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Archive for July 2014

Below is the promo for next week’s True Blood Season 7, Episode 7 “One Last Time”

Date: July 30th | Category: True Blood
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Bill has HepV

As the last episode ended, we saw Bill discover that he had HepV. In this episode we find that the virus is moving very quickly through his body; faster than any other vampire. After only a few hours he is further along than Eric, so there must be something different about the strain of the virus that he has been infected with. Once he realizes the speed that the disease is spreading he moves right into typical Bill action and calls a vampire lawyer to get his estate in order before he dies. He learns that he will just have to come and wait his turn to see someone. While he was on the phone Jessica hears him say that he has the HepV virus and she approaches him before he leaves, but Bill doesn’t let on that he has the ailment. After he leaves, Jess calls Jason asking him to find Sookie and to bring her to her because she has something to tell her.


Jason finds Sookie still in bed in Alcide’s jacket and he gets her up. They go over to Bill’s house and Jessica tells them that Bill has the sickness. Sookie immediately puts two and two together and figures out that she must have been infected with the virus the night Alcide died. Knowing that she fed Bill her blood when they were going to rescue Holly, Arlene, Nicole and Jane Bodehouse, she decides that she must know if she is the one who has infected Bill when she fed him her blood before that fight.

Jason then takes Sookie to get tested and while the test is being processed, they wait at the “Grab it Quik” until the phone rings and Sookie learns that she is HepV positive and thus, a carrier. Jason drops Sookie off at Bill’s to wait with Jessica for him to come back home.



Bill has waited all night and the disease is moving much quicker than it should. Finally he gets in to see the lawyer but she is no help telling him that because his Will was drawn up while he was impersonating a human it is not valid. And, the late Governor Burrell signed a law when he was still alive saying that vampires couldn’t leave their assets to a prodigy.

Bill asks what are his options. She tells him he can adopt Jessica, but that it will take about 5 months to a year to process the request. Bill tells her that he doesn’t have that kind of time; he’s dying. He then asks if the process can be expedited and she says that yes, but it will cost $10 million dollars to move him to the front of the line. He then tries to glamour her, but it doesn’t work because she’s wearing anti-glamouring contacts. Bill exclaims, “Are you trying to extort me? You are a vulture.” She comes back with a retort that Bill doesn’t like and that is the last straw for him and he takes her letter opener and stabs her with it. He also kills her guard with a pencil he takes off the desk.


When Bill arrives home he is visibly weak and when he opens the door and enters the house, he sees Jessica and Sookie crying on the steps and he immediately is aware that they know.


I think that the disease is moving faster in Bill because it’s mixed with Sookie’s faery blood. I don’t know how, but let’s hope that maybe Sarah Newlin can help him.


Lettie Mae and Lafayette seek Tara

Lafayette has brought his auntie Lettie Mae home to watch her to be sure she doesn’t go looking for more V juice and when they arrive he finds James waiting for him. James asks if he can stay the night and Lafayette obliges, but tells Lettie Mae not to get any bright ideas of putting a cleaver to him during the day. Lettie Mae again tells Lafayette that she doesn’t want the blood to get high, but to contact Tara who has something to say to her. Lafayette rebukes her, but James jumps in saying he will giver her his blood and reminds Lafayette that substances can elevate your consciousness and asks what if Tara is trying to contact her? So, even though he is surprised and still unsure, Lafayette agrees to allow James to offer her his blood, but he must also drink it so he can take the trip with his auntie.

As James goes to ground in the root cellar, Lafayette and Lettie Mae pass out on the couch.

They both transcend to this other world where they find Tara on the cross as Lettie Mae saw her before. Lettie Mae helps her down from the cross and they follow Tara to her childhood home where she proceeds to dig in the dirt in the front yard. Lettie Mae tells Lafayette that she is looking for something but before they find out what it is, Lettie Mae is awakened by Rev. Daniels who has come to take her home. They both tell him that they saw something, but the Reverend doesn’t believe them and leaves. Lettie Mae seems sad about this, but is not deterred from her goal to learn what Tara is trying to tell her.


I presume that Lettie Mae and Lafayette will again venture to this “other world” to find out what it was that Tara was looking for. They may go to the home in reality and dig up the front yard, or they may contact Tara again with James’ blood as their drug.


