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Category: Spoilers

EW chatted with Mark Goffman, the supernatural dramedy’s showrunner, about season 2 and specifically how fans have been responding to it. Goffman’s main takeaway? “If people just trust us—if you keep watching, things will change in a way that you won’t expect.”


There’s been a lot of criticism this year, some of it by me. What’s your response to the fan response?
Sure. You know, we started this season really early. We started in February, so we’d [completed] the first nine episodes before we’d started airing. And I actually love that we have a very honest relationship with our viewers. We cultivated that in season 1; there’s a real dialogue going on. To us, it’s actually a sign of how much people care, and how passionate they are that they’re so willing to be so vocal about how they feel. And we welcome that kind of feedback and actually engage in that dialogue.

But you have to understand—every show is a living, breathing entity, and it’s growing, and it’s constantly evolving. Last season we were 13 episodes; this season we went to 18. So we’re growing. We’ve done some things differently this year; we have new cast; we have tried some different storytelling. We take a lot of really big swings on this show. Some of those work really well—and we’re adjusting and evolving as the season goes.
Do you think if you’d still been in production after season 2 had premiered—and you started hearing the criticism—you would have changed its direction?
The exciting thing for us is that everything changes at the season finale. And that was always by design. So look, we’ve definitely—every show I’ve ever been on, as you’re writing and you’re learning what’s working and what you can do differently, that’s just part of the evolution of a show. I guess what I would ask everyone is just, I hope they’ll trust us as they did in season 1. We have a plan that I think is really exciting, and as we get to our midseason finale, things will change dramatically.

Fans have a certain expectation from last season of what the show was; this year, some episodes are going to be real fan favorites, and others are more for casual viewers. I think that that’s part of the fun and the thrill of doing this show, is anything can happen. You pointed out that there’s some repetition—in 18 episodes, you know, our mythology deals with a man who’s from 250 years ago, we have revisionist revolutionary history, we have demons. We have so many elements that we just wanted to make sure that everyone was able to follow along the way. And it’s something we’re also adjusting as we see it. But our goal was just to make sure that everybody was able to follow and stay on board.

So do you think the criticisms people have been making—about Abbie being sidelined, for example—have been premature?
Well, it sounded like a lot of people really responded to Monday night’s episode, with the Mills sisters, and we loved doing that. That was an episode we had planned to do very early in the season. We’re excited to tell a lot more stories about both Jenny and Abbie.

Have you clicked through the “Abbie Mills deserves better” hashtag?
Of course. We look at everything. This show, it was really built for fans. So we’re very engaged in the social media atmosphere. Obviously it’s more fun when everybody is telling you that everything’s perfect, but I don’t know if that’s ever the case. We have a plan we put together, a really fun season arc, and when we get to next Monday, things are going to be thrown into flux in a way that I think is really exciting—leading to a whole new trajectory for the back half of the season.

I know Katrina’s been kind of a sticking point for a lot of people this year—what are your future plans for her?
Yeah. What are the future plans for Katrina? Well, that’s a big question—that’s one that’s probably been the most talked about. We like to surprise on this show, and I think we will continue to. There are a couple of episodes coming up where you think one thing is happening, and she’ll be featured, and then something completely different will—so nothing is as it seems.

So, fewer damsel in distress stories?
[laughs] That was never our intention. She’s an incredibly strong character, and she has, I think, a very storied history, being both a powerful witch and a spy. We have a great episode coming up in which we learn about her history with the Salem witch trials. Not that she was involved, but her lineage was. That’ll bring her into a whole new light.

So we’ll get to see her do some cool magic?
I think we’re going to see her do a lot of things that we don’t expect. But again, keep in mind, these are episodes that were shot long before—just to give you an example, I’m writing the season finale right now. So the things that have really started to come up are things that have happened in the last two weeks, and we’re already writing the season finale of the show. But that said, I think that we have some really fun episodes coming up. We’re trying to give each character on the show their due.

Is there anything you’d do differently, if you could go back?
Oh, gosh. Everything I’ve ever worked on, I want to…you know, the challenge in television is the deadlines and the schedules. From a creative point of view, you always want to do more, bigger, better.

Anything specific?
Not that I can think of. It’s an epic show with a lot of moving parts. We put a lot of time into our creature work, we put a lot of time into the period work, into the research and the history and putting fun and different twists on American history. All of that comes together in a crazy mashup, a tone that’s vascillating between humor and horror and action-adventure—it’s a lot of pieces. We take big swings, and there are a few of them where definitely… I would like to keep swinging.


Date: November 27th | Category: Executive Producers, Interviews, Sleepy Hollow, Spoilers
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We’ve got some breaking news, Sleepy Heads! This week Johnathon Schaech (“That Thing You Do”) took to Twitter to voice his excitement as a guest star on “Sleepy Hollow.” He started with subtle clues: his character’s name (Solomon), a photo of swashbuckling costume pants, rocker long locks and many thanks to everyone at “Sleepy Hollow.” He specifically enjoyed working with Katia Winter, which couldn’t help but make one wonder if Katrina and Solomon share a bewitching history.

Thankfully, Schaech graciously replied to our inquiry with this telling teaser: “Salem witch trials!!!” Yay! Surely there will be some clever twistory involving the infamous Salem Witch Trials and we can’t wait to find out.

On November 18 “Sleepy Hollow” writer, Albert Kim, tweeted a script teaser revealing the title of episode 15, “Spellcaster,” which they are currently filming. The following day he also tweeted a photo of John Noble on set, so we know that no matter what happens in the fall finale, Henry is still sticking around. All we can do for now is speculate, so let’s get to it!

