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Category: Movie

“Underworld 5: Next Generation” lead star Kate Beckinsale has been officially announced to reprise role as the leather-clad vampire, Selene, for the next installment in the franchise.

Directing the movie is Anna Foerster, who has done second-unit work and was Roland Emmerich’s right-hand woman as the director of photography on such movies as The Day After Tomorrow and White House Down. This is the first time that a woman is directing the female-led action-horror franchise. (Her hire was made before Tuesday’s report by the ACLU that took studios to task about gender inequality in Hollywood.)

Cory Goodman wrote the script, whose plot details are being kept shut in a coffin but which is said to focus on a new and younger generation of vampires and werewolves who are locked in a seemingly never-ending battle between supernatural races.

Theo James, who appeared briefly in 2012’s Underworld: Awakening, is attached to reprise his character as he fulfills an option agreement.

The film begins production this fall in the Czech Republic capital of Prague which lends Underworld 5 for a late summer (August-September) release in 2016. Given the series’ historical release window of January however, it’s also possible extensive post-production and VFX work pushes it to January 2017. Since the director’s background in visual effects, that’s certainly possible – It just depends on how much of a budget the next Underworld has. The original was produced on the cheap for just $22 million but Awakening (which released in 3D) cost $70 million.

Underworld: Awakening brought Selene into the near future where the world had learned of and planned to eradicate vampires and werewolves. Its followup revolves around “a new and younger generation” of these monsters and continues their ageless war. Given the recent lack of major vampire/werewolf releases, at least theatrically, there’s an unfulfilled niche the studios are gunning for.

Date: May 21st | Category: Articles, Movie, Underworld
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With the revival of the vampire and zombie, the werewolf has not received enough serious attention, outside of a few outliers such as Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers. From a purely horror perspective, some could say there’s little to fear from the hairiest member of the horror movie monsters. But taken into context, the zombie is slow-moving and the vampire has been turned into a sexy heartthrob for tween gazers. Sure, the werewolf looks like an overgrown dog but you try telling that to the monsters from Joe Dante’s cult classic The Howling and see if you walk away in one piece. Hollywood needs to bring the werewolf back with style and MTV’s Teen Wolf and Taylor Lautner in Twilight don’t count.

As part of a much needed revival, Emaji Entertainment has nabbed the rights to remake Joe Dante’s 1981 horror feature as part of a series that will see several well-known properties remade. Recently, the studio announced a Strangeland remake that will see Dee Snider returning as the character Captain Howdy. And although we feel that a remake to The Howling will most likely displease the horror gods, we’re not against the idea of seeing the werewolf making a return. If nothing else, the film should feature at least one good scene showing the full moon transformation that is sure to get more viewers on the werewolf bandwagon.

As you would guess, the film is still in the early stages of production, which means details on the script and director are being kept quiet until everything is official. From the sound of everything, Emaji will stick as closely to the original low-budget production value of the first film as possible. Audiences can expect to see the typical horror remake when this one gets released. But if you’re in the audience of horror fans looking to see someone getting mauled by a group of beasts, this should be right up your alley. We can expect to hear more from this feature as production gets underway.


Date: May 8th | Category: Articles, General, Movie
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Vin Diesel plays the last remaining witch hunter who must battle against an uprising of witches in modern day New York. ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ also stars Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood and Michael Caine. In theaters October 23, 2015.

We open on a snowcapped mountaintop, our heroes but specks against the majesty of mother nature. This is spectacle all right. Although, in the big scheme of things, it’s not exactly a car driving through a skyscraper.

Uh-oh, The Last Witch Hunter stars Michael Caine. Judging by the last few big films that Caine has made, this means that The Last Witch Hunter is going to have loads of boring exposition that needs to be solemnly intoned by an elder statesman figure, and also that Morgan Freeman was busy. Again, not a great sign.

But it’s OK, because here’s full-blown megastar Vin Diesel with his new sidekicks, Not Paul Walker and Not The Rock. Let’s see what sort of high-octane scrapes he’s about to get himself into.

This is much better. It’s Vin Diesel holding a dagger. Sure, on the basis of this clip he’s examining it for clues about its origin and worth, and not getting ready to fling it through the eye sockets of several dozen baddies while he abseils down an exploding oil rig, but it’s a good sign nonetheless. This is going to be great!

What the hell? This isn’t exciting. This isn’t spectacle. This is literally just Vin Diesel sitting in a chair in a gloomy room by himself. The Last Witch Hunter’s starting to look a bit rubbish, to be honest. It’s going to need to pull something pretty amazing out of the bag if it wants to keep me interested.

GROOT! Look everybody, it’s Groot! Brilliant Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy! Do your dance, Groot. Do your funny dance! Right, this film has my complete attention now.

Hang on. Vin Diesel. Flaming sword. Dead Groot. Does this mean … has Vin Diesel just killed his most beloved character? Is this whole film just a deliberate attempt on the part of Vin Diesel to distance himself from the unwanted glare of celebrity? Is this Leonard Nimoy’s I Am Not Spock all over again? I’m just going to go ahead and assume yes, because I don’t think I can be bothered to actually go and watch The Last Witch Hunter when it comes out.


Date: May 5th | Category: Articles, Movie, Videos
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Yesterday we gave you the winners of the Twilight Short Film screenplay competition. Today we can give you the plots for them! And it seems that one character stands out from the rest. Read on to find out what short films we can expect and which characters they focus on:

1. Groundskeeper – Sarah Boshear
Character: Alice Cullen

Plot: Set in Pearl River Lunatic Asylum, a vampire groundskeeper looks out for Alice, one of the patients who has the special gift of foresight. When the groundkeeper comes to visit her she predicts her death by the vampires Victoria and James. As the groundskeeper grabs her ready to escape, Alice has visions of each of their possible escape attempts failing. The groundskeeper realizes their only chance of survival is to bite Alice and transform her into a vampire, which would mean his own death. Alice forbids him to do it, sacrificing herself for him. The groundskeeper is touched by the gesture, but bites her anyway and then runs into the night to fight his final battle.

