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Category: Articles

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello posted on Twitter that he is to be on the cover of the November Men’s Health Australia. He will also host a Cosmo Gala in Mexico (see more below about the gala event).

Joe has been on the cover of Men’s Health four times now and in this issue his article is about going from “Scrawny to Brawny.” See the cover below:


See more photos from this magazine spread below:

Joe has also agreed to host Cosmopolitan Magazine Mexico’s 42nd Anniversary Gala on November 11 in Mexico City.

ONE Entertainment is pleased to announce the selection of Joe Manganiello as the host of Cosmopolitan Mexico’s Gala Event in Mexico City for their 42nd Anniversary. Mexico Territory Manager and EDM Director Mikey Gallagher spearheaded the effort in his new position with the company.

Manganiello is not just a suitable host, it is as if he was created and tailor fit for the event to create the kind of anticipation and international notice worthy of this event. As the reigning Hottest Bachelor for 2014 on People Magazine’s list and the beau of one of Latin America’s most talked about Latinas; Joe is epically qualified to get this event noticed and to turn the heads of attendees at an event for one of Mexico’s #1 Female publications.

Manganiello will be subject of the feature article in a special section of the magazine for this November anniversary edition. Stay tuned for a unique piece that profiles a man with depth and style in addition to a godlike physique and exterior.

read more here:

Date: October 17th | Category: Articles
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5. The scope of the project is massive. A huge camp of trailers greeted me when I pulled up to the Tura Castle, outside Budapest. I was surprised by the number of people working this movie. Around 200 cast and crew members have a job for months, partly because I sat down one day in a little farmhouse in Winters, CA, with the strange notion that an angel might fall in love with a mortal girl.

4. The casting is perfect. I expected to feel some rift between the characters in the novel and the actors portraying them. But when they all walked toward me for the first time, I let myself imagine they were angels and demons. That wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t been cast so well.

3. Actors can step into The Zone more quickly than writers. I require an hour of very focused window-staring before I can start writing, but I learned my first night on set how deft actors are at slipping in and out of character. I was having a conversation with Joely Richardson about a book we’d both adored when director Scott Hicks called her to set. Joely straightened her spine, tightened her expression, and Miss Sophia stalked away from me.

2. Scenes take unexpected directions. When I sit down to write a scene, I have a plan in mind, and I’m thrilled when a character disregards my goals and takes the story to a place I hadn’t imagined. On set, I saw that Scott Hicks welcomes this experience, too. He told me about a scene in which he thought the camera’s focus would be on Joely (Miss Sophia). After they’d shot the scene, he saw that Lola Kirke (Penn) was “emotionally peaking.” Scott shouted, “Roll!” just in time to capture an essential tear sliding down Penn’s cheek, never meant to be in the movie.

1. There’s a moment in the movie that would be wonderful in the book. Readers beg me not to let the movie stray from the book. I assure them that everyone working on the film agrees. But there is one new moment in the film that is so economical and so moving, it would have worked beautifully if it were in the novel. I hope my fans will think of this added scene like one of the “extra” chapters that accompany the Fallen books. I can’t wait for you to experience all of it on the big screen.


Date: October 16th | Category: Articles, Authors, Fallen, Movie
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine


Teen Wolf has just been renewed for its fifth season recently, and will be starting in June of 2015 with a 20-episode two part season. Many critics have praised the show for having dark humor while still being somewhat true to the original.

In order to get ready for the fifth season, MTV has made a promo website, where you can play on a virtual Ouija board to talk to some of the characters on Teen Wolf who have been killed over the years. The website is part of a promotion for an Ouija movie that is supposed to be released this Halloween. Right now, you can only ask Boyd questions, but later on in the month (as Ouija is closer to being released), you can ask more characters such as Erica and Allison questions too.

You can’t actually ask the characters your own questions, but you can pick from three that were picked from hundreds that were submitted on Twitter. It’s a way for fans to find out more information about some of their favorite dead characters from the show, and a good way to promote the Ouija movie that is going to be released at the end of the month.


Date: October 15th | Category: Articles, Teen Wolf
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine

Screen Gems, a Sony Entertainment subsidiary, is working on two new Underworld films that will be continued from the first four movies. At first we thought that these movies would be a reboot of the popular franchise, but that is clearly not the case here.

Director of the Underworld series Lens Wiseman revealed a lot to the good folks at IGN about what the studio has in store for the franchise going forward.

“There are a few things being developed right now. There are some characters that we really like; that’s kind of like a spin-off, like we did with Underworld 3: The Rise of The Lycans,” said Wiseman. “And then another film is being developed and is in the works with Kate possibly as well, and then there’s a television series as well. It’s expanding that universe in many ways.”

Even more interesting, the studio is also planning to bring Underworld to the small screen, though it is not certain if the TV show will be set in the same universe as the films, or if it will be something else entirely. Furthermore, it is also not certain if the TV show will be set in the past or in the future, so there’s something to think about before going to bed tonight.

Now, when it comes down to when the movies and TV shows will be available for public consumption, Wiseman did not reveal a thing. However, chances are the first Underworld film will make its way to theaters by 2016, and the TV show could make its way to the small screen by the end of 2015.

“They’re all in development, and there are a lot of releases out there that aren’t actually true, but it’s too long to actually wrap all of that up,” said Wiseman.

It would be very interesting to see how things will turn out for the films and TV show. At the moment, there’s not a single vampire-related show on TV that is worth watching, so maybe Underworld could fill that void, especially for those who are not interested in abominations such as the Vampire Diaries.


Date: October 15th | Category: Articles, General, Movie, Underworld
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine
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