We already know Katrina had been covertly working with her coven, The Sisterhood of the Radiant Heart. Her coven was made of both witches and warlocks, like the poor priest who lost his head in the series premiere. So the big question is whether or not Solomon is Katrina’s ally or enemy.

Solomon could be the titular “spellcaster.” We guess a spellcaster is some kind of super skilled warlock or witch. For all we know, Katrina could be the spellcaster. Given Schaech’s screen time with Winter, Solomon could be working with Katrina to fight evil. Perhaps he left a lasting impression, one that merits a few flashbacks and reveals helpful information for future supernatural cases. Maybe this fearless warlock sacrificed himself during the Salem Witch Trials to help Katrina escape and fulfill her destiny. On the other hand…

Solomon could also be a bad guy. He could have practiced dark magic. He might have served Moloch as a spellcaster. Or he was a civilian who fought to vanquish all witches during the Salem Witch Trials. Solomon could even be another one of Moloch and Henry’s evil-doers brought back to torment the Cranes. As we’ve seen this season, the Cranes and Mills are relentlessly haunted by their pasts. Let’s face it, anything is possible on “Sleepy Hollow.”

Much of the “Spellcaster” speculation relies on the twistory behind the true purpose of the Salem Witch Trials. Did the trials begin to eliminate the threat of evil covens? Did Moloch want to rid the world of witches who practiced light magic? Was Katrina barely saved from the fiery stake? Will Solomon be a recurring character or does he perish during the trials?


Date: November 24th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Sleepy Hollow, Spoilers
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Your prayers have been answered, Sleepyheads: This week’s episode is all about the Sisters Mills.

“Coming into season two, one of the things we really wanted to do was explore and open up Abbie’s backstory—fill in some of the blanks for her character, her role as a witness, her family’s history,” Sleepy writer Damian Kindler explains to EW. (You can trust him; he’s the guy who invented Yolanda.) The show will dive into those questions on this week’s episode, in which Abbie and Jenny investigate a series of mysterious deaths at Tarrytown Psychiatric—the same hospital where their mother, Lori Mills, died 15 years ago.

Lori Mills, you’ll remember, didn’t go quietly: “She was insane and she killed herself,” Kindler reminds us. “So I think that gave us a lot of mystery to uncover. And we also wanted to tell a cool ghost story. We’ve got the psychiatric hospital where Jenny was, where Irving is—which leads to the revealing potential involvement of Abbie’s mother, which uncovers another mystery. And it’s all happening around the time when Moloch is rising. It’s a story that had to service a lot of different masters, but ultimately the biggest aspect of it was revealing who Lori Mills was, the truth of her life and her struggle to protect her daughters from evil.” See Abbie and Jenny try to tackle some of those questions in this exclusive clip from the episode.

Things in Sleepy-land are going to get worse before they get better, says Kindler. “It’s sort of like the third act of Ghostbusters: Shit’s happening,” thanks to Moloch’s imminent ascendence. “So that gives us the license to say “Well, Tarrytown’s super f—ing haunted right now.” But don’t expect the scary stuff to outweigh the heart-rending stuff: “There’s going to be some incredibly emotional scenes,” he promises. “I think that’s what makes a good Sleepy Hollow—when it really scares you and pulls at your heartstrings. Hopefully within the same 45 minutes.”

Catch Sleepy on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. And if you are in the US then head on over to EW to watch an exclusive clip!

Date: November 20th | Category: Interviews, Sleepy Hollow, Spoilers
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Executive producer Michael Narducci recently told E! News that while Esther (Sonja Sohn) might seem like a villain right now for what she’s doing to and planning for her children, she’s only trying to help them.

Wheel inside The Wheel

“With Elijah [Daniel Gillies], she wanted to break him down and reveal how much he’s suffering and how much he’s had to hide from himself as a vampire in order to say, ‘I can release you from that pain,'” Narducci said. “With Klaus [Joseph Morgan], she’s going to do something just as bad and ultimately she’s going to reveal to him why he suffers, why he’s so paranoid, why he’s so angry and she’s going to suggest the one way that would ‘fix him.’ It is an offer that would be almost impossible for him to just walk away from.”

“He has to consider it,” Narducci teased. “In the same way that Elijah is incredibly shaken by all that is revealed to him, Klaus is going to be shaken to his core by what Esther does to him in this episode. And Klaus will have a reaction and will confront his mother and there’s a lot of very satisfying mythos in that confrontation. Moving forward there is going to be a lot of questions posed in the episode and we’ll slowly start to see what the results of that will be over the course of the season.”

While Narducci wouldn’t reveal exactly what Esther has planned for Klaus—and believe us, we tried to squeeze it out of him!—he could barely contain his excitement over how the fans are going to react to it.

“It’s smart and it’s the kind of offer Klaus is going to have a hard time walking away from,” Narducci said. “At the same time, there are flashbacks in episode 6 that go pretty far back in terms of the Original family timeline and start to show us exactly who Esther is and maybe help us understand why her desire to help her children is a little bit more reasonable than we might have expected and it gives us a sense of who she is and what she has had to deal with over the course of her life and makes us feel more sympathy for her. It also suggests some things that are coming on the horizon that are pretty creepy and will an interesting effect on the Mikaelson family.”


Date: November 11th | Category: Executive Producers, Interviews, Spoilers, The Originals
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