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Category: The Originals

When The Originals was first pitched as a Vampire Diaries spin-off, it was to be the story of Klaus Mikaelson’s redemption, with Elijah being the most reluctant to give up on his brother. So when a promo for the season 2 finale showed Elijah uttering the line, “We’re beyond redemption,” it seemed that the Mikaelsons had lost their way.

Yet when fans watched the season 2 finale, that same line was missing. For Daniel Gillies, cutting the scene meant cutting one of his favorite moments of the series.

“That scene was to me one of the most enlightening scenes about the people [and] the show,” Gillies told EW.

The scene, which Gillies acknowledged was cut for time, was re-worked by Originals writer Diane Ademu-John and Gillies himself, and featured an exchange between Elijah and his recently returned mother, Esther. “It was four or five lines,” Gillies said. “It was very heavily written in the beginning, and then myself and the very, very talented Diane Ademu-John decided that we should pair it down. So together we created this very simplified version of the scene, this exchange between the mother and [Elijah] before NiKlaus throws open the doors and says ‘Mother!’ It was beautiful.”

As far as what happened in the scene, Gillies didn’t reveal exact lines, but he did give a general idea of the conversation. “[Esther] said, ‘I can see what you’re doing. You’re becoming more and more like your brother. [Elijah] then all but threatens her, and she comes back with, ‘I know you’re lost and I’ve done my best for all of you but your salvation can’t come.’”

In the original script, Elijah then argued with his mother, but when it came time to shoot, Gillies proposed that Elijah actually agree with his mother. “I wanted to say, ‘You’re quite right, Mother. I couldn’t agree with you more. We’re beyond redemption,’” Gillies said.

“[It’s the] sad and lingering understanding that, ‘You’re trying to wash us clean, but I know that we’re doomed as well. Do you think that I don’t live with that every moment that I’m around?’ That was special to me,” he said.

For Gillies, losing that scene in the finale meant losing the most telling scene he’d ever done as Elijah Mikaelson—and one of the show’s best. “It was certainly one of my favorite moments,” he said.


Date: May 21st | Category: Cast, Interviews, The Originals
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When we last saw Hayley, she was bracing for an uncertain future after her entire pack was cursed to remain in wolf form outside of a full moon. Needless to say, Season 3 is going to be rough for her.

TV Line caught up with Phoebe Tonkin at the recent CW Upfronts and spoke with her about whats coming up next season for Hayley.

TVLINE | How much of Hayley are we going to see in Season 3? Less, I imagine?
Right now, we’re only going to see Hayley once a month. I hope that at least one episode will be the full day when I’m human. I’d also like to see Hayley in wolf form. I don’t know if we’ve seen that yet, and it could be really cool.

TVLINE | And now Klaus is, sort of, a single dad. How do you feel about that, and what are your thoughts on his future with Hayley?
[Laughs] I think Klaus had better sire some nannies. Hayley’s not going to be able to forgive him easily for what he’s done. Even if he did it for the good of his baby, I don’t think he did it in the right way. He should have let Hayley know that’s what he was doing so she could have been part of the plan. But he didn’t do that, so now, [she’s] pissed.

TVLINE | Riley Voelkel is coming on full-time. Are you looking forward to potentially building a Hayley-Freya friendship?
My favorite storylines on our show are the ones with the girls working together for the greater good, and not talking about men. Now that we have four girls — me, Riley, Leah [Pipes] and Danielle [Campbell] — I’m excited for storylines with us four.

TVLINE | Well, speaking of the men she doesn’t want to talk about, I’m a fan of the ever-present Hayley-Jackson-Elijah triangle. How do you hope that resolves itself?
I love it, too! It’s like There’s Something About Hayley, which is really fun. I don’t know, they’re both great characters and they’re both amazing actors, so I’m just lucky that I get to work with both of them.

TV Line also spoke with executive producer Michael Narducci after the finale, who gave a little more insight about what we can expect from Hayley in Season 3:

Built into the DNA of the show is the Mikaelson family. There’s also this young baby, and that baby has a mother, and she has a clear tie to Klaus and a clear tie to Elijah; she’s fundamentally important to the show. Even though she’s in a worst-case scenario, we definitely have not seen the last of her. We have to resolve what has been done to her and what it means to her, and if there is any cure to her situation, we’ll have to deal with that as priority one. Whether that improves her condition, or significantly worsens it, I can’t say. She’s not being written off the show.

Date: May 21st | Category: Cast, Interviews, The Originals
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Executive Producer, Julie Plec, fields TVLine’s questions about the show’s lingering relationships, the future of Rebekah’s portrayers — both of whom are involved in other projects — and what kind of “closure” we can expect from the final battle.

TVLINE | I loved when Rebekah told Cami that Klaus “fancies” her. Will that be explored further in the finale?
It’s not that it’s going to be explored or unexplored; it just kind of a thing that exists under every interaction between them. I don’t necessarily know that there’s anything either of them are ever going to do about it, certainly not soon, but it’s a fascinating line that connects them. They’re two people who probably shouldn’t have any feelings for each other, yet they can’t resist having these epic, deep, emotional moments. I like that every scene if theirs is fraught with a little bit of that tension. Whether we decide to act on it or not, I can’t tell you.

TVLINE | Another twosome finally vocalizing their feelings is Rebekah and Marcel. What can expect from those two, now that Claire Holt is back?
He’s very glad to see that putting a knife into her own jugular didn’t cause permanent death. She’s sort of mourning her loss of free will, in terms of which body she can possess; it’s been her choice up to this point, but Klaus took that away from her. She’s got a lot to work out with her brother, and there’s actually a really nice moment where we get to see both Maisie [Richardson-Sellers] and Claire. We get to see our two Rebekahs in the same episode, which is a lot of fun.

