We can’t be the only ones worrying about the fate of Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) on The Vampire Diaries. In a case of the worst timing ever, the hybrid was recently possessed by a Traveler Passenger (Julian), mere scenes before the Traveler knife went up in flames. With the only way to kill a Passenger without killing the host destroyed, is Tyler stuck with a Passenger forever?

“Michael Trevino had an interesