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Category: Cast

Sleepy Hollow has found itself another Founding Father. The supernatural series has cast actor Steven Weber to play President Thomas Jefferson in its second season. Jefferson will be yet another major historical figure to play a part in Sleepy Hollow‘s story; the show has already provided appearances from Benedict Arnold, Ben Franklin, and, of course, George Washington (whose bible has been a guide to help Ichabod and Abbie fight against Moloch and his army of demons).

Per TVLine, which first reported the casting news, when looking for someone to play Thomas Jefferson, Sleepy Hollow‘s producers “wanted someone who, like Timothy Busfield as Benjamin Franklin, could play the Declaration of Independence’s primary author as quite a commanding presence.” There is now word yet on when Weber will first appear as Jefferson or how we will meet the famous historical figure. However, I’d bet that, like Arnold, Franklin, and Washington, it will be through flashbacks, unless he somehow figures into whatever the new threat facing Ichabod and Abbie will be now that Moloch is dead.

Aside from the fact that he was the creator of the prison cell that can hold the Headless Horseman (a cell that Abraham was still stuck in by the end of this week’s midseason finale), Jefferson remains, for the most part, an unknown figure on Sleepy Hollow. It will be interesting to see how the series explores his character in future episodes.

Weber, whose TV credits include pretty much every single show that’s ever existed (I’m kidding, but the guy seriously has been on a lot of stuff), most recently appeared on ABC Family’s Chasing Life and will also be showing up in the new season of Showtime’s House of Lies. Additionally, he’s also guest starred on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Law & Order: SVU, Brothers & Sisters, Wilfred and Falling Skies.


Date: December 9th | Category: Articles, Cast, Sleepy Hollow
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Although Witches of East End was canceled after only two seasons in November, the major social media buzz from fans could help revive the series.

Witches of East End - Episode 2.09 - Smells Like King Spirit - Promotional Photo

Madchen Amick, who played Aunt Wendy on the Lifetime series, revealed what could lie ahead for the show amid its cancellation and that includes finding a new network.

“I was told directly from FOX that after the cancellation, if there was enough social media buzz, that at that point, they could shop the show around to other networks,” Amick told Enstars exclusively. “And that they – both Lifetime and FOX – were very surprised that immediate reaction from the fans and how quickly they organized and made a really big buzz about how unhappy they were at that cancellation.”

Fans continue to make a big effort to bring the show back by uploading YouTube videos, posting Twitter hashtags and signing an online petition, which has more than 84,000 signatures to date. Amick said executives were really taken aback by the strong response from the fans.

“They said that what’s so unique about our show is that it was this immediate and passionate reaction, and they just immediately organized and just started to petition – well actually, they started to petition before we heard if we were picked up or not, they really were hoping that we were gonna get renewed,” she said.

Amick pointed out that Lifetime could potentially reverse its decision and bring the show back, but FOX owns the licensing, giving it power to place it elsewhere. She said fans should continue their efforts because they certainly have the power to persuade another network to pick up the series if Lifetime doesn’t change its mind.

She also explained what she believes may be one of the reasons the supernatural drama didn’t survive as long as it could have.

“People just don’t sit down and watch shows live anymore. They DVR it, they stream it, they watch it on Netflix or iTunes,” the actress said. “It’s just unfortunate that a network only makes their profit off of live viewership because their hands are tied by advertisers. They may believe in the show and want it to continue, but they just unfortunately can’t afford it.”

If Witches is lucky enough to be renewed for a third season, Amick mentioned one important event she hopes will occur for her character.

“Well, first and foremost, I think it’s really important we get Wendy out of Hell!” she said with a laugh.

Considering that the fans are doing everything they can to revive the series, Amick also wants the potential new storyline to appease them.

“I think there would be a lot of effort put into what the fans are passionate about,” she said. “They’ve really created a voice and so I really would hope that whatever kind of platform we would go to that they would really take into consideration what the fans are rooting for.”

Yet, if the show does not come back for new episodes, that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be any closure. There’s potential for a finale on Lifetime or perhaps something that the cast members will put together on an iPhone, Amick said.

“I’d love it if Lifetime decided to do like a last two-hour movie finale to wrap everything up because we really did leave some crazy cliffhangers, that’s really not fair to the fans and it’s not fair to us,” Amick said. “We feel like we didn’t have closure.”

“How fun would that be to do a Witches movie to just close everything up?” the actress added. “But if not, you’ll probably see us witches and warlocks being something very cheeky for the fans directly.”

As theories continue on what lies ahead for the series, Amick said she hopes fans will remember the show in a special way if it’s truly the end for the Beauchamp family and the guys.

“I hope it’s going to be remembered for, ‘Oh, remember that great witches show with those four strong female characters that was just kick-a**? It’s too bad that didn’t go any longer,'” she said. “I hope it’s sort of that kind of feeling.”

Date: December 9th | Category: Cast, Interviews, The Witches of East End
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