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Archive for August 2015

For fans eagerly awaiting new details about “iZombie” season 2, particularly on Liv (Rose McIver) and Major’s (Robert Buckley) relationship, we’ve got this for you!


With Liv’s (Rose McIver) secret finally out, could Major (Robert Buckley) accept her? Well, it won’t be that easy, and he’ll definitely have a lot of obstacles to get through before we get there. But there’s still hope, Diane Ruggiero-Wright says! Yes, yes, yes, Liv and Major for the win.

How will Liv be different this season?
I think the first season was so much about keeping her secret, and now this season is like the fall out from everybody knowing about her secret. So theres a lot of her having to contend with that and things changing as a result of that — relationships kind of being defined, and there’s going to be a new pressure on her. The first season, the pressure was solving crimes and there’s going to be new, more active, pressure on her. I can’t be specific about it, but it’s going to be her in a preventing crimes mode, also.

Is there hope for Liv & Major?
There better be! How could you not? We lucked out when we cast Lowell (Bradley James), because he can compete with Buckley and the Major character. I really think that there is potential for them. We’re not very schmuck-baity, and if they’re broken apart, it’s not going to be like, every week they have a fight and then they break up. We’re not the type to just jerk people around. If they end, they end and then they get back together, it’ll be for a good reason. There’s hope, definitely.

And Major’s going to be a lot different this season, obviously.
And he’s going to get even more different. There’s a lot of changes for him. The Major storyline is one that I’m most proud of and that Rob [Thomas], I think to his credit, was talking about from the very beginning. Buckley had played a lot of the pretty roles — people didn’t know he was a good actor, [and] that he had this other side to him: he’s funny as hell and he can have an edge to him. He has range, and people look at him and they see eyebrows and abs, and they don’t realize that. When you have someone who is so compelling, you can push the envelope with him into territories where people are like, ‘Do I like him? I think I like him.’ There are definitely a lot of interesting things coming with him.

But how does he feel about Liv at the beginning on season 2?
In the beginning, he’s pissed. His life was completely upended in so many ways. He has all this stuff on himself that he feels she could have alleviated him of, and that’s not an easy thing to get over. He still has a legitimate gripe, and it’s going to take a little bit for him to get past it, rightfully, so we’re going to be honest about it.

And you’ll talk about a possible sex life with them?
Yes, that’s a big part of it.

How’s Blaine has a human?
He’s going to eat a lot of good food . . . it’s not going to break his stride. He will continue business, and will be branching out in bigger and better ways. Blaine is still going to be a formable entity. We have such good ‘big bads’ on our show. I think the dark side [of being a zombie], provided him with opportunities he didn’t have as a human, but I don’t think he enjoyed it just because of what happens to you when you eat the brains has such an affect on your life, it’s just not worth it.

Any new guest stars this season?
We just hired [Robert] Nepper as Blaine’s dad, which we’re very excited about. I’m sure we’ll have some party down, Veronica Mars alumni. Adam Rose who is Max, who I love. We’ll definitely have people that people will be excited about.


Date: August 19th | Category: Executive Producers, Interviews, iZombie, Spoilers
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In the new episode 10 official synopsis: Scott and the pack will face what may be their biggest threat yet. Press release number 2: With both lives and friendships on the verge of being destroyed, Scott and his pack are going to face their greatest enemy yet.

Date: August 19th | Category: Promos, Spoilers, Teen Wolf
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TVLine caught up with executive producer Julie Plec at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, where she teased Bonnie and Matt’s new love interests, the return of Damon and Alaric’s bromance and a particularly surprising “curveball” being thrown at Stefan and Caroline.

TVLINE | Let’s start with the season premiere title, ‘22,190 Days.’
You know, I saw that somebody leaked that title, but it’s not the whole thing. It’s actually something like “Day 20 of 22,190, Give or Take.”

TVLINE | I feel like I know the answer to this, but what is that counting down to?
It’s counting down to the beautiful inevitability of his reunion with his one true love.

TVLINE | So is that also his countdown clock for when Bonnie’s going to die?
[Laughs] Well, by then, Bonnie will have lived a nice life. He tacks on an extra decade for her every now and then. No, what’s really lingering for Damon is … he waited for Katherine for a long-ass time, so it’s the waiting game. That’s not what’s hard for him; it’s what to do with himself and how to behave as a man and a vampire in the interim.

TVLINE | And what are some of his coping mechanisms?
Well, drinking, as always. And now he has Alaric back on the bourbon wagon, because he’s also been dealt the s–t end of life. Bonnie has sort of taken it upon herself to be the uninvited chaperone, which is funny because she and Damon have so much unspoken between them — the guilt, the resentments, the gratitude, there’s a list of things they’re dealing with. Watching them air it out together is actually really nice. We’ll continue to watch their friendship build, because they really do owe each other a lot. They’re going to go through this whole thing together, which is a fun dynamic we’re exploring.

TVLINE | When last I spoke to Kat Graham, she said she pitched a bisexual story for Bonnie.
She did! In theory, we were all for it, and it’s entirely possible it could happen someday. At the time, we were still so close to Buffy. So if we also made our witch gay … frankly, I didn’t feel like reading all the tweets calling me a hack artist. But Kat really believes in it as a potential road for her character, and we support it 100 percent, so if it ever feels right for the character, we’re all for it.

TVLINE | But you are planning to pair her up with someone this season?
Yes, yes we are. It’s not a woman yet, but it’s a little bit surprising. It comes strangely out of nowhere, but it will make a lot of sense. That’s my enigmatic tease.

TVLINE | And what’s the plan for Matt? I think it’s time you introduce a nice woman he can settle down with and start popping out babies.
I will tell you this: There’s a pitch on the table as we speak. I don’t know if she’s nice yet. In this town, they often have two sides to their personalities, so one can never predict if a nice girl will be a nice girl. But I do think it’s time for Matt to start asking himself what kind of people he’s willing to be surrounded by. I think you’ll be surprised by the answer.

TVLINE | Anything you can tease about Stefan and Caroline that you haven’t already?
I would say Stefan and Caroline are part of one of the bigger surprises of the season, which we’ll unfold around Episode 6 or 7. It’s a bit of a fun curveball to throw their way.

TVLINE | Lastly, I know Nina Dobrev is done filming, but might we see old footage of Elena used for flashbacks?
None that we’ve done so far, but I don’t think we wouldn’t use it. If it calls for it, we will.


Date: August 19th | Category: Executive Producers, Interviews, Spoilers, Vampire Diaries
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