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Category: The Originals

Following up Dread Centrals recent chat with Nathan Parsons, they caught up with another actor who’s howling away in The CW’s “Vampire Diaries” spinoff “The Originals,” Chase Coleman, to find out what his character of Oliver is up to.

Dread Central: What was your first impression when you first stepped onto the set of “The Originals,” and how has that feeling evolved as the season’s progressed?

Chase Coleman: My first impression was 100% professionalism, while still embracing a warm and friendly environment. People like to have fun on set but still are so focused that we get the job done in a fantastic way. It’s the ultimate workplace environment, and I hope I get to be around for a long time! I love nothing more than being on set and getting to work. Even when I wrap my scenes for the day, I’ll stick around a bit just to watch the process.

DC: What’s been the most exciting fan feedback you’ve gotten as a result of being on “The Originals?” Do you like all the attention, or are admirers sometimes really persistent?

CC: I love all the attention! I also love to make sure that I can reasonably stay in touch with everyone as much as I can. I make sure and look through all of my tweets and Instagram posts, as well as keep tabs on what kind of publicity is coming out about the show and if it’s involving me in some way. I think it’s smart to always have a handle on these things. Eventually it may be too difficult to keep a handle on everything as things really amp up in the future for the show. However, I will always be active on my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and I’ll always do my best to pay attention to the viewer fans.

DC: How does Oliver feel about Hayley right now, and where are you hoping that relationship goes?

CC: I think Oliver is wary of Hayley and simply doesn’t trust her. She has dealings with the vampires, and she’s obviously carrying Klaus’ child, so I think Oliver resents her and straight up wonders if she’s going to bring the pack down at all. All in all, Oliver is loyal and protective of his pack and his people. I think he will always put the pack before himself and anyone else.

DC: Tell us a bit about the episode that’s airing next and what you think fans will enjoy the most.

CC: The next episode is a BIIIIG episode. There’s a lot of major stuff that’s going to go down, and people are gonna have to start deciding what is actually right and wrong and what is more important for their factions. I think the biggest thing that everyone needs to remember is a fantastic quote from one of my favorite legendary franchises, Star Wars: “Good is a point of view, Anakin…”

DC: Your season finale is near…! What can we expect?

CC: Big, big stuff to come! I think people’s jaws are gonna be on the floor with the kind of stuff we have on the way. Lines are gonna be drawn… and crossed. Fans are gonna have to start picking sides among all the factions!

Be sure to head on over to Dread Central to read the full interview.

Date: April 24th | Category: Cast, Interviews, The Originals
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Take a look at the new stills from Episode 20 of The Originals.

Date: April 16th | Category: Previews, The Originals
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