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Category: Interviews

Fans have been speculating about seeing a familiar face this season on Teen Wolf, and in a sit-down with PEOPLE, the cast and executive producer Russell Mulcahy teased that there might be an “appearance.”

“The people that didn’t die, there’s a chance they may come back. But I don’t think we raise from the dead,” Mulcahy said before being corrected by his stars – Peter! Kate! – and joking, “What happened to my mythology?”

“As long as you have your head on, you’re fine,” he clarified.

Season 5 means senior year for Lydia, Scott (Tyler Posey), Malia (Shelley Hennig) and the rest of the gang – sorry, pack. The new school year is going to expose a lot of insecurities for the characters beyond the daily battle of good vs. evil, and it brings to the forefront a dreaded question every teen TV show eventually faces: What to do after graduation?

Posey, 23, said he’s excited to see how everyone handles the transition.

“It’s such its own character in the show, the high school. It’s been there since the beginning, and most of our scenes are in the high school,” he said. “It’s definitely their home. But I think it’s going to be cool. I don’t think it will hurt the quality of the show at all. I think it opens doors. We can do different things. Maybe we can go to college. We’ll just transfer high school to college. We’re not going anywhere.”

But first, Mulcahy, 61, promises the season 5 premiere – which is told in retrospect with time jumps – is “probably one of the scariest, action-packed episodes we’ve done,” as well as “one of the most emotional episodes we’ve done for a while. It really deals with the characters’ hearts and emotions and the trials that they’re going through.”

“The first episode feels like a finale,” added Hennig, 28. “And you don’t get bored after, it’s just more information and action-packed stuff.”

Here’s what she, Posey and Roden had to say about what’s happening with their characters when the series returns:

He’s going to be okay without Derek.

“Toward the end of Derek’s time on the show, he really realized that Scott turned into an alpha. Derek was thinking, ‘He doesn’t need me anymore.’ And I think that’s kind of what ignited Derek to want to leave – his time was served,” Posey said.

“There’s always stuff to learn, and there’s always a good ally in Derek, but I think Scott knows that he doesn’t need him anymore and he can handle stuff on his own. He’s definitely sad and bummed about it, as I am, but I think he’s good.”

• There’s a bump in his relationship with Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) – but that’s normal.

“They’re best friends. I mean, Dylan and I, I love that man so much. We’re pretty tight, and we’ve had a couple of arguments along the way. Because you know, we lived with each other,” Posey said. “But literally only two arguments, and then later we talk about it and we’re like, ‘I’m sorry, man. I’m sorry, dude.’ ”

As for their characters?

“Best friends go through things, and Stiles and Scott are very different in their beliefs and their ability. Scott’s a werewolf, Stiles is a human, and it gets in the way a lot,” he said. “Scott is very stubborn about his beliefs, and sometimes Stiles isn’t able to do things the way Scott can.”

“Or to understand,” Hennig chimed in. “It’s hard for Stiles to understand what Scott’s mentality is.”

In the end, “It’s just normal friendship. I like the fact that they are doing it, and it shows true colors and friends,” Posey said. “Dylan and I have some great stuff coming up this season.”

She’s kicking butt like never before.

Roden, 28, amped up her fighting skills with the help of the stunt coordinator, but she said it remains to be seen what happened to Lydia.

“You will find out later in the season if this is a supernatural aspect or if this is just a human-learned-skill aspect,” she said. “So that’s to come.”

• She’ll learn to control her banshee powers more.

“Yes, I think so,” Roden said coyly.

There will be some growing pains with her and Stiles.

“First we need to see if Malia can even make it into her senior year. That is something you learn a little bit about in the first episode. As you know, she struggles with math and probably other classes, probably all of them, but she’s working really hard because she wants to stay with her pack,” Hennig said.

She continued, “As far as their relationship goes, I think every relationship is going to be tested this season, with the human side, it just being senior year. What are Malia’s plans? What are Stiles’ plans? Who knows. And Scott’s been there before Malia, so I’m sure Scott and Stiles have their plan, and Malia’s just trying to follow along the same path, but it may not be possible for her. I actually have no clue.”

• The season will explore Malia’s family and heritage.

“The Desert Wolf is something we mentioned at the end of season 4, and it’s definitely a story line that will continue,” Hennig said. “You’ll learn more. I can’t tell you when, or how soon.

“Malia, she’s got so many parental issues. Who’s ya daddy? Who’s ya mama?” she added, laughing. “She never knows.”

“It’s like a good old Maury episode,” Roden quipped.

“Classic Maury, Jerry Springer,” Hennig said. “And I don’t even think she realizes it, which is funny.”

Date: June 11th | Category: Cast, Executive Producers, Interviews, Teen Wolf
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Jay Ryan previews Beauty and the Beast’s third season premiere, Thursday at 8/7c.

Date: June 11th | Category: Beauty & The Beast, Cast, Interviews, Videos
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In a recent interview with IGNabout the upcoming 3rd Season and what it is going to be like filming Season 4 while Season 3 is airing.

