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Archive for February 2015

With the new season well under way in Canada, we can give you a sneak peek at this weeks episode.

Although short, the synopsis for the episode reads:
When a new threat proves to be more powerful than anticipated, both The Pack and Coven suffer heavy losses in the confrontation.

Date: February 20th | Category: Bitten, Photos, Synopsis
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Executive Producer, Michael Narducci recently spoke with E Online about last weeks devestating episode. IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE EPISODE DO NOT READ ON!!


E! Online: Um, I am so bummed about Kol’s death. I have no words.
Michael Narducci: Yeah, we’re bummed about it, too. The moment we came to it was when we realized that in order to create stakes of what Finn was willing to do and the danger that he poses, someone had to suffer. At the same time, we’ve walked this line with Kol with being self-absorbed and manipulative and selfish vs. someone who actually is willing to behave in a way some would even call heroic. When Kol went into that bodega with the intention of helping Davina [Danielle Campbell] to rescue her friends, that was the most heroic thing we’ve seen from Kol. Kol had a real affection for Davina that was above and beyond his desire to get daggers and have a powerful ally. But doing that led to his death.

So is Kol really gone, or just Daniel Sharman’s chapter of him?
I can’t speak highly enough of Daniel’s presence on set and his preparation and hard work, particularly for this episode. He’s just an incredible actor who did so much for this role. We’re sad to see him go. But at the same time, the Kol, in his hands, has evolved. We’ve seen Kol as a witch, and through Nathaniel Buzolic, we saw Kol as a vampire.

Now, in the wake of this departure, Rebekah [Maisie Richardson-Sellers] and Davina are both going to have an opinion about Kol’s death. In the past, we’ve seen witches die and come back, like Davina or Papa Tunde or Bastiana or Genevieve. Is there a possibility that we haven’t seen the last of Kol Mikaelson? That’s a pretty interesting question. We certainly haven’t seen the last of flashbacks that deal with Kol and his story and his family. In those ways, fans of Kol can rest assured that his story on The Originals is long from finished.

How is Davina going to be handling Kol’s death going forward?
This is the second time Davina has lost someone she cares about. She’s a relatively young woman and this is heartbreaking for her. She’ll have a definite perspective about it and a desire to try and take charge and do something about it via the spirits of the witch ancestors that are very much present in our show. Will we see Kol again as a ghost? Will Davina try to reach out to him and resurrect him the way she did with Mikael? Is there anything she can do to make up for this terrible tragedy?
But at the same time, what happens when life gets in the way of that intention and you have to choose between trying to save the guy you care about from death and the very scary presence of new and dangerous things coming to New Orleans? Do you protect the living or do you try to save the dead? That’s going to be her big dilemma going forward.

We need to talk about his finale scene, because seeing Kol surrounded by his siblings in his final moments was so heartbreaking. He finally got what he wanted!
In the writers room, we all felt that the great journey of Kol Mikaelson this season was seeing him branch out and forge new connections, particularly with Klaus [Joseph Morgan], and Rebekah. So for him to just die on his own, and to not have that connection to family there, that wouldn’t have brought closure. Kol always wanted to be included in that “always and forever” pact. We wanted to pay that off by having everyone there with him on his death bed.

Date: February 20th | Category: Executive Producers, Interviews, The Originals
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Forget for a moment that Sleepy Hollow‘s Katrina has gone to the dark side. Disregard that Henry is worm food and don’t think too much about the tumble through time Abbie and Mrs. Crane took at the end of this week’s episode.

We’re going to need you to train all of your thought on the fact that The Kindred — the evil-fighting avatar that Ichabod and Abbie constructed (and promptly lost) at the beginning of this season — is still out there, roaming Westchester County like a roadtripper with a busted GPS.

If you’re wondering just where that behemoth is hiding, you’re in good company: Series star Tom Mison tells he’s puzzled, too. But he’s got an Avengers-inspired theory — as well as some thoughts on the upcoming season finale (Fox, Monday at 9/8c) — which he was happy to share.

TVLINE | The Kindred is still roaming around Sleepy Hollow.
[Laughs] Yeah.

TVLINE | What’s the possibility we’ll see it again?
I have been begging, begging for months to just have a shot — just one thing, apropos of nothing — mirroring the end-of-credits sequence in The Avengers, with The Kindred sitting, having a shawarma, just waiting, a little bit lost, on his own. Perhaps with The Sandman. [Laughs]

TVLINE | And how is that going?
Small steps, Kim. Small steps. This is a long race.

TVLINE | You’ve mentioned that there’s a level of finality in the season finale that you wouldn’t expect from this show. Could the episode serve as a series finale, if that comes to pass?
No. I think it does open the door. It opens a big door for a new team; new relationships within the team are forged in that final episode that open a door to such great opportunities for Season 3. If [a renewal] doesn’t happen, there would be a few questions answered, but there would be questions raised about what would happen now.

Date: February 20th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Sleepy Hollow
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