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Category: Cast

“iZombie” has tapped Eddie Jemison to play a new villain in the sophomore run of the CW series.


Jemison — best known for his role as Livingston Dell in the “Ocean’s Eleven” trilogy — will recur as Mr. Boss, Seattle’s very own crime lord, Entertainment Weekly reported.

“We’re really playing him as the man who runs Seattle,” series executive producer Rob Thomas said of Mr. Boss. “It’s a very different flavor from Blaine and Vaughn Du Clark. With David Anders (Blaine) and Steven Weber (Vaughn), we’ve got such big scenery-chewing, delightfully big bad guys. With Mr. Boss, we wanted to play the mild-mannered, broodily efficient kind of guy.”

“The idea with the Mr. Boss character is essentially that he was the accountant for the mob, and, through his own shrewdness and willingness to go more violent than anyone else would, has landed as the man in Seattle,” Thomas explained. “You would think with that name, it would be a loud, showy character, but he plays an affable, and yet incredibly dangerous villain.”

While it remains to be seen how Mr. Boss will exactly fit into the world of “iZombie,” Thomas suggested in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Peyton’s (Aly Michalka) season 2 storyline seems to be connected with the new villain.

“Most of what Peyton did in season 1 was bounce off the other characters. In season 2, she is a bit more ingrained in the mythology,” Thomas told THR. “She has stories that are centered on her job and digging into Seattle’s criminal hierarchy.”

Thomas added, “We have some fun stuff for her planned. She’s probably in about half the episodes again in season two, so about the same as last year, but she has meatier stories this time.”


Date: October 9th | Category: Articles, Cast, iZombie
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Daniel Gillies dishes to TV Line about Hayley & Elijah in Season 3:


As you (should) know, Hayley is still cursed to remain a werewolf outside of a full moon, meaning she has but one night per cycle to see her baby. As you’ll discover in tonights season opener, Elijah is determined to make those rare occasions as enjoyable as possible, though their get-togethers don’t allow much time for “the talk.”

“I think it’s kind of masterful for the writers to have Elijah and Hayley not discuss their relationship,” Gillies tells TVLine. “There’s something kind of Dickensian about the whole thing; there’s sort of a parlor room romance that comes along with the restraint. It’s what makes them interesting, but I do think they’re sort of doomed to love each other.”

And with wolf hunters running rampant throughout the bayou, it’s also up to Elijah to keep Hayley safe, a challenge Gillies’ character accepts without hesitation.
“He’ll do what he has to do, but I don’t know if he’s necessarily dark about it,” he says when asked whether Elijah will go to a dark place to protect Hayley. “One thing I admire about Elijah is that, if nothing else, he’s economical. He sees occasional violence as a necessary evil, or even just another day at the office. And when it comes to the reunification of his family, I don’t think any measure is too dark. By human standards, he’ll certainly do some malevolent-looking things, but by 1,000-year-old vampire standards, it’ll be just like a trip to Starbucks for tea.”

Speaking of darkness, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a Klaus/Elijah reconciliation anytime soon, as both Hayley and Elijah blame Klaus for Hope’s mother’s condition — and rightfully so.

Concludes Gillies, “This show is really about these two brothers attempting to fight the inevitable, which is that they’re always going to be driving one another away.”

Date: October 9th | Category: Cast, Interviews, The Originals
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Before you watch the return of The Vampire Diaries tonight be sure to watch these cast interviews for all the goss on the upcoming 7th Season!

Date: October 9th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Vampire Diaries, Videos
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The Vampire Diaries star knows that this first season without Nina Dobrev will be hard on the people who want Elena to wind up with Damon Salvatore, but he has a special message for those of you having trouble coping as season seven begins.

“All I can say about that is that they were great characters separate, they were great characters together, and they remain great characters separated,” the actor tells E! News on the Vampire Diaries set in Atlanta. “Damon is still here and he’s still evolving and he’s still having a blast and he’s still saying super-smarmy, ridiculously overly confident, very wildly embarrassing and degrading things and he will continue to do that, but with a little love for Elena in his heart.”

But, you know, it’s not exactly possible for them to be together when she’s sealed in a coffin for the next few decades. “It’s not so great for a relationship. I would not recommend it,” he jokes in the video below

Date: October 9th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Vampire Diaries, Videos
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