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Finally Executive producer Jeff Davis breaks his silence on what’s to come: Who’s in, who’s out, and who’s returning to Beacon Hills?

Over the last four seasons, the impossibly attractive high school heroes of Teen Wolf have squared off with werewolf hunters, a vengeful kanima, one seriously evil grandfather, a deadly pack of Alphas, ancient assassins, the nightmarish Nogitsune, werejaguars, banshees, Berserkers, a wendigo, and, of course, The Benefactor.
But, according to executive producer Jeff Davis, facing those supernatural baddies pales in comparison to the terror Scott and his pack feel in Season 5 about what happens to them after high school graduation.

“There’s this strange thing: For some reason when you graduate high school, you leave all your best friends — why do you do that? There’s a moment in the first episode where Stiles asks that question aloud. He says, ‘If we’ve met the best people in our lives, why aren’t we trying to stay with them? Why do we try and go our separate ways?’ That’s the big fear of Season 5: Who’s going to go away?” Davis told BuzzFeed News during a recent visit to the Teen Wolf set in Van Nuys, California. “Much of the previous seasons were about Scott finding and building a pack; this is going to see him possibly losing it — possibly ending up on his own without his friends by his side, wondering how he’s going to face life without them. Which is very similar to a teenager who has to go off to college and meet all new people. I think that’s a valid fear.”

But in Season 5, Davis added, the supernatural supervillains that Teen Wolf has become known for will also be making life in Beacon Hills a living hell. “For me, the tagline of this season that we use in the writers room is: The rules have changed,” he said. “The 20-episode season will be very much the world of the supernatural being turned upside down.”

What else can you expect from the next stretch of episodes? Davis broke down the new season, character by character, to reveal what Season 5 has in store for everybody.

“One of the first questions we asked in the writers room for each of the characters is, ‘How can we test them? How can we challenge them in huge ways this year?’ I think we’ve come up with a really good arc for Stiles. Dylan is going to get a lot to play. This is very much a season of secrets and how secrets can break a group of friends apart, and how people can lose faith in each other. It’ll be interesting to see when Stiles loses faith in Scott, where his relationship with Malia is tested and broken. We’re going to have a lot of character drama and conflict with that.”

“We’re going to test Scott in big ways. He’s done very well as a leader, but what happens when he fails? What happens when everyone’s faith in him is tested? He’s going to go through a lot of difficulty this season.”

“I think Holland is one of the best actors we have and we love seeing what else she can play. She’s funny, she can play heavy drama, she’s great in horror stuff too. She’s going to have a lot to do this season, but it’s very much secret. All I can say that the cold open of the season premiere is all about Lydia.”

“Tyler Hoechlin decided he wanted more time to pursue movies. We talked and creatively agreed that maybe this was a good season to refocus on the teens of Teen Wolf, and while he won’t be a series regular anymore, I can say that you probably won’t have seen the last of Derek Hale. We love him and miss him.”

“Kira Yukimura (Arden Cho) is going to be struggling with the kitsune as a spirit within her, struggling against it as she grows in power. We really dive into the myth behind the kitsune; how it affects her life and how it affects her relationship with Scott. Does that tear them apart? Is there a moment where we’re not sure if these two are going to last?”

“How much can Liam Dunbar (Dylan Sprayberry) keep his secret identity a secret? His best friend Mason is going to need to know at some point. We’ve found that these two kids are really good together. They were friends before we cast them. All these young Hollywood actors kind of know each other, but you never know if they’re going to have chemistry on screen together. Some days, they feel like Scott and Stiles 2.0.”

“We get to know Mason (Khylin Rhambo) a lot better and one of the things we find out about his background is that he is the unexpected child in a family of adult siblings. So where they’re all great successes, he’s that kid who is sort of left out. So we discover this season that he needs a pack of his own.”

“The Desert Wolf [her mother] is huge for Malia. It’s going to affect her deeply and make her question the kind of person she is. It could even affect her relationship with Stiles and tear them apart.”

“There are some characters who will show up a little later, and a lot of that has to do with the refocus on the teenagers. So you may not see Argent [J. R. Bourne] or Peter Hale in the first few episodes, but do not count them out.”

