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Category: Cast


As usual, David Anders is up to no good on your TV screen.

To wit: On the first season of The CW’s iZombie (now out on DVD), his undead bad guy Blaine DeBeers ran a black-market brain-selling industry out of the butcher shop Meat Cute and was a weekly foil for crime-solving zombie heroine Liv (Rose McIver), who in the season finale tested a cure on him that made Blaine human again.

Not that that’s helping his demeanor any, although he is looking a little less pale.

The second-season premiere on Tuesday (9 ET/PT) finds Blaine with what Anders calls “a fun new vocation”: director of a funeral home with the fantastic name Shady Plots Funerary. “We have no shame with the names, of businesses and/or characters.”

Anders, who was also Elena’s uncle on The Vampire Diaries, checked in with USA Today from Vancouver — where the Oregon native’s scooting between iZombie and an upcoming return to ABC’s Once Upon a Time — to give us the rundown on the new year.

So how are the events of the season finale affecting Blaine?

“We’re humanizing him a little bit, quite literally, with the cure now in him. There’s some fun new little things to play with the character. There are some side effects to this cure — he can sense when zombies are near — and there’s going to be some new stuff own the line that isn’t so easy to handle.”

Dude’s always got something nefarious going on.

“He has no qualms about being on the wrong side of the law. (Laughs) He kind of revels in it, and maybe he learned that from his father, who’s well-to-do businessman-ish. He’s done some pretty criminal things to get to where he is, so it’s a chip off the old block.”

Blaine showed his monstrous side often violently in the first season. Any favorite scenes?

“There was pulling the kid into the meat slicer and that blood spatter right on my visor. That’s pretty heavy for an episode. Or jamming his henchman in the neck with his sweet, sweet butterfly knife. That was fun to do. We kept doubling down on the nefarious Blaine and the smarmy charm. That’s what I think brings it back from people just outright hating the guy. You don’t know whether you want to kill him or cool out with him.”

Was there one role that really put you down this villainous path?

“We have J.J. Abrams to either thank or blame for me being the bad guy for my entire career. Sark on Alias was the beginning, when I was just fresh off of a destroyer with nothing but a dance belt and a tube of chapstick. (Laughs) He tapped me as a bad guy and I never thought I would get that part in the many auditions I had for it. But I somehow pulled it out. Ever since then, no one ever believes that I can be a good guy or believes that I can do an American accent.”

Do people just assume you’re European?

Yeah, absolutely. You do 10 years of playing an Englishman and people are going to think you’re English. I’m made to feel like a monkey when people say, ‘Do the accent!’ And I’m like, ‘Come on, guys… ‘It’s funny, especially when English people ask me to do the accent. I’m like, ‘You’re asking a kid from Oregon to do an accent you’re doing flawlessly. You sure you want to hear me butcher your language?’ ”

What do you love about that Blaine/Liv dynamic?

“Blaine really tests the waters with her because he eggs her on one line after another, and it’s surprising she hasn’t taken out her fury on him. It’s a cat –and-mouse thing and a pissing-contest thing. In this season, there’s some teaming up between Blaine and Liv where they put aside their rocky past so maybe they can have a rocky future. They have a common foe, so they don’t have to like each other, they’ve just gotta be teammates. And teammates don’t have to be friends, they just have to win the game.”

Other than them, who’s your favorite character?

“Watching the rookie Rahul Kohli (the British actor who plays Ravi the chief coroner) do his thing, plucked from obscurity, is a joy to watch. He makes these great choices and a lot of it’s modeled on Ricky Gervais from The Office.”

Date: October 1st | Category: Cast, Interviews, iZombie
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Season seven of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries will find Caroline Forbes still grieving over the death of her mother and attempting to get her life back together. At the 2015 San Diego Comic Con during roundtable interviews, Candice Accola explained where we’ll be picking up with Caroline as the new season begins on October 8th. “Her main goal is to keep a friendship with Stefan and to distract herself. She’s trying to also combat the heretics and Lily and she’s very involved in that drama. We’re going to see how the town of Mystic Falls gets to be where it is, which we got a glimpse of at the end of season six. So, Caroline will be very busy.”

As to the question on Vampire Diaries fans’ minds – what’s going to happen this coming season between Caroline and Stefan (played by Paul Wesley) – Candice had this to say: “It will definitely a little bit more challenging than Caroline anticipated to figure out what kind of ‘ship’ she has with Stefan, whether it’s a friendship or a relationship. So we’re going to see her struggle being able to play it cool.”

What we likely won’t be seeing is Caroline following in her mother’s footsteps. “I don’t see Caroline putting on a badge anytime soon, but who knows? Maybe they’ve got bigger plans down the line. But I know we’re going to see that Matt is more the one who’s falling in line and taking over for Sheriff Forbes, which is nice,” revealed Accola. “We know how long the show has been on, but it’s nice to see the characters’ evolution as well, that he’s kind of becoming grown up and representing the humans of Mystic Falls in such a new way.”

We also won’t be seeing Caroline reuniting with Klaus on The Originals, according to Accola. “Not at this point,” said Accola, laughing. “I don’t know if Caroline would want to go visit Klaus but I know everyone else wants her to. But at this point, no.”

This upcoming season will find new characters introduced including some who will get Caroline’s attention. “Caroline will definitely have some very fun interactions with the heretics and the women that are gathered around Lily. It kind of reminds me a little bit when Caroline met Rebekah, and she’s definitely got her guard up and her nose up a little bit to who these women are,” said Accola.

But, unfortunately, there won’t be much interaction between Caroline and Bonnie (played by Kat Graham) as season seven unfolds. “At this point, Caroline and Bonnie will be focused on taking care of themselves independently. Bonnie’s working to maintain her friendship with Damon while that obviously has a little bit of a strain on it considering that Elena’s life is tethered to Bonnie being alive,” offered Accola. “Caroline’s more focused on trying to mend her broken heart from her mother’s death. So, they’re together in the bigger spectrum of things but as we come into season seven that’s where they’ll be independently.”


Date: August 19th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Spoilers, Vampire Diaries
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