Going into Season 3, what can you tell us about the big storylines this year?

Kreuk: Vincent and Catherine are together and happy. There seems to be another threat in the world and Catherine wants to go out and fight it. She believes it’s their responsibility and their destiny to do so. Vincent just wants to be a couple, be a doctor, hang out at home, doesn’t want to deal with it. So they’re in that kind of conflict but it’s also propelling their relationship forward at the same time. And they’ve got to try to make their “normal” relationship work in the context of what’s going on.

Do you like how proactive she is and sometimes pretty gung ho?

Kreuk: Yeah, I do. I mean, it’s a failing of hers too, but she really does believe that – and she’s right, they are the only people who can stop this and that there is a responsibility to that. That those lives are their responsibility so she does take that on pretty heavily.

You talked about that big overriding threat this season. How personal might it get for them?

Kreuk: It does get very personal for them. We don’t know what it is at the top of this show. There are these dudes and they’re not beasts, but they seem to have abilities… And so we’re trying to figure out what’s going on, who would be doing this and why. They don’t seem to be coming after our two characters necessarily, so they’re doing their own thing, but we’re not sure what’s going on.

Is it strange for you to now be promoting Season 3’s debut, while you’re about to begin filming Season 4?

Kreuk: Absolutely. And it’s gonna get weirder and weirder. Once I start shooting and I’m on like, episode four, and 302 and 303 are airing, it’s gonna be confusing.

Date: June 11th | Category: Beauty & The Beast, Cast, Interviews
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When iZombie started out, the first few episodes were written in a way that seemed to leave Major Lilywhite, played by Robert Buckley, doomed to fade off into obscurity. By now, fans of iZombie probably predicted that Major would be off playing hoops with Chuck Cunningham from Happy Days and cousin Oliver from The Brady Bunch, but in a strange twist, Robert Buckley was given his chance to shine in a steadily growing iZombie subplot.

“I was beside myself! I was so happy,” the iZombie actor exclaimed. “There’s a lot of exciting adventure for Major… I loved the way it turned out.”

As iZombie‘s biggest villain Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) uses the population of the city’s homeless to stock his growing brain catering service, it seems to have been left up to Major to uncover a seemingly ever-growing conspiracy. Lilywhite’s passion for this mystery has landed him in jail, in a sanitarium, and has left him looking like the tenderized meats in Blaine’s storeroom cooler, but still Robert Buckley’s iZombie character continues his investigation.

“All of us were like, ‘Holy smokes! Those came out so good!’” Robert recalls. “Everyone’s in danger, and it just gets crazier and crazier.”

In the latest episode of iZombie, Liv Moore (Rose McIver) seemingly came clean with her ex-fiancee, telling him everything she knew about the zombie apocalypse, but in the end, it was revealed that it had all been a hallucination. In that iZombie fantasy, Major took the news with relative ease, but Buckley says that’s not how he thinks his character would have really taken that kind of news.

“That’s a pretty ridiculous, crazy confession. I don’t know how anyone would take that. Major was insanely understanding. But he has shown himself to be a very loyal, loving guy. Who knows? If it was me in real life, I might be a bit more stunned. It would take me a little bit longer to get to the, ‘It’s OK.’”

The big question for iZombie fans seems to the issue of whether or not Liv and Major will ever reunite and that seemed to become a possibility in the imaginative scenario Liv had created for telling him the truth. In reality, iZombie fans know Liv is still mourning the loss of Lowell and has acquired a taste for revenge where that’s concerned, but there still seems to be a part of her that’s open to a relationship with Major. Robert doesn’t think there’s much chance of that in iZombie‘s future though.

“I don’t think that she’s anywhere near ready to get back into a romantic relationship, because nothing’s changed between Liv and Major. She still would be putting him at risk. The whole Lowell thing hasn’t changed that dynamic between Liv and Major.”

In this week’s iZombie episode, it was revealed that Lilywhite was going to find his way into Blaine’s Meat Cute restaurant, and it will certainly be interesting to see how he manages that. Buckley says he really enjoyed working with Anders in those scenes and that the scenerio created an exciting addition to that iZombie subplot.

“First of all, it was a lot of fun to do, because David [Anders] and I really hadn’t had a chance to play much of the season. On the acting side, it was a blast. David is sofun to work with, and he plays the villain so well. And then the scene, it gets tense pretty quick. You don’t really know what Major’s going to do. How desperate or angry is he? And also, we don’t know how Blaine’s going to handle it. Is he going to be ultraviolent? Or is he going to try to get rid of this guy?”

While it is nice to see Robert Buckley play a bigger part in the iZombie story, it seems unlikely that his character can go on much longer without learning the truth. It really seems to be a question of how he finds out. Will Liv come clean, or will iZombie‘s Major Lilywhite find out on his own?


Date: June 4th | Category: Cast, Interviews, iZombie
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