TVLINE | Speaking of those two, Claire is in Aquarius and Maisie’s pilot just got picked up. Can you say anything about Rebekah, physically, moving forward?
Well, we still have access to Claire, and I assume we still have access to Maisie. We spent two years juggling Daniel Gillies’ schedule when he was on [Saving Hope], so having to work around a little availability issue of two Rebekahs is … well, we’ve done harder things. I wouldn’t say it’s the last we’ll see of either of them.

TVLINE | Hayley telling Jackson she loves him for the first time was such a huge moment. Does this mean you’re officially putting Hayley/Elijah to rest?
When you have a couple that cares about each other deeply, and there are always things that stand in the way of that — first it was Elijah’s honor, now it’s Hayley’s marriage — that doesn’t make the relationship any less potent or fraught; it just makes it more difficult. Next season, assuming Hayley is able to get out of this predicament she’s been shoved into by Klaus, there are still going to be those feelings there. It’s just a matter of: What do they do about them?

TVLINE | That moment we see in the promo, where Dahlia tells the three siblings to prepare to meet their “end,” looks a lot like what Bonnie and Damon faced on The Vampire Diaries at the end of Season 5. Very mystical. What can you say about that final showdown?
Ooh, interesting! This final showdown actually has quite a few emotional surprises as our Originals are suffering and facing death at the end hands of their naughty aunt. They fight back with some psychological warfare that’s surprisingly poignant. It’s a great sequence, a fitting closure for this season and the storyline that’s been driving it from the beginning.

Date: May 12th | Category: Executive Producers, Interviews, The Originals
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Speaking recently to Entertainment Weekly Clare spoke about how Rebekah has changed since she last played her, what we can expect in the season finale and more:


ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So you’ve been away from the show, but Rebekah hasn’t. How do you catch up when this happens?
CLAIRE HOLT: We have this amazing coach on the show who really helps me to understand everything. She sat with me when I first got there for about 45 minutes and just went through everything, all the plot points and the storylines and the reasons that my character had been doing certain things. So when I first read the script, I understood about half of it. And then after I spoke to her, I understood the full thing.

Speaking of your time away, how has Rebekah’s time as a witch affected her? How might the character have changed since you last played her?
I think it definitely changed her. Rebekah’s always wanted family, and she’s always wanted children and a life, and so I think she sort of started to see that there was some of those things that were possible in her witch body. And Klaus had other plans for her. He felt that she was more durable in the original body, in my body. It was a decision that was made for her, and she understood that there were reasons behind it. But I think she’s feeling conflicted as to what she really wants to do and how she wants to lead her life, and [in] which body that would be.

Do you ever see Rebekah giving up hope of her mortal life?
I don’t think so. I think that’s what’s so nice about this character. She’s real and she’s relatable, and she wants the things that most humans want. She wants love, she wants a family. And so while she commits atrocities at times, [her desire for a mortal life is a] redeeming factor. And I think it’s something that she just doesn’t know how to give up.

What is Rebekah’s relationship with Davina like, now that that Davina is regent?
Well, the plan in this episode is for the Originals to use Davina’s magic to help take down Dahlia. And while it’s difficult for Rebekah to know that she needs to use this young girl, she also needs to unite with her family for a more pressing issue, which is Dahlia. And so I think it’s difficult for Davina in this episode to understand why they would work against her, and she’s frustrated and she’s angry, but it’s a necessity and it’s the plan that has been laid out to lead to the epic battle at the end of the episode.

In the finale promo, Elijah says that the Mikaelsons are past redemption. Do you believe that?
I don’t think so. Well, who knows? [Laughs] There’s been many, many, many, many years of horror in their wake. I think Elijah is particularly beaten down by the vampire life, and this existence, and his brother, and his family, and their circumstances, and I think he feels that this is it for them. There’s no way back around. And he’s always been the brother that searches for good and the moral brother, the strong one of us all. So I think for him to break like this, it’s really a big moment. Although I’m not sure that it’s necessarily the truth, there are so many paths that this story can head down. I think it’s definitely difficult for them all to redeem themselves after so many years of all this behavior.

When I talked to [executive producer] Michael Narducci after the last episode, he mentioned Klaus wanting to get Rebekah back in her original body because it’s easier to stake. So how worried should we be that Rebekah is going to end up back in a coffin?
I think we should always be worried about Rebekah being daggered, because Klaus has proven it’s something he loves to do and he does it with great frequency. That’s definitely a fear. But I think that he needs Rebekah in this body and he needs the family to work together to bring down Dahlia, so that’s more of his concern right now than sticking a dagger in her and putting her in a coffin.

This show has had so many epic battles and big episodes. How does this finale compare?
I think if there’s one thing that you can always expect from The Originals, all the way back from The Vampire Diaries, [it’s that] the finales are always epic. There’s a huge showdown at the end of this episode, and the outcome will be totally unexpected. We shot it over the course of two very, very long nights. There’s a lot of action; there’s a lot of drama. I think the audience will be on the edge of their seats the entire time, which is what you expect from a show like this. I’m excited for everyone to see it.

Regardless of what might happen in the finale, if it’s possible, I assume you’d want to return in season 3?
Hell yeah! I’d love to! I’m on another show right now, Aquarius, and it’s about to air. Obviously the fate of the show in the future is uncertain, but I would love to be able to do both if possible. Rebekah is so special to me, and anytime I get to go back and visit that world and New Orleans and my family there, I’m on that plane ready to go.

Date: May 12th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Spoilers, The Originals
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