Eric and Pam’s quest to find Sarah Newlin continues

The episode begins with Eric still fighting the Yakonomo squad that is on a killing rampage while looking for Sarah Newlin at the Dallas Gala.While its evident that Eric is visibly weak, he manages to fight them all and is about to continue on until he hear’s Pam call his name. He then sees that she has been captured and has a silver chain around her neck and hands. He puts his hands up and is taken prisoner like Pam. They are taken to the Yakonomo Corporation and put in a room to sit until dawn arrives. As this scene ends we get two of the best quotes from the episode.  Eric looks over at Pam and says, “Our first sunrise together.”  Pam slowly looks over to him and they both smile.  Later, just before the dawn, Pam says, “This is bullshit. I imagined my death many times, but I never thought I’d meet the sun in some place with wall to wall carpet.


A few minutes before dawn, Mr. Gus who is the head of the Texas branch of the corporation walks in and asks them tell him where Sarah Newlin is. Eric refuses, but Pam, in her usual practical way explains that they should tell him. They ask for a guarantee that if they reveal how to find her that they won’t be killed. Then,Eric and Gus make a deal, again with Pam’s help, that when they find her Eric will have the privilege of killing her and her body will be given to Mr. Gus. Mr. Gus also agrees to wait until sunset to go get her.


Sarah does in fact go to her sister’s house as the only place where she can hide now that her parents are dead. She tells her sister that she can save her life because she drank the anecdote to the disease and now her blood can heal those who are dying.


At the end of the episode we see Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus and his men arrive at Sarah’s sister’s house, where they find Sarah’s sister healed of the HepV.



Violet’s seeks her revenge

Violet knows that Jason has betrayed her by having sex with Jessica in the last episode. When she hears them, she leaves the party and goes home. When he comes in, he is expecting to either not see her there or to somehow have to pay a price for his dalliance, but instead Violet is all dressed in very sexy lingerie and they have sex immediately.  Evidently, Violet wants Jason enough to fight for him and thinks that this is what he wants.

Later, Jason is called by Jessica to take Sookie to her and this is the last straw for Violet. She tears the place apart and when we next see her she is at the Bellefleur fort where Andy and Terry used to play as boys. Adilyn and Wade have run away from home to be alonand this is where they have chosen to hide from their parents. Andy and Holly have already found out that they are hiding there, and are on their way, but Violet gets there first. She convinces the couple that where they are is too public since she can smell Adilyn’s faery blood a mile away and tells them to come with her because she can hide them in a better location. She also tells them to ditch their cell phones so they can’t be followed.

I’m not sure what Violet has in mind for the teens, but it sure isn’t going to be good, but nonetheless they follow her like lambs to the slaughter.


Sam and Nicole

Couldn’t not mention Sam in this episode although there was only one scene with him and Nicole. Nicole has decided that Bon Temps is crazy and that Sam is the Mayor of Crazy and she is going to leave.  She asks Sam to come with her because she does not want to raise their daughter in this town. Sam says this is his home and it looks like, once again Sam will be alone.



Tell us what you thought of this episode by leaving your comments below.

Source: TheVault


Date: July 30th | Category: True Blood
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The cast members of Witches of East End made an appearance at Comic Con this year where they dished on what’s to come this season, including a stronger connection between Ingrid and Dash, and a big moment for Wendy that could lead her to end her last life.

Rachel Boston (Ingrid) mentioned that the relationship between her character and Dash will definitely be heading somewhere.

“We definitely go into a much deeper relationship in Season 2,” Boston said. “I think when Ingrid discovers that someone is struggling with magic, she has so much compassion for him and so she starts as a teacher, but the relationship really does develop so you’ll have to stay tuned, but I can say it is quite a powerful journey.”

Madchen Amick (Wendy) revealed that her character is totally stressed out since she only has one life left before she can officially die; she then revealed something else about to happen that could have fans saying farewell to the human feline.

“Every time she puts herself in danger for her family, she’s literally offering up her last life,” Amick said. “And there’s actually something in this season that happens and she does offer up herself as a sacrifice.”

The actress then said that the enemy will be “bigger” and “stronger.”

Watch the video below to see what else the cast had to dish:


Date: July 29th | Category: Cast, Conventions, Interviews, The Witches of East End
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine
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