“Parrish has a major part in the whole plot of Season 5. He is a big deal. You may not find out what he is in [the first half of the season], but within the 20 episodes, you will definitely know.”

“Cody is a great addition to the show. He’s a lone wolf desperately in need of a pack. Whether Scott and his friends can trust him is an entirely different thing. Theo is someone who has been in Beacon Hills before. This is kind of a return.”


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“Supernatural” may be one of the only television shows with just two stars in Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, however, it has amassed an arsenal of recurring characters that rivals the Impala’s trunk armory. In “Alex Annie Alexis Ann,” the brothers let badass Sheriff Jody Mills take step up to the plate and knock it out of the park in an episode that was as brutally emotional as it was just plain brutal.

Grab your favorite machete, and let’s dive in shall we?

The episode’s cold open is an amuse bouche that teases the awesome gore-and-angst-fest that to follow. A “near feral” runaway named Alex (or Annie, Alexis or Ann) is locked in a holding cell only be ambushed by a vampire she seemed strangely to know. Jody Mills pops up to epically lop his head off with an easily accessible axe. Just when I feared that Jody had given up sheriffing to become a solo hunter, Cody’s lifeless, headless body slumps out of view to reveal her uniform. So Alex is in Sioux Falls! Nothing bad ever happens there.

Sam and Dean arrive to bask in the glow of Jody’s growth as a hunter over a trunk full of dead vampire parts. “I don’t know, Sammy, looks like Jody might not need our help anymore,” Dean says proudly. “They grow up too fast,” Sam beams. This is about as insync and carefree that Sam and Dean will be in the entire episode.

Thanks to Sammy’s obvious and weirdly invasive mouth swab for a “dental identification,” Alex immediately makes them as hunters. Her DNA did pop on the database as a child who was abducted eight years ago from Wisconsin. Jody wonders why she’s protecting the very vampires who held her captive. Sam and Dean surmise from the layers feeding scars that she’s been kept as a “blood slave, a human feedbag” and she may have “Vampiric Stockholm Syndrome.” Alex sees it differently. They cared for her, so she willingly fed them when they couldn’t find people to drink like CapriSuns.

“Mama finds me…she’ll kill me,” Alex says creepily. That totally doesn’t give me chills.

Since vampires can track her scent anywhere, Jody opts to take Alex up to her family’s cabin while Sam and Dean find and exterminate their nest. Dean mentions dead man’s blood as a back-up, but they don’t brother procuring any for Jody because they’ll wrap this case up in a few more hours and it would be a wasted effort. Because everything always goes as planned, right?

Luckily, O’Neil, Nebraska is a tiny town, so the wet, chunky squick of limbs being ran through a woodchopper leads them directly to the nest. Dean plays bait while Sam brains Dale with a shovel from behind. They simply string him up in the kitchen and start asking questions. Dean’s been rougher around the edges since he first held the First Blade, and it’s definitely evident in this scene.

Dale spills Alex’s secret: she’s their lure. “How do you think we stayed off her radar all these years? Sure, we hunt sometimes for sport, but it’s always easier and a lot safer to get delivery.” They flash to a psychotic Alexis leading a horndog trucker to a motel room. His name may as well be Domino’s, because her brothers emerge from the shadows and devour him like pizza.

Sam and Dean are rightfully worried about Jody. Back at the cabin, she returns to the house, unaware of the danger. She creeps down hallways, explores darkened corners and heads into her late son’s room to check on her. It’s so deliciously suspenseful, it’s almost unbearable. It feels like season 1 again, but with better special effects and haircuts.
Mama and her blood-sucking children arrived at the cabin after beating the location out of Jody’s poor deputy. For a girl who’s supposed to be a cold-blooded facilitator of murders, she convincingly screams for Jody and fights so hard against her “brother”, he has to knock her out just to get to into the car. It’s a blessing that Jody gets the same treatment.

Sam and Dean arrive as the sunrises to find Jody lying in the mud. She’s determined to get to Alex, to save her. “She’s got more blood on her hands than most monsters we kill,” Dean warns bluntly. “This is a clean-up, not a rescue.”

