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Category: The Originals

In the last episode of The Originals, after his siblings daggered him, Dahlia paid Klaus a visit inside his head and gave him a look at her past in an attempt to woo him over to her side of things. She too was betrayed by Esther, she explains, and furthermore, there’s a reason why she wants Hope: to help her control her power. A flashback showed Freya struggling to control her magic, and according to Dahlia, Hope, as a first-born, possesses that same kind of power, magic that could grow until she destroys the city. Since Dahlia is a first-born, she can help her.

However – and there’s a big however – while Dahlia is willing to allow Klaus to join her as Hope’s father, the same cannot be said of the baby’s other parent, and so Hayley must die. This comes as Hayley has decided that she doesn’t want her daughter to be a Mikaelson.

Watch the preveiw for next weeks episode below:

Date: May 1st | Category: Previews, Spoilers, The Originals
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During a screening of last weeks heartbreaking hour, executive producer Michael Narducci fielded questions from reporters, both about this week’s biggest twists and about the final three episodes of the season. Who’s ready to get spoiled?

WHY AIDEN? | “We knew off the bat that we wanted to tell a beautiful Romeo and Juliet story between Josh, a vampire, and Aiden, a werewolf,” Narducci explained. “Our goal was to create a complicated, layered person who was put in many dilemmas with regards to his loyalty to the pack. … Every one of us loves Aiden and every one of us is really sad to see Colin Woodell go. He was such an incredible actor, a beautiful performer, a star in the making. But we felt like that was the best story. With any death … if it’s right, then that’s what you have to do. And that’s what it was in this case.”
That said, death wasn’t the only possibility for Aiden. Narducci revealed that the writers “had talked about many different endings for Josh and Aiden. We’d talked about the possibility of them running off together, we’d talked about the possibility of one of them being captured and the other having to risk everything to try to save them.” Ultimately, though, death seemed the most appropriate way to end their Shakespearean romance.

JOSH’S REVENGE | Simply put, Josh is “wrecked,” and while he’s full of rage towards Klaus — whom he believes killed Aiden — Narducci said, “The first thing he needs to do is wrap his head around how he’s going to recover from this grief.” Only then can he even begin to think about retaliation; Josh has only been a vampire for a short time, so taking on Klaus right now wouldn’t be the smartest move (unless, of course, he’s eager to join Aiden… wherever dead people go on this show now).
The Originals Aiden DiesFAMILY FEUD | Narducci notes that it’s very telling how quickly Klaus’ siblings believed he killed Aiden, further proof that Dahlia’s plan to tear the family apart is working. “But Cami knows the truth, and once that truth starts to get out, our characters are going to have to figure out who could have done this and why,” he adds. And speaking of Cami, she’ll be in “every episode for the remainder of the season,” so look forward to some exciting developments on her end.

HAYLEY & JACKSON | There’s plenty of wolf-y drama afoot, as they’re “reeling from the loss of the guy who was, in effect, the Vice President,” Narducci says. “Hayley, as a leader, is going to have to work with Jackson to find a way to earn back [the wolves’] trust.” On the romantic end, even though Elijah is clearly still in love with Hayley, his sense of familial duty will prevent him from attempting to split up her marriage. Besides, “over the course of that marriage, she found herself having legitimate feelings” for Jackson, too.

KOL’S RETURN? | Last, but certainly not least, Davina will continue to attempt to bring back Kol. Despite a minor setback — Narducci says there are some “pretty important witch shenanigans going on this week” — Davina will get “one little ray of hope, one possibility of what she might be able to do … in her quest to resurrect Kol.” And, hey, that’s something! (Right?)


Date: April 24th | Category: Executive Producers, Interviews, Spoilers, The Originals
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The Originals CW

We hope you had a wonderful weekend, because your mood about to dip lower than you can even imagine, and it’s all thanks to The Originals.

You are not ready for tonight’s all-new episode, “When the Levee Breaks,” for multiple reasons. But the biggest one? Aunt Dahlia (Claudia Black) is about to claim her first victims (that’s right, plural victims) in her battle for baby Hope and her power.

We got the chance to watch the heartbreaking episode early along with a small group of reporters, and we had tears running down our cheeks during multiple parts of the hour. Yeah, this one’s going to be tough, guys.

The Originals CW

Now, we can’t tell you who doesn’t make it out of the episode alive (trust us, there’s nothing we could say to properly prepare you for this loss), but we can say that more than one major player in New Orleans are going to find themselves out of commission by episode’s end. One death comes by Dahlia’s hand (and the twist involved makes it hurt even more), but the other takedown is one of the biggest betrayals we’ve ever seen on this show. You won’t see it coming. Neither will the victim.

And for all you patient “Klamille” fans, there is one extended scene between Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Cami (Leah Pipes) in the episode you do not want to miss. Even executive producer Michael Narducci was “blown away” by how emotional and intense the scene turned out. And if one scene isn’t enough for you, just know that this scene holds promise for many, many more emotional interactions between these two for the future.

The Originals CWAs for Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson’s (Nathan Parsons) aborted plans to run away to the bayou, just because they didn’t make it out last episode, doesn’t mean they’re content to live under Klaus’ protections. And let’s just say they’re right to worry about their so-called “safe house.”

Just because there’s a whole lot of dark heading our way on The Originals, Narducci and co. still found some time for a little comedy. The episode begins with the Original siblings arguing over Klaus’ rash decision to kill their father Mikael (Sebastian Roche), and let’s just say it’s one of the funniest scenes we’ll be getting on this show for a while. Enjoy it while you can!

The Originals airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW. Be sure to check back here after the episode ends for scoop on the heartbreaking death and what’s coming up before the season finale!

Source: ENews

Date: April 21st | Category: The Originals
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