2. Consumed – Cullyn Doerfler


Character: Jane

Plot: Set in 9th Century England, twins Jane and Alec aged 3 meet Volturi vampire Aro for the first time, but he quickly disappears. 10 years later we revisit the twins in their village and it’s clear that they are feared by the townsfolk for some reason. After Jane spots flowers to pick, Alec leaves her to return home, however a gang of village boys soon surround her and begin throwing rocks claiming that Jane cursed the crops of the village, causing them to die. Jane blacks out and wakes up with her mother at her side, and the boys no where to be seen. Later that evening villagers come to their house demanding Jane tell them where the three boys, who are now missing, are and what Jane did to them, assuming she is some sort of witch. As some of the men attack their parents, others seize Jane and Alec and take them to be burned at the stake. Moments before the twins are set to be burned at the stake, Jane suddenly sees Aro approaching them, and realizes he’s there to save them.

3. Mary Alice Brandon File – by the Spear Sisters


Character: Alice Cullen

Plot: Set in 1920 at St. Dymphna Mental Asylum we are introduced to Mary Alice Brandon (aka Alice Cullen). As Alice undergoes electro shock therapy we see flashbacks of her life. The first one, in 1910, shows Alice at age 9 with her pregnant mother, who soon disappears out of sight. Back in 1920 the Doctor reads that Alice’s mother recently died in a traumatic accident. In flashbacks we see a young Alice predict future events, and town folk whispering about her. After undergoing more electrotherapy, Alice flashes back to 1919 when her mother dies shortly after Alice’s vision of a man intentionally killing her, but making it look like an automobile accident. Her father does not believe her, and soon after he marries again. After a series of visions Alice realizes her father had organized her mothers death, and plans to have Alice killed as well. After trying to get the town marshals help, she instead comes across crazy and her father has her committed. After her latest series of electroshock therapy it appears that Alice’s memory of her former life, before the asylum, have been erased.

4. Sunrise – Alanna Smith


Character: Benjamin

Plot: In 1800 10-year-old Benjamin meets 7-year-old Tia and shows her his power to conjure flames, unfortunately Benjamin’s slave-owner uncle also notices his power. 10 years later Benjamin watches Tia and her husband through a window, and in a flashback we see that 5 years prior Benjamin was transformed into a vampire by Amun. In another flashback to his childhood we see how Benjamin used his power to charm crowds while Tia picked pockets, earning money for his uncle. In the flashback Tia tells him that they should steal the money and run away from his uncle. Back in 1810 Tia and Benjamin walk the streets, they talk about how Tia’s life, and Benjamin alludes to Amun turning him into a vampire because of his special power. It is revealed in flashbacks to 1805 that Amun intervened in an argument between Benjamin and his uncle and swiftly turned Benjamin into a vampire to try and keep him out of reach of the Volturi. Back in 1810 Benjamin tries to explain to Tia about Amun and being a vampire, Tia decides that she wants to know everything and also be transformed into a vampire, escaping her unhappy life and being reunited with Benjamin.

5. We’ve Met Before – Thea Green


Character: Alice Cullen

Plot: In a diner in Philadelphia Alice meets Jasper who realizes she is also a vampire. The two sit together and spark up their first in-person conversation (it’s alluded to that Alice has already seen their meeting in a vision). They discuss menial things, and during the conversation Alice reveals more and more that she can predict things before they happen. The two talk about food, but don’t eat from the menu, though Jasper does eye up the waitress. Alice tells Jasper that she is a vegetarian and talks about how she and the Cullen family only eat animals. She goes on to tell him that she can see the future and that he will also become a vegetarian, even though Jasper doesn’t think it is possible. After the waitress cuts her hand, Jasper becomes hungry and just before he begins to feed from her the scene changes, and it’s discovered it was Alice’s vision. To change the path of the future Alice instead leans in and kisses Jasper just before the waitress cuts her hand ensuring he is too preoccupied to smell the blood. The two leave the diner, instantly in love. Suddenly the scene changes and Alice, in the diner opens her eyes revealing the entire scene was all a vision of the future. The doorbell jingles and in walks Jasper and Alice smiles to herself.

6. Turncoats – Lindsey Hancock Williamson


Character: Carlisle Cullen

Plot: Set in 1781, in Yorktown, Virginia during the war, Carlisle Cullen is a medic patching up the injured as best he can in a tent. Suddenly Garrett, carrying an injured soldier named James, runs at super speed into the tent. Garrett asks Carlisle for his help with James but upon noticing his strange vampire eyes is taken aback, having never seen a vegetarian vampire before. We are told that James is Garrett’s brother, and despite his blood making him hungry, Garrett wants to save his life. As Carlisle tries to cut off James’ shirt, the wounded man fights for him to leave it alone. When Carlisle eventually gets the shirt off it’s revealed that James is not actually Garrett’s brother, but his sister Lottie. As Carlisle works on Lottie, Garrett chats with him about how hard life can be as a vampire. Soon a nosey Captain and Commanding Officer comes in, suspicious of James/Lottie, and soon discovers her secret. After they make it clear that everyone in the tent is under arrest Garrett follows them out of the tent and kills them, as he returns Carlisle hands him a rag to wipe the blood off his face.

Once we know the release dates of these short films and where you can watch them, we’ll let you know!

Date: February 5th | Category: Movie, Twilight
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