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The Chinese government has placed a ban on fruit drinks that are made to look like blood and are sold in blood bags, which have become popular among fans of shows, such as “The Vampire Diaries.”

The government has also banned all products packaged in fake blood bags.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) released a statement warning consumers to avoid buying drinks dubbed “The Vampire Diaries drink” or any other drinks with the label “vampire.” Citing concerns over English labels and a lack of official permits for sale in China, the CFDA also raised concerns that these products violate social integrity and moral principles.

“The Vampire Diaries” has become a hit show in China, and has led to the creation of a youthful fascination with vampires, zombies and all things supernatural.


Date: July 23rd | Category: Articles, General
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The globe’s appetite for vampire culture has now reached the food world in the tastiest and most sociable way. Tapping into the popularity of shows such as True Blood, a cafe operator in China has opened a vampire-themed venue that serves its drinks in “blood” bags.
The cafe in Benxi in Liaoning province, which hasn’t been named by photo agencies, sells their crimson-coloured drinks for about $5 in plastic bags labelled Blood Type Energy Supply.

“The Vampire Diaries are enormously popular here now and with all the interest in everything to do with vampires, we felt this was something that would really catch on,” manager Hsin Hsia said.

“They have been a real hit with the younger generation … We don’t get many older customers, they think it’s weird when they realise everything we have to drink is only available in blood bags.”

Hospitality workers dressed as hospital staff serve red wine, cola, juice and even red-stained coffee in plastic pouches. And customers can add a nice personal touch by having their blood type marked on the bag.

It brings new meaning to the phrase, “What’s your type?” when making new friends on a night out.


Date: July 7th | Category: Articles, General
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For those of you who have decided you want real vampire fangs, there are a variety of ways you can go about it, –and there are some results that might make it a little more undesirable than you had planned. We talked to a cosmetic dentist about getting real vampire fangs, and though he didn’t really condone it, being a Christian and all, he did explain the various methods you can go through to do it. In fact, he used my teeth as his demo board, –I was getting a filling. Yes, ladies, gentlemen, I actually discussed my work with my dentist; half numb, groggy, and with a stranger’s fingers in my mouth, –that’s how dedicated I am.

Do you want your fangs to be your -real- teeth? This is probably one of the least desirable, but also less expensive ways to get fangs. But it’s also the most permanent. If you can find a dentist who’ll do it, you can have your front teeth shortened and your canines filed. Keep in mind, this will take a while, and you’ll have fangs the rest of your life. So as a grandparent, you still might have fangs, –probably not conducive towards a good relationship with the little guys. The main probably with this method is just finding someone to do it for you. My dentist pretty much said this would be out of the question at his office.

The most expensive, and the second most permanent option, is to get crowns on your canines, –also known as ‘caps’. The difference between those $10 caps online, and actually getting crowns manufactured, is that you won’t be able to take these off. Furthermore, the cost will run you somewhere between $2000 to $5000, easily. It takes time and effort to expertly mold a replacement tooth. The other, easier option for getting synthetic, but real looking fangs, is using acrylic and the molding material they use to fill cavities.  It’s less expensive, but least permanent option, –the dentist may insist you see him again to have it removed eventually, so that you never accidentally swallow it.

Swallowing a filling isn’t the worst side-effect of getting fangs though. Our mouths weren’t designed by nature to carry teeth that sharp and long. There are no significant side effects in the jaw, but it is possible to develop Malloclusion; overbite, or overjet of the upper front teeth. The dentist also warned that you can expect sores on the inside of your lower lip, where your new fangs would irritate the skin. Your fangs might also irritate your low gumline; close your mouth, and notice where the tips of your canines rest, –image longer, sharper teeth poking into your gums. Fairly unpleasant, no? Be sure to discuss length, and topical, over the counter anesthetic for possible sores with your dentist before getting permanent fangs.

Date: July 4th | Category: Articles, General
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What follows is rife with many a SPOILER. You have been warned!

Now that the finale of the first season of Penny Dreadful has aired, with more than a few surprises (as well as few plot twists many of us saw coming from miles away), let us consider the vampires in this series. Not least because we have a clear hint that such creatures may yet re-appear. Mina Murray and Professor Van Helsing we’ve met, Jonathan Harker we’ve heard of. There wandered on a pretty little girl named Lucy. One wonders if the names Renfield, Seward, Holmwood might be forthcoming?

Off hand we seem to have caught glimpses of at least four possible “types” of vampire.

vampire_1389961958In the opening episode, we saw two or maybe three types. Sir Malcolm Murray drove the blade of his sword-cane into the heart of a Nosferatu-esque being with red eyes and a mouth worthy of a shark. Interestingly, we don’t know much about that blade. When examined by the eminent young Dr. Frankenstein, this vampire’s body proved to have a flesh exoskeleton hiding a body covered with ancient Egyptian tattoos. Anyone familiar with the history of tattoos and human inking in general might well suspect that to be no real indication of age. With the finale, “Grand Guignol,” we see another vampire seemingly of the same type. We never see him speak.

But interestingly, both of these strange bald beings seem surrounded by chalk-white girls with red eyes, fangs and claws. None of the girls seem very active while he himself sleeps, and none seem all that difficult to kill. More, they collapse like marionettes with their strings cut once their ‘master’ is destroyed. So what are they? A harem? His personal bodyguard? Some combination of both?

Episode 104Now consider this–male creatures also serve both Alphas (to coin a term). Both seem pale, but not utterly white.  Rather they look sick. Just as their eyes lack the total inky dark redness of the Alphas or the females we might as well call Betas.

These Gammas (to continue a naming scheme) seem fierce, even animalistic but not so much in a supernatural way but as might someone insane. Rather than monsters, one might look upon them and see only a lunatic. Like the Betas, Gammas can apparently die by relatively normal trauma such as bullets in the brain or the slitting of a throat. From Fenton, the one we saw captured, we know they can only eat blood and perhaps viscera. Van Helsing examined his blood and found it not at all normal.

But Fenton also seemed in direct psychic contact with his Alpha, leading him to Sir Malcolm’s home in London where the creature attempted to bite Vanessa (fortunately out on a date at the time).

Consider now the finale. Once the Alpha is destroyed, all his Betas collapse even though they were succeeding in overpowering three strong and well-armed men. Mina appears, bringing a tear-filled smile to Sir Malcolm’s face and a frenzied hug from cdn.indiewire.comVanessa. But within moments we learn the truth. Mina is a vampire now. Her eyes turn inky red, darker than blood red, while fangs appear in her mouth. She speaks, referring to her “Master.” We’ve heard him mentioned before. But never by name. One half expects this to be Dracula, but of course the possibilities are greater than that, starting with Lord Ruthven from Polidori’s The Vampyre. Maybe even Varney! Hopefully we’ll find out more next season!

But Mina! She speaks! None of the other female vampires did! Nor is all the color bleached from her hair and flesh. Likewise her fingers resemble claws not at all! She cannot be a Beta! Yet does she show any of the signs of an Alpha? Hairless? No. A shark-like mouth of fangs? No, again. She  hardly seems like the sickly Gammas.

We seem to have a Delta vampire here. One of a different type again. And then the questions naturally occur–is this Delta form that of her Master, i.e. presumably Count Dracula? Or is yet another kind of vampire waiting in the wings, an Epsilon?

Is it possible we might even have already met him? Just a thought. What do you think?


Date: July 4th | Category: Articles, General
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Vixen Mistress
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