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Archive for April 2014

The Travellers need the blood of doppelgangers Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) in order to break the curse in the next episode of “The Vampire Diaries” Season 5. The promo video released for Episode 20 titled “What Lies Beneath” teased that the doppelgangers will go on a skip-trip with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to get away from the Travellers.

“You and I and our ex-girlfriend are gonna go on a little skip-it trip,” Damon told Stefan in the promo video. “Sounds great,” Stefan answered.

However, things will not be great between Damon and Elena while hiding out in a secluded cabin in the woods that Caroline’s (Candice Accola) father owned. Another awkward moment is expected to take place between the ex-lovers especially after Damon bluntly told Elena that he does not want to see her, look at her, hear her voice and be friends with her.

“I’m supposed to be avoiding you,” Damon told Elena who was removing the contents of her bag at the cabin. “Is that still what you want?” Elena asked. Furthermore, the promo video teased that the secluded cabin is not safe for Elena because someone wants to drown her while she was taking a bath and relaxing in the bathtub.

Credit: YouTube/MiraclePromos

The Examiner report suggests that the person attacking Elena in the promo video could be a dream sequence, a member of the Travellers or even Enzo (Michael Malarkey) who wants revenge. Meanwhile, Markos (Raffi Barsoumian) is not happy in the promo video with his targets Stefan and Elena missing so his instruction to the Travellers is simple: “Find me the doppelgangers!”

The report further noted that Bonnie (Kat Graham), the Anchor, will still try to hide from Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) the truth about the trouble on the Other Side. Even though her Grams gave several warnings, Bonnie has not been paying attention and the outcome may not be good.

Find out what happens to Stefan, Damon and Elena while staying at the secluded cabin in “The Vampire Diaries” Season 5, Episode 20 titled “What Lies Beneath.” The brand new episode is scheduled to air on Thursday night, May 1, at 8 pm ET on the CW Network.

Date: April 29th | Category: Vampire Diaries
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There is something wrong on the “Other Side” in “The Vampire Diaries” and the CW spinoff series “The Originals” appears to be affected. Someone from beyond the grave will be haunting Original hybrid Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and it is none other than his vampire hunter father, Mikael Mikaelson (Sebastian Roché).

A promo video for the upcoming Episode 20 titled “A Closer Walk with Thee” has been released to tease about Klaus’ nightmares about Mikael returning to New Orleans. “Greetings boy,” Mikael stated after grabbing Klaus neck.

The next scene showed Klaus waking up and revealed his dilemma of Mikael literally mocking him from beyond the grave. “The spirit world is crumbling,” Klaus noted.

However, it appears Klaus is not the only target of Mikael in the next episode because the other scenes showed pregnant werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) declaring that she is having nightmares as well. The promo video further showed Mikael haunting and attacking Hayley who lies on the ground unconscious while covered in blood.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies) looks worried after revealing that Hayley is not breathing while Klaus expressed concern over his unborn hybrid child. In Hayley’s nightmares, the pregnant werewolf can be heard screaming indicating that her life and the life of her baby are in danger. “Welcome to my hell,” Mikael told Hayley before the promo video ended.

Credit: YouTube/tvmania

The official synopsis for Episode 20 in the Carter Matt report reads: “Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) confronts a surprising enemy as she and her unborn baby fall into peril during a celebratory wake to honor a fallen member of the community. In order to save Hayley, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) enlist the help of Genevieve (guest star Elyse Levesque) who struggles to maintain control over Davina (Danielle Campbell) and the other young witches. Cami (Leah Pipes) tells Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) that Francesca (guest star Peta Sargent) is determined to find a mysterious key that may unlock a family secret. Meanwhile, as Klaus suffers from nightmares of his father Mikael (guest star Sebastian Roche), he is forced to examine his troubled relationship with his own adoptive son, Marcel.”

Date: April 29th | Category: The Originals
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L.J. Smith, author of The Vampire Diaries books, hasn’t let being fired from her own series get her down. Instead, she’s started writing fan fiction about her own characters and selling it on Amazon.

Alloy Entertainment, who publishes the series, originally hired Smith in the late 1980s to write an “Interview With the Vampire for teens,” according to a new interview with The Wall Street Journal (via The Hairpin). Originally published in 1991 and 1992, the first set of books received a boost again in 2007 when Twilight mania hit the world. Alloy then hired her to write a new trilogy of The Vampire Diaries books, and soon the TV adaptation premiered on The CW.

At that point, though, things started to go badly. According to Smith, Alloy wanted the books to adhere more closely to the show’s plot lines, but she wanted to go her own way. The company dismissed her and hired a ghostwriter to continue the series. Her name still appears on the new book covers, and she still receives 50 percent of royalties from sales, but she has absolutely nothing to do with the books’ creation.

Now, though, Smith has been revisiting the world of Elena, Stefan, and Damon in a series of fan fiction stories for Amazon’s Kindle Worlds. The new program allows writers to publish fan fiction about established characters without it causing legal problems, because Amazon gains copyright permission from the original publishers and shares some of the royalties with them. So because Alloy profits from all Kindle Worlds titles related to The Vampire Diaries, and because using the service requires giving up copyright to your work, Smith is able to write about her own characters without getting sued.

It’s weird and complicated, but it works for her. “I didn’t do these books for money,” Smith said. “They’re entirely a labor of love.” Fans are probably happy, too, since it means more The Vampire Diaries stories to obsess over.

Date: April 28th | Category: Authors, Vampire Diaries
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Originals -








The finale of “The Originals” is going to air on The CW come Tuesday, May 13, and based on some of what we know now, it is certainly going to be a crazy hour of television.

The title for one of “From a Cradle to a Grave” does certainly sound like something that will bring the crazy, and what we know about it for now also goes perfectly along those lines. The official synopsis below suggests that there is going to be an enormous choice made by Joseph Morgan’s Klaus, but also an opportunity to see if Hayley can be found before she gives birth, and a battle that could cause Klaus to be devastated. Take a look at the synopsis below:

“As the baby’s due date draws near, (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) embark on a search for Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), while Hayley herself is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her unborn baby safe and away from the witches. Francesca (guest star Peta Sargent) takes a meeting with Oliver (guest star Chase Coleman) and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) to determine the future of the werewolves in New Orleans.  In the aftermath of a surprising attack on Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and his vampires at the compound, Davina (Danielle Campbell) and Cami (Leah Pipes) join resources to take down Klaus.  Finally, in a desperate move to protect those most important to him, Klaus makes a heartbreaking decision.”

It’s pretty exciting to hear about all of this, and hopefully it launches into a second season that may be a little bit more focused than this one was. The biggest problem with watching most of “The Originals” this time around has been a lack of cohesion, and that has been even more taxing since we lost Claire Holt as a cast member earlier in the season.


Date: April 28th | Category: The Originals
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