. Kwanten should have projects lined up from now until the end of 2037. What exactly is on the horizon for this cheeky Australian?

“It’s been crazy,” he says. “I finished three films over the last hiatus. After TRUE BLOOD ends, it’ll be the first time I’ll be free in eight or nine years. In a weird way, this show has taught me some patience. Every actor fights to see the door, to get a crack in the door, get inside the door and I feel like I’m almost in the room now and it’s nice to sit back and admire the landscape before really diving in again.”

So now that he has the time, how does Kwanten picture the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon? “I need to be near the water, the beach in some way or form. A beer, or bottle of wine, and some friends,” he says. “I’m a beach bum at heart.”

This sounds like dream date material. Even if this wasn’t the LOVE issue, we all would be clipping out Snoopy Valentines and writing Ryan’s name all over our Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers. Has he always been this laid back? Was there an emo-goth phase that nobody knows about? What keeps him grounded? To answer these questions, we offered him a magical DeLorean from “Back to the Future” so he could enlighten us, while giving young Ryan some sage advice.

“There’s an Emerson quote that is, ‘Everything that lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us,’” Kwanten says. “Teenagers are meant to be confused, bemused, and kind of annoyed by the world, and I wish I tapped into who I was. But also I think that’s the beauty in life: you make those stupid idiotic mistakes and try to learn from them as you can, and you move on. I’m happy that I made those mistakes.”

 Read the rest of this interview with Ryan at

Date: September 3rd | Category: Articles, True Blood
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Over the course of the series, True Blood’s Anna Camp, who played Sarah Newlin brilliantly by interjecting a healthy dose of self-righteous preaching about the evils of society at any given moment, never could find her true self in a world constantly changing. Anna talked with Speakeasy this week about her final days shooting “True Blood,” and why she wanted to be a vampire.

Were you surprised that Sarah Newlin became such a factor in the final season?

I was very surprised that’s the way it turned out. I was definitely happy, because it got my character into the story line. I think it’s pretty fitting for her to want to rid the earth of all vampire-kind and actually being the savior for all vampire-kind in the end.

She was such a lightning rod for the vampires to hate.

[Laughs.] I was so lucky to be included in the series in season 2 and I had no idea I’d be back at all. In season 6, I was this leader of a concentration camp of vampires. I’ve gotten to play some amazing scenes and I think people love to hate me. I hope they love to hate me and not just hate me.

Throughout this last season, there was a vibe that a lot of characters would be killed off. Did you think Sarah was going to die?

Yeah, I had no idea I was going to make it to the finale. Once I did read the scene where in ingested the antidote – the flash back – I did realize “Oh, wow, they have to keep me around for at least a little while.” I thought they were going to figure out how to bottle my blood and dispose of me and have this crazy death scene. I even imagined myself being turned [into a vampire]. There was a little talk of that at the end of season 6. I really welcomed that; I thought if Sarah was ever turned into a vampire, she’d hate herself so much for being turned into the very thing she abhorred – she’d climb up to the top of church somewhere and commit vampire suicide in front of everyone.

There were a lot of action scenes in this last season, particularly with Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard). He bit you. He threw you by your neck. What can you tell me about shooting those?

I definitely was in some harnesses this time around, flying in the air at times. You never know what you’re going to be in for when you get a “True Blood” script. We spent three days shooting those scenes and when I saw it in the episode, they cut so much from what we shot. It’s really fascinating. I was exhausted shooting those things at like four in the morning, because they’re all night shoots.

How long do they keep you in a harness for?

They’re really good about [giving breaks.] It’s definitely not the most comfortable thing. It feels like you have a permanent wedgie for two hours. Even when you’re out of it, it still feels like it’s there.

What was the hardest scene for you to shoot in the final season?

It was the last scene that I shot, where I’m chained up in the basement. For one, I lost the feeling in both of my hands because I had to be holding them above my head for so long. It was painful. But also, saying good-bye to a character that I loved playing. You can play the villain, but I feel for her! Even though she was cruel and perhaps deserved to die…being tortured slowly for the rest of my life and living in that world – it’s a pretty crazy place to go to.

How would we characterize her ending? Is she a “blood slave”?

I would call her a blood slave. Not a sex slave, but a blood slave. That’s perfect.

Did she deserve any redemption?

It’s hard to say. Living in the character, I justified everything she did. It’s hard to say when you’re playing someone like that. I mean, yes, I did try to kill all of them in season 6, so technically I deserved punishment.

She became a Buddhist and in the end, begged to be a vampire. She seemed like a person who couldn’t find herself.

She was convicted in what she was believing in at the moment. I don’t know if consciously she was trying to get out of trouble when she turned into a Buddhist – but I think she truly, truly believed that she was. On some subconscious level, it’s a way of exonerating herself from all of the guilt that she felt. She’s just this complete narcissist …it’s basically her world and she’s living in it and that’s OK.

One of the last scenes that you had featured you drinking Pam’s blood. Does the idea of drinking blood gross you out?

[Laughs.] It’s really, really gross. When you think about blood dripping from someone’s wrist, it’s not the most appetizing thing in the world. But I was luckily glamored then, so I couldn’t taste it in the moment.

Did you ever get to try on fangs?

No, I wish! I never got to. They specially make the fangs for the people who played vampires. I really would have loved to play a vampire.

 Read this complete interview with Anna Camp by going here:

Date: September 3rd | Category: True Blood
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