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Category: Conventions

Heading into season 7 of The Vampire Diaries, Damon Salvatore might still be madly in love with Elena, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to behave. Specifically, it doesn’t mean he’s going to keep his clothes on.

When the TVD cast — along with executive producer Caroline Dries — stopped by the Entertainment Weekly Lounge at Comic-Con over the weekend, they talked about what fans can expect from season 7, and for Damon, that apparently includes a little nudity and a lot of bourbon.

As for the other Salvatore brother, Stefan is going to experience what it’s like to be put in the friend zone while Caroline continues to grieve the loss of her mother. On the upside, however, Enzo’s going to play guitar, so there’s that.

Watch the video below:


The iZombie panel at Comic-Con was jam-packed with season 2 surprises and frivolous fun.


Here’s the top six highlights from the brainiest panel at Comic-Con.

Peyton’s back!
In a surprise announcement, the iZombie producers revealed that Liv’s best girlfriend and roommate Peyton will indeed be back in season 2, following her freakout over Liv’s zombie-ness.

Still aren’t convinced? Aly Michalka was a surprise guest on the panel! Which in all likelihood means she’ll finally be a series regular going into season 2.

During the panel, Aly Michalka talked about how her favorite thing about Peyton is her unwavering loyalty. Despite Liv’s meltdown and their growing differences, Peyton sticks by her friend and tries to help her through it.

Ravi/Peyton gets an official ship name
Now that Peyton’s back for good, the Ravi/Peyton ship can sail full steam ahead in season 2. Aly Michalka talked about how she’d love to get to see more of who Peyton is aside from her relationship with Liv… and this includes more lovin’ time with Ravi.

The iZombie cast polled the Comic-Con audience on an official ship name for the duo and now it’s officially settled: #TeamPavi.

Season 2 will feature a new Big Bad that we’re already familiar with…
At the close of last season, the head of Max Rager mentioned that he would be on the hunt for Seattle’s zombies, and coming up next season, that’s exactly what he’s going to do. Rob Thomas talked about how this puts the zombies in an interesting predicament, because now the same zombies who were on the offensive in season one will be firmly on the offensive as Max Rager starts hunting down and killing off Seattle’s zombies.

The good news is: this turn of events will force Liv and Blaine to become “strange bedfellows with a common enemy.” Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero talked about how much they loved seeing Liv and Blaine on screen together, but it was hard to get it to work in season one because they were on opposing sides. Next season, we’ll be getting plenty of Liv/Blaine face time.

Maybe, MAYBE, a new ship could set sail. Maybe. Someday.
So, since Liv and Blaine will be spending so much time together… does that mean love could possibly be in the air for this dynamic and slightly demonic duo?

“Stop reading my diary!” Diane Ruggiero jokes. As for the potential romantic pairing, Ruggiero is one-hundred percent for it, while Rob Thomas has firmly vetoed the idea for the moment because Blaine is a self-serving mass-murderer. To this Diane Ruggiero answered, “If anyone can get away with killing homeless children, it’s David Anders!”

After much prodding amongst the panel, Rob Thomas finally gave in: “If he turns over a new leaf, maybe, maybe, we’ll think about it.”

Clive will get a lady love of his own
When asked what he’d like to see for Clive next season, Malcolm Goodwin mentioned that he’d “like to see who Clive’s dating.” “You’re in luck!” Rob Thomas answered. Detective Babineaux will be getting a love interest next season.

Malcolm Goodwin also revealed the mystery of why Clive was so ready to accept Liv’s psychic powers from the start: apparently in the pilot, Clive talks about his Great Aunt Debbie who was a psychic, but for the sake of time, the scene was left on the cutting room floor. We will hopefully get to see it on the iZombie DVD, though!

Now that everyone else is finally in on Liv’s secret, does Malcolm Goodwin hope Clive gets to find out soon as well? Actually, no. Goodwin said he enjoys getting to play the “Lois Lane” of the series by being the only person who doesn’t know what’s actually going on with Liv.

And the first three brains of season 2 are…”
Rob Thomas left us with a tease for season 2 by revealing the first three brains (and episodes) of next season.

Episode 1: Grumpy old man brain.
Episode 2: Bro-licious frat boy brain.
Episode 3: Real Housewife of Seattle Brain.

What other brains does the cast hope to see in the future? Rose McIver talked about what a challenge it is to get a new script each week and hope that the brain is something sort of in her wheelhouse, but it often is stressful trying to do things like learn Bulgarian in a week. Next season, she hopes to get more brains based on things she’s actually good at, like playing the guitar, or getting to speak in her native Kiwi New Zealander accent!


Date: July 14th | Category: Appearances, Conventions, Interviews, iZombie, Spoilers
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Sleepy Hollow - Episode 2.02 - The Kindred - Promotional Photos (1)_595_slogo

In attendance at the Sleepy Hollow NYCC panel were executive producers Len Wiseman and Mark Goffman, along with stars Orlando Jones (Capt. Frank Irving), Lyndie Greenwood (Jenny Mills) and Sakina Jaffrey as Sheriff Leena Reyes. Thanks to for the following info from the panel:

-Season 2 will have 18 episodes – Wiseman says “More is tougher,” but they’re super excited.
-Goffman reveals that the the show runs uninterrupted through the end of the year before a big midseason finale; it returns Jan and Feb to finish the run. They’re excited for consistency.
-Jaffrey reveals that she worked hard to get the role – but she didn’t know her character would be seen as the party-pooper.
-Jones jokes that he can’t talk to Jaffrey (his replacement on the show) – in part because she threw his character in jail and made his mother unhappy that he was being depicted as a black guy in prison stereotype.
-The showrunners reveal that they wanted Jaffrey regardless thanks to her role on House of Cards.
-Len Wiseman teases the season 2 arc and the answers behind what turned Ichabod’s son Jeremy (John Nobel) into Moloch’s sin-eating henchman, Henry.
-Goffman and Wiseman inquire how many people saw the season 1 finale and were surprised (pretty much everybody). They promise the same effect for the season 2 finale.
-The moderator reveals that the footage for the panel will be the first half of the newest episode.
-Wiseman talks about how he and other writers all contribute to the creature design; Goffman says they have “creature meetings” every 3 weeks to decide on new creatures and how to adapt them. Lots of money and pre-planning involved – some VFX.
-Jones adds that a lot of the creatures are actually creepy on set (Moloch); Wiseman remarks on the irony that the people in them are so shy and normal when out of the costume or, like, at lunch.
-Jones fields a Q&A question about how the cast embrace these iconic figures and does it throw them to work with them. For Jones it can be a struggle; for Greenwood it’s fun.
-Jones wants to get Moloch pregnant.
-Greenwood reveals that the Abbie/Jenny relationship has gotten better – but the conflict is not done for good.
-The showrunners can’t say how a Supernatural/Sleepy Hollow would work. A fan suggested that Ichabod could watch a Supernatural-style series on TV.
-Jokes are running about Tom Mison’s singing ability; Nicole Beharie’s singing is well-documented.
-Jones shares how much love they get in the actual Sleepy Hollow town (events, gifts from citizens and cops – they even met a real police head who is an African-American woman). Abbie isn’t based on this actual woman, though.
-The cast each recount their favorite anachronistic Ichabod moments – what’s yours? Goffman goofs by talking about a deleted scene… that wasn’t actually deleted. His revelation? “I need to watch this show!”
-Wiseman talks about converting the pied-piper for this show, and how the show itself affords them great opportunity to pull in creatures and ideas the like – or those related to the thematic arc of the episode.
-Jaffrey may have dropped a SPOILER that Abbie and Jenny’s mom will be making an appearance!
Jones talks about getting to actually get off the sidelines and do battle in this episode – for the wrong side.
-We will see an episode where Ichabod learns about karaoke!
-We will also see an Ichabod Yoga scene!
-Things during Q&A get serious when one fans questions how the show depicts mental illness (often for laughs). Goffman says that in upcoming episodes they get more serious about the issue.

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