In season 7’s “Time After Time,” Jody threatened to use her mom voice to cajole Sam to get some rest. In season 9, Jody is fluent in Winchester and resorts to growled threats.

The trio arm themselves next to a flooded field that looks awesome on camera. It seems weird that they’re taking syringes of dean man’s blood and machetes. It guarantees that neutralizing the super-strong, invulnerable vampires, the hunters will have to engage them in hand-to-hand at a dangerously close proximity. I’m surprised that Dean, the guy who made an EMF meter out of a walkman, and Sam, the guy who recited an exorcism backwards on the fly to keep a demon from smoking out, didn’t bring a tranq gun with darts filled with the stuff.

The ambush goes just as we know it will. Sam, Dean and Jody separate. Sam gets captured. Jody gets captured. Dean gets a 2’x4’ to his pretty, pretty face.

Sam remains silent while the vampires taunt him and then milk him like a coconut. He says nothing even when one of the fangs holds a shotgun mere inches from his unconscious brother’s head. Earlier this season when the Gadreel/Kevin tragedy and Dean’s betrayal was fresher, Sam sprinted to a drugged Dean’s aid, so it makes no sense that he’d sit there and take it now. Therefore, I’ll attribute this strange, shark-jumping behavior to the blood loss. I can’t even blame Dean for deadpanning, “You wouldn’t have done the same for me,” when he frees a woozy Sam from his bonds. If he was awake during that entire scene, he probably meant it.

As the brother’s prepare to bleed Dean, he explodes into action, downing one with a syringe of dead man’s blood. It takes more effort to kill the other one, but he dies messily, the way vamps tend to do on this show. Dean overpowers the vampire and literally shoves the machete through his neck after growling “LOOK AT ME, BITCH!” It’s part Jesse Pinkman, part of the Mark of Cain-influenced Dean, and 100% hot. Is it more grisly than Dean sawing the head off a vampire in season 2’s “Bloodlust” or Sammy’s take-down of Gordon in season 3’s “Fresh Blood”? I can’t decide. I do know that I love “Supernatural’s” vampires and would love to see more of them.
The true emotional climax of the episode is happening in the basement, where Jody is tied up; Alex has been turned so she’d no longer be burdened with troublesome “human feelings”; and Mama is monologuing. The intriguing thing is that even though Alex is now a vampire, she displays more humanity than she has the entire episode as she begs for Jody’s life and refuses to feed from her.

Sadly, Sam and Dean have yet to teach Jody not to provoke the monster. “I couldn’t figure out why you changed her name. You said I was using her to fill a whole in my life. You’re right, I am. You are too.” Mama had a daughter named Alex, who died. “You still feel it, the loss and the pain like a stone in your gut. But it hurts a little bit less when she’s near.” Jody explains and it prompts Mama to beat her senseless and Alex to hit Mama with the dead man’s blood.

Jody wastes no time in grabbing her machete as Sam and Dean hobble down the stairs. “Don’t watch this, sweetheart.” Jody orders just before killing Mama. Caring for Alex brought out the lionness in Jody even has it triggered the pain of her fallen family. It also stirred something up in Alex, the memories of her grandmother and what it truly meant to be loved. Mama was cruel and callous and incapable of love, which is why she ran.

The episode ends with Jody and Alex find common ground. Alex has endured a decade of unspeakable things. Jody doesn’t want to push her but she wants to help, even though she can’t imagine losing everyone she’s even loved. “You can,” Alex says.

“Alex Annie Alexis Ann” was “Supernatural” at its gut-wrenching best: the perfect mixture of spooky and heart-shattering. Katherine Ramdeen was brilliant as Alex and Kim Rhodes, rocking her bold coif from the tear-jerking Chevy Superbowl commercial, was electric as Jody, a fully realized person trying to come to terms with a world filled with monsters. If this is the last we see of Jody Mills, I’m thrilled because this is as happy as endings get on “Supernatural.”

