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Sleepy Hollow will be back on screens before we know it! However, if you are having withdrawls then this is for you!

According to THR the world of Sleepy Hollow—and, most importantly, Tom Mison’s hair—no longer exists only on the small screen. BOOM! Studios has created new prologues to the series in the form of digital comics, the first of which are available on the show’s Facebook page and BOOM!’s Tumblr page.

The first two prologues focus on Ichabod Crane and Jenny Mills (who we now know survived her ordeal at the end of season 1). Both pieces, which take place before the first season of the Fox show, are written by Bad Robot‘s Mike Johnson and illustrated by Matias Bergara.

A total of five shorts are planned. And then, BOOM!’s full Sleepy Hollow comic, written by Marguerite Bennett with art by Jorge Coelho, will debut Oct. 15. The comic will also feature shorts by Noelle Stevenson.

Take a look through the gallery below for some insight into Episode 2 of the upcoming season

Date: September 16th | Category: Articles, Photos, Sleepy Hollow
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In an era where the vampire genre has been run into the ground with over-saturation — thanks to Twilight, “True Blood” and “The Vampire Diaries”, to name just a few — one of the most renowned independent filmmakers makes his latest characters that exact species. Writer/director Jim Jarmusch’s latest film on DVD and Blu-ray, Only Lovers Left Alive, reunites him with character actress Tilda Swinton and introduces Marvel favorite Tom Hiddleston to another dark role for his portfolio.

In 2012 Detroit, a vampire musician named Adam (Hiddleston) has been feeling rather depressed and uninspired with his music as well as life. When his longtime lover and co-vamp Eve (Swinton) visits him from Tangiers, their romance is revived. Their reunion is rudely interrupted by Eve’s younger sister Ava (Mia Wasikowska), who crashes at Adam’s apartment and tries to seduce his human assistant Ian (Anton Yelchin).

John Hurt and Jeffrey Wright co-star. Most famous for his episodic tales of ordinary people like Night on Earth (1991) and Coffee & Cigarettes (2003), Jarmusch takes one of the most popular supernatural creatures and gives them ordinary elements without any action or gore. Only Lovers Left Alive has some intriguing actors playing interesting characters who just happen to survive on blood and spend time pondering how much the world will continue to change around them. For the Jarmusch fans worried he’s downgrading himself with this one, he’s done the opposite and possibly gained a broader audience.

Available now on DVD & Blu Ray HERE


Date: September 16th | Category: Articles, Movie
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The Wrap has revealed that Degrassi star Charlotte Arnold will be joining the cast of season 3 of Beauty and the Beast. The actress will be playing the part of Marissa, “a distraught Midwestern beauty who finds herself in desperate need of help after her stockbroker husband begins displaying strange, violent behavior.” The report stated that the actress will be guest starring in the premiere episode of the next chapter of The CW series.

And while we wont be seeing the show until “midseason,” which could mean anywhere from January to spring to (to hear some tell it) maybe even summer 2015 we can at least give you this from TV Line – In Season 3’s fourth episode, Cat and Vincent will meet with a marriage counselor, as they endeavor to balance their different careers with their relationship.

Thanks to Spoiler TV, we have a sneak peek at a small part of the script from Episode 2 of Season 3….Check it out below:


Date: September 16th | Category: Articles, Beauty & The Beast, Cast, Spoilers
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You’d think True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten would take advantage of his abdominal super powers on a regular basis, but oh no, he’s one hell of a gentleman. When asked how he feels about TRUE BLOOD’s final season, he has a very down to earth vibe.

“The whole thing feels fantastic. From growing up in a coastal town to being on a HBO show, and for that show to last seven years, for me that’s still hard for me to comprehend,” he says. “There’s an amount of gratitude that comes with that… to have this success, I don’t take lightly.”

Check out some photos and an interview with Ryan below:


So how much of Kwanten do we see in his onscreen character? “I think in a weird way [Jason Stackhouse] has made me a better person, a better man, and I don’t think that I would have said that in the beginning,” Kwanten says. “He looks at everything with these wide, naïve eyes. To take that cynical hat off and approach things with innocence…it’s always more interesting to play characters like that, I think, who have faults rather than positive traits.”

Very rarely do you get a slice of humble pie served with this much handsome. Kwanten should have projects lined up from now until the end of 2037. What exactly is on the horizon for this cheeky Australian?

“It’s been crazy,” he says. “I finished three films over the last hiatus. After TRUE BLOOD ends, it’ll be the first time I’ll be free in eight or nine years. In a weird way, this show has taught me some patience. Every actor fights to see the door, to get a crack in the door, get inside the door and I feel like I’m almost in the room now and it’s nice to sit back and admire the landscape before really diving in again.”

So now that he has the time, how does Kwanten picture the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon? “I need to be near the water, the beach in some way or form. A beer, or bottle of wine, and some friends,” he says. “I’m a beach bum at heart.”

This sounds like dream date material. Even if this wasn’t the LOVE issue, we all would be clipping out Snoopy Valentines and writing Ryan’s name all over our Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers. Has he always been this laid back? Was there an emo-goth phase that nobody knows about? What keeps him grounded? To answer these questions, we offered him a magical DeLorean from “Back to the Future” so he could enlighten us, while giving young Ryan some sage advice.

“There’s an Emerson quote that is, ‘Everything that lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us,’” Kwanten says. “Teenagers are meant to be confused, bemused, and kind of annoyed by the world, and I wish I tapped into who I was. But also I think that’s the beauty in life: you make those stupid idiotic mistakes and try to learn from them as you can, and you move on. I’m happy that I made those mistakes.”

 Read the rest of this interview with Ryan at

Date: September 3rd | Category: Articles, True Blood
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