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Category: Bitten

In this recent interview with Stylebistro Bittens Laura Vandervoort discusses her characters style and her favorite part so far:


What’s your favorite part about portraying a werewolf? “I think the fact that she’s the only female werewolf that is the lead in a series is pretty incredible. She’s just a bad-ass female on television and happens to be a werewolf. I love doing all the action sequences and having that superhuman strength that she has—it’s a lot of fun. I joke around that the best part is that I don’t have to wax.”

How does your personal style compares to your character’s? “This season we had a different style for Elena, which I think was more of my input. She’s still got the tomboy quality she has in the book, [but] she always has a bit of that sexy side to it as well: a leather jacket [with] a sheer-sort of tank on or I always wear a bit of a heel even if I have fight sequence—I think all girls want to have a bit more height.”

What part of Elena’s wardrobe helps you get into character the most? “Whenever Elena has an opportunity to wear any leather jacket so she’s swift and ready to fight, that just makes me feel more in character. She always has some sort of military-inspired part of her wardrobe because she’s a tracker. That helps me feel like she’s ready to hunt. When she doesn’t have a jacket on for some reason, I feel like Elena’s a little bare.”

What is the most empowering thing you’ve learned from your role? “Having faith in myself and believing in what I can do. This is the first series I’ve been a lead of. That can be terrifying for an actor going into season one and not knowing if you’re capable—you want to do a good job, and you want to make everyone happy. For me especially with my body, it’s such a sexualized show—that was the scariest part for me. Oddly enough, it wasn’t the action and all of the dangerous stuff; it was the nudity. Now, I feel more comfortable.”

What’s your favorite part about this season of Bitten? “It’s really tough for me to narrow-in on any specific part. I adore our cast and crew, being with all those creative minds and people who are just happy to be there and work. And this season, just seeing Elena finally accept her fate and embracing it—but also kicking a lot of ass.”

Date: May 14th | Category: Bitten, Cast, Interviews
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Laura Vandervoort, the Canadian born actress, who is perhaps best known for playing Kara Kent (a/k/a Supergirl) in TV’s SMALLVILLE, stars as Elena, an attractive, intelligent Toronto woman who also happens to be the only known female werewolf in existence. And though she tries in vain to live a “normal” life with her boyfriend, she finds it increasingly difficult to keep her animalistic nature at bay.

Vandervoort (who also recently appeared in the series HAVEN) is BITTEN’s anchor; a strong, feminine and heroic monster who has a vulnerability that serves as an easy entry point into the show’s elaborate, often ludicrous, but always compelling drama. BITTEN returned for a second season last week (with all episodes now available to stream and download on virtually all major streaming platforms) and FANGO caught up with Vandervoort during her brief promotional tour.

FANGORIA: I’ve not read the books but does BITTEN stay close to the mythology or does it drastically deviate from the page?

LAURA VANDERVOORT: Well, the first season was closer to the books than the second is shaping up to be, mainly because we wanted to make sure the fans were happy; but yes, we did have to veer off the path this time more than last season. Characters that should have died off stick around and other characters that don’t appear until later in the series, show up early. That’s just necessary for television, to propel it all forward. And I should mention that this season we have the witches from later books joining us…

FANGORIA: With all these irreverent strains of supernatural species, BITTEN is sort of a less explicit and lurid answer to TRUE BLOOD. That said, the idea of the werewolf is still heavily tied to sexuality and Elena certainly has an interest in such things…

VANDERVOORT: Definitely. Our werewolves are animals, of course and have that base nature to them but the more explicit sexuality was in season one; there was a much more sexual drive to the show, but this season is more about personal issues than sexual. Elena is separated from her path; she gets to be with her lover Clay and there is sex but it’s more emotionally based. She is dealing with the death of her human boyfriend and seeking revenge… but she still has her needs!

FANGORIA: Did you get to have more creative input into Elena’s arc in this season?

VANDERVOORT: The first season we were all trying to find our footing and please many people so we stuck to the page. But now, the main cast is more comfortable in their skins and the writers are now writing more to our strengths as actors, and they are open to more creative input. But ultimately we don’t need to say much because we trust their pens…

FANGORIA: Historically, horror entertainment has had a dearth of strong females, but there has been a big shift in recent years…

VANDERVOORT: It goes outside of horror. In TV and film in general, women are getting the upper hand everywhere and I’m thankful for this. These are the roles I intentionally go after, like Supergirl, an iconic role, and Sadie in INSTANT STAR. I love watching movies and shows and seeing women who can take care of themselves. I’m late to the party and just started catching up with GAME OF THRONES and actually just kind of jumped in this season (laughs) so I’m trying understand what’s going on but the main thing that strikes me is just how many incredibly empowered women there are on that. It’s incredible.

Head on over to Fangoria to read the rest of the interview.

Date: April 24th | Category: Bitten, Cast, Interviews
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Bitten has apparently been renewed for Season 3.

Laura Vandervoort reportedly confirmed a third season of the Canadian supernatural drama while speaking on a Bitten panel at Planet Comicon, according to a fan who was in attendance:

Space channel, however, has yet to make an official announcement on the future of Bitten, while the exact context of Vandervoort’s comments have yet to be sourced, meaning this story stays firmly in the ‘unofficial’ drawer until further notice.

Stay tuned as the future of Bitten develops…


Date: April 20th | Category: Bitten
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Date: April 8th | Category: Bitten
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