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t nitpick. My only complaint about this wonderful episode is the lack of brotherly interaction. Sam had maybe 57 words of dialogue, and I want nothing more than to climb inside his head as we did with Jody. I am desperate to know more about the Mark of Cain, and what it’s doing to Dean besides making him kill happy. With the season finale rapidly approaching, I’m sure there will be more brotherly angst than I can handle, so I will happily bask in the awesomeness that is Jody Mills for awhile longer.


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Mother's Little Helper
THEN: “Next time, it’ll be easier. You’ll get used to the feelings. Even welcome them.”


First grade teacher Karen Young comes home and beats her husband Rick to death with a candlestick. And THAT’S why you don’t complain about what’s for dinner if you’re not the one cooking it. Sam thinks it sounds possessiony. His bag is packed and he’s ready to roll to Milton, Illinois. He’ll drive since Dean didn’t sleep. I’m not sure why Sam even bothers to ask anymore. Just assume that Dean didn’t so much sleep as drink himself into a fitful doze that ended when he jerked awake from nightmares he can’t remember. Dean has no interest in the case. He tells Sam to handle it. Alone. He’s focused on Abaddon, certain that there’s something in the MoL’s archive that he missed during his previous eleventy passes through the files. It feels like spinning wheels to a frustrated Sam. He says there are better ways to spend their time. Dean snaps that they don’t have time! The Jack Bauer ‘dammit’ is implied. Sam asks Dean what’s up with him, and seriously? Seriously. Gadreel’s betrayal, Kevin’s death, Cain’s Mark, Crowley’s manipulations, and WE’RE NOT BROTHERS ANYMORE I WOULD LET YOU DIE. Take your pick, Stretch. Sam settles on the Mark. He observes that ever since Dean killed Magnus, he’s been acting a little obsessed. Dean doesn’t deny it. He quietly tells Sam that maybe he wants an end “to all this.”

“What you call ‘being obsessed’, I call doing my job.”

Sam lets it go. He tells Dean he’s just checking in. Duly noted. Dean lies again some more that he’s fine and goes back to his research. He bows his head over a book, but his eyes aren’t focused on it. He reaches into his bag and takes out the bottle. He unscrews the cap and waits until he hears the screech of the front door opening before he takes a pull of sweet, sweet brown.

Sam interviews the sheriff in Milton. He says Karen and Rick were an average couple, no history of violence or abuse between them. The most ordinary people you’d ever meet. Sam casually asks about sulphur and black eyes as the sheriff leads him into the holding area. They find Karen Young hanging in her cell from a bed sheet. Her fingers are raw and bloody. The cinderblock walls are covered with crazy. Sam calls Dean. Dean stares at his ringing phone and debates answering. Carrying on a conversation suddenly seems like a great deal of effort. He puts Sam on speaker and asks after “Mrs. Manson”. No smoke and no sulphur equals a case of the crazies to him. Sam asks how the research is going. Dean looks at the pile of books and balled up pieces of paper and vagues that, “It’s going.” He can hear Sam eyebrowing and searching for something to say, so he wishes his brother luck and hangs up.

Sam decides to give the case until morning to pan out into ‘their kind of thing’. By dinnertime, the sheriff has four more of the “straightest arrows you’d ever meet” in his lock up. Billy the high schooler who stabbed a steak knife through the back of a diner waitress’s hand. The lady who’s staring down the middle distance like she’s going to murder it. The button down with bloody hands getting a good start on his own wall of crazy. And the suit who’s steady banging his head against the bars. When the sheriff is called away, Sam splashes holy water on Billy. It doesn’t burn, but the boy still reacts like a feral animal, flinging himself at the bars and reaching for Sam. He’s not possessed. “I’m clear. Of everything.” He growls at Sam that there is no why to his actions. “It’s because I wanted to. And I can.”

Dean stares at the now empty bottle of whisky. He thinks about that moment in Cain’s house. The warning he didn’t pay attention to. “You have to know, with the Mark comes a great burden.” The pain as the Mark was transferred from Cain’s arm to his own. The power when he used the Blade to kill Magnus. Dean grips the edge of the table remembering how it felt to hold the Blade in his hand.
He looks at his hand. Empty now. It feels like a part of him is missing. He picks up his phone, punches up a number, and then hangs up after the first ring. He’s twitchy and jumpy. He grabs his coat and goes to a bar. He’s still there, “working”, when Sam calls again. As he talks through the case, Sam realizes that its common thread feels all too familiar. The five affected people are all aggressive, violent, and impulsive. The littlest things set them off. Kind of like him – when he didn’t have a soul. Man, Robo!Sam was fun. I liked Robo!Sam. Good times. Dean winces at the memory. He suggests a crossroads demon could be making deals and collecting early. Sam hopes that’s not all he’s got. “I could really use your help down here.” The heavy silence stretches out. Sam checks to make sure Dean is still on the line. Dean would love to help, but he’s getting close. He can’t drop the ball on Abaddon. And the waitress just brought him a fresh beer, so.

“You’re lying to Sam like he’s your wife.”

Which kind of makes Crowley his mistress.

I’ll take that slashfic please and thank you. Dean moves from the booth to a pool table. He racks the balls tightly with his forearms, and you are a lying liar who lies if you say you did not run that moment back at least three times. Because Dean racking the balls with his arms is THE SEX.
He growls at Crowley, asking what he wants, but Dean’s the one who called him. “Let me guess, you butt-dialed me.” Dean busies himself reordering the balls and aggressively ignoring the King of Hell. As long as he’s there, Crowley would like an update on “Carrot Top”. Dean grabs a cue. “I’m on it.”

“Unless Abaddon likes 10 cent wings, stale beer, and the clap, I doubt that she’s here.”

Crowley punches his membership card in the ‘what’s going on with Dean’ club. “You call me – you hang up. You want Abaddon – you don’t want Abaddon. You want the Blade – you don’t want the Blade. If I didn’t know you any better, I’d say you’re stalling.” Maybe, but Crowley is going to have to try harder to rattle Dean, because his perfect break ain’t even bovvered. Hey, remember when the boys used to hustle pool for ammo money? That seems like a really long time ago. Still, nice to see Dean hasn’t lost his touch. He lines up his next shot and Crowley asks how he felt when he sunk the Blade into Magnus’s head. “Not half as good as I’m gonna feel when it’s yours.”

“I love it when you talk dirty.”

Crowley picks up the cue ball and walks it back to Dean. He thinks Dean felt powerful. Virile. And afraid.

“Don’t scam a scam artist, darling. You’re stalling ‘cuz you’re scared.”

Dean doesn’t let the mask slip, but the quick drop in his gaze and slight tug at the corner of his mouth says that Crowley isn’t wrong.

Sam is flipping through surveillance photos when he hears a woman say, “Those demons are back. I’m telling you, it’s happening all over again.” Julia Wilkinson knows what’s up. Sam quickly flashes his badge, fetches a mug of tea, and puts on his best ‘I’m ready to believe you’ face. Julia wonders why he’s the only person who doesn’t think she’s “nuts on toast” before realizing, “You’re one of them, aren’t you? Men of Letters.” Picture it! 1958. She was Sister Julia then. Henry Winchester and Josie Sands came to her convent posing as representatives from the Office of the Inquisition. It was only later that she learned they were Men of Letters. NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH MEN OF LETTERS INQUISITION. When Sam reacts to the names, Julia asks if he knew Henry and Josie.

“Yes. Uh, sort of … It’s complicated.”

“I’m an ex-nun, sweetie. Complicated is my middle name.”

Henry and Josie were investigating a murder committed by one of the nuns. Sister Mary Catherine killed two people before jumping from the bell tower. The writing on her wall of crazy was faint, but still visible when they arrived. “The blood wouldn’t come off.” It was the sign of a demonic possession, “or a linguist gone mad.” Josie reached out and touched the large sigil carved into the plaster wall. It was a crest – Knights of Hell. Henry blanched. This was bigger trouble than the comfy chair could manage. That night, Sister Julia was taken and tied up in a basement along with half a dozen other victims. One by one, they were dragged into another room. Sister Julia prayed for deliverance, and Henry and Josie answered. Together, they exorcised the demons from two nuns. Josie’s grin of triumph faded when the Mother Superior strolled into the room. Henry began Latinating. She gave him an indulgent look and let him get most of the way through before mojo’ing him across the room. He crashed into the wall and went sleepy night nights. Must be where Dean gets it. I guess the ‘getting choked out’ gene comes from the Campbell side of the house. The demon turned her attention to Josie, t’sking that hunters were such busy bodies. Always sticking their noses where they didn’t belong. Josie was outraged – OUTRAGED! – to be mistaken for a hunter. She was a preceptor! Beholder! Chronicler of all that which man does not understand.

“A woman amongst the Men of Letters?? * cackling laughter * Well, ain’t that a blast?”

The demon couldn’t pass up an opportunity to study the MoL from the inside. She cradled Henry’s face in her hands. Josie offered herself in his place. It didn’t matter than he only loved her like a sister. Josie was certain. She wanted to protect him – and his family. She gave the demon permission to possess her.

“You’ve been very entertaining my dear, but I don’t need your permission. Abaddon takes what she wants. And right now, she wants everything.”

The demonic black goo poured into Josie as Sister Julia cowered and watched. Abaddon instructed her remaining minion to keep things going until she returned. When Henry came to, he had no reason to think anything was amiss. He had no reason not to believe Josie when she told him they did it. “We stopped the demons.”

Dean gives up on pool and heads to the bar. Crowley sticks by his side. He’s enjoying their boy’s night out. “Good and evil, bro’ing down.” Dean grimaces, reminds himself he can’t shoot people – even demons – in public, and tells Crowley to shut his pie hole. They slap fight some more about Dean’s fear – HE’S AFRAID! HE ISN’T! – before Crowley gives him a ‘Sack up, ho!’ pep talk. Cain gave Dean his Mark for a reason. It’s a gift that Dean should be embracing. “Why are you fighting what you really are?” Dean counters that he’s a hunter, not a murderer. He leans in to Crowley with that dark, ‘you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry’ expression on his face. “When I kill, I kill for a reason. I’m nothing like Cain.” Crowley is incredulous. He’s all like, ‘Hi! I’ve MET you.’

“I saw you! I saw the two of you together. Nothing like him?? What’s in that bottle? Delusion?!”

Of course the demon’s concern is purely down to self-interest. They’re in this together. “Your problems. My problems. Our problems.” He excuses himself “to go water the lily. Care to cross streams?” Dean rolls his eyes and silently curses Crowley for ruining Ghostbusters for him. “Sooo serious.” The King strolls off and Dean clutches at his arm. He flashes back to Magnus putting the Blade in his hand. The first hit as the feelings coursed through him. Magnus telling him that in time, he would get used to them. Even welcome them. He comes back to the present and notices the young flannel clad fellow sitting a few barstools away. He has a rosary wrapped around his clasped hands. His head is bowed. He turns to stand and reaches into his coat. He pulls out a large hunting knife and holds it close to his body. Dean follows him and stops him at the door to the men’s room. He tells the young hunter that he doesn’t want to do this. “You’re packing a knife to a demon fight and you don’t stand a chance.”

“Then I’ll go down swinging.”

Dean stops him again. Has young guns ever taken on a demon before? “Well, trust me when I say when he’s done with you, he’s going to go after your family. He’s going to go after your friends. Hello, he’ll go after your prom date. So if you want to do that … If you want to damn anyone and everyone you’ve ever loved on the slightest chance that you can win … then by all means, pal. You go right ahead.” Dean’s voice is low and quiet and deadly earnest. The boy – Jake – sheaths his knife and backs down. With one last glance at the door, he walks away. Dean shakes his head, hoping that he intervened for the right reason.

He’s waiting outside the bar – called The Milton – when Crowley finally emerges from his toilette. Dean snarks that the next time the demon wants to shoot up, he should find a better excuse. Crowley cops to it with a grin. He was going to stay clean, but then “after very little soul searching I decided to embrace my addiction. What about you?”

“You just want to touch that Precious again, don’t you?”

Dean shrugs off the truth. He says he wants to kill Abaddon. That he can’t worry about what happens with the Blade. “What I want. What I fear … none of that means squat. Because this is the one chance that we have to kill Abaddon. So I’m all in. No matter what the consequences.” The plan hasn’t changed. Dean will find Abaddon and Crowley will bring the party favors.

“It’s a date.”

Dean shoves his hands into his pockets and stalks off into the night. Jake comes out of the bar to stand with Crowley. For a second, he was afraid Dean had made him. But instead, Dean saved Crowley, just as the King predicted. “Of course he saved me. We’re besties. And now, he’s ready.”

Sam connects the now abandoned convent to the current rash of demonic activity. He makes his way to the basement and finds a shelf of glass jars glowing with human souls. He Knifes the possessed caretaker and gets punched in the face by Sister Agnes. She’s unchanged after 56 years. Sam goes flying and drops Ruby’s Knife. BUNGIE! Sister Agnes observes that souls are very precious and fragile things. She can’t have them just flying back home. It was easier when people still had faith and believed. Gathering souls was like shooting fish in a barrel. Now she’s riding shotgun in a smelly van, tricking any half-wit she can lay her hands on. But it’s worth it. “Stealing souls is winning.” Abaddon is making her own demons. “Unbeatable. Loyal, only to her.” Sam wishes her luck with the million years it will take to build her army. “You think I’m the only one doing this? We have factories spread throughout.” So, we’re just going to pretend that Castiel never said touching a human soul was akin to handling a small thermonuclear device? We’re just taking as read that Abaddon figured out a way to industrialize soul harvesting? Something that none of the interested parties from Season 6 were aware of? Fine. Whatever. A wizard did it. Moving on. Agnes declares that their victory is nigh. And they’d like Sam to be on their team. “Recruitment is easy. I just have to rip your soul out of your body.” Sam begins reciting the exorcism ritual and Agnes goes for his throat. As his vision begins to go gray around the edges, Sam pulls out his phone and punches up the recording of the ritual. Sending demons back to Hell. There’s an app for that! Well played, Sam. Well played. He lets the phone drop and it skitters across the floor. Agnes’ hold on Sam weakens. She lets go of him and drops to the ground. She drags herself slowly across the floor, smashing the phone before it can expel her. She gasps in relief. Sam Knifes her from behind. He gently pulls the stoppers from each jar, releasing the souls. One by one they return to their bodies and four very confused people in county lock up.
The case is wrapped up, but Sam has one last question for Julia. “If it’s for a date, I’m sorry. I never see anyone under 65. Too much drama.” I like Julia. She can stay. Sam doesn’t like asking it, but he has to know. Why didn’t Julia warn Henry about Abaddon? It’s clear the answer has haunted her for all these years. Julia says she became a nun because she wanted to help people. Make a difference. “But they never prepare you … they never tell you how to act in the face of true evil.” Her silence was, and still is, her greatest shame. Sam gives her the full healing balm of the puppy dog eyes. What she shared with him saved lives. He couldn’t have done it without her.

Savings lives and making a difference is why Henry embraced his legacy as a Man of Letters. This possession case, his final field assignment before initiation, reaffirmed his belief in his calling. “I feel a fool for even doubting it for a second.” Josie agreed that the experience changed her too. “I feel like a whole new person.” And then they drove off in Henry’s big black Impala Imperial Limousine.

Dean is back in the library “like a dog with a bone” when Sam returns to the Bunker. He grabs a beer and a stack of folders. He slaps them down on the empty table next to Dean’s. Dean pretends not to notice. Sam quietly admits that Dean was right about finding Abaddon. “She’s mining souls to create an army.” The look on Sam’s face. It’s not just the scope of what they’re up against. It’s the remembered horror of not having a soul. They both turn back to the research. There’s still a gulf between them, but the boys are finally united by purpose.
So, for an episode where not much happened, so much happened! It was a great pivot point to send us into the final six episodes of the season. It opens with such a nice call back to Season 3?s Fresh Blood. Did Sam really expect Dean to be honest and open up? I wanted Sam to push more about Dean’s state of mind. I wanted him to ask Dean to just be his brother again. Because Dean’s default is to shove the krep down until it comes out in spurts of violence and alcoholism. The only time he opens up is when Sam turns it around and makes it about him. Dean may not care how his self-destructive cycles affect him, but he does care when they affect Sam. Only Sam can’t play that card anymore. It’s clear that Sam still cares deeply about his brother, but that’s shaky ground that Dean can’t trust. Not in his present state of mind. I would like to think that push-pull, stay-go, sense of whiplash is intentional on the writers’ part. That it’s meant to convey to the viewer how disorienting it is for Dean. And if Dean doesn’t feel like he can turn to Sam, who else is left? Ghost!Kevin? Momma Tran? Castiel? Garth? He could talk to any one of them, but he won’t. It falls to Crowley, off all people. For as often as we’ve been told that demons lie, the King of Hell has an affinity for the truth. Crowley calling Dean out for being afraid was a shock. It never occurred to me that Dean was stalling because he was scared. I mean, Dean is scared of exactly two things – losing Sammy and Death. Three if Ellen Harvelle were still alive.

RIP Ellen.

Dean has good reason to be afraid. He knows what he’s capable of without the Blade’s influence. “What I’m good at is slicing throats. I ain’t a father, I’m a killer. And there’s no changing that, I know that now.” I choose to read the scene with fake!Jake as Dean saving a young hunter, not Crowley. Because Dean is also deeply compassionate. He’s willing to go all in and be the killer if it spares someone else. That’s what he told Sam over that campfire in Wendigo, right? But Dean’s grief and guilt only allow him to focus on the immediate task of killing Abaddon. In embracing the Mark, he chooses to ignore Cain’s warning about the consequences. Which brings me to Milton, pure speculation about how the season might end, and a possible set up for Season 10. The name Milton appears twice in the episode – in the names of the town and the bar. John Milton is the author of the epic poem Paradise Lost. This retelling of the Fall of Man is divided into twelve books. The ninth book (*cough* Season 9) deals with Satan’s temptation of Eve. Crowley believes that Dean is ready to give in to, and embrace, the temptation of the Blade’s power. I certainly think that’s where the story is leading and what will happen. I also think Dean will kill Abaddon – and by that act be transformed. He will become a Knight of Hell. Maybe he’ll kill Crowley too and become King of Hell. In either of those scenarios, Sam will be the only one who can pull him back. Maybe that becomes the mission for Season 10. In Milton’s version of the Fall, Adam makes a choice to eat of the forbidden fruit so that he and Eve will share in the blame – and the consequences – equally. He “resolves through vehemence of love to perish with her;” I think Sam will make a choice of similar resolve. Let’s assume that there’s no expiration date on the Trials. What if Sam completes the third Trial – on Dean this time – restoring his brother’s humanity and sacrificing himself in order to save Dean’s soul. It would be a heck of a way to end the series. The boys going out, together, keeping each other human.

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“Supernatural” fans, we understand if you are feeling a little bit impatient right now. After all, the show has not aired a new episode in over a week now, and you still have more than a week to go until the next new episode “Meta Fiction” comes on the air.

But, we do have some more fun news from production to start things off here, including this attached photo highlighting Jensen Ackles (but with a Jared Padalecki cameo to boot). This image is from the 22nd episode of the season, and frequent “Supernatural” director Guy Bee was the first to post it on his Twitter account. Given that this is the penultimate episode of the season, we imagine that this is when everyone is starting to wind down and prepare for the summer … but not before dropping some big shockers on us first. Eventually, we know that the battle over Heaven and the Winchester storylines are going to intersect, which is great news for those of you who like seeing Sam and Dean work with Castiel.
Speaking of Misha Collins … Take a look at the actor’s Facebook page of a very in-depth account of how some folks at The CW managed to turn around an April Fools’ joke that he tried to pull with Orlando Jones around on him. It’s a funny story, but there is also an important nugget of truth in here as he says that his status for season 10 is still unclear. Even though the show is renewed, he has to figure out if he has a full-time job again. Given the ratings this season we feel like it’s likely, but “Supernatural” has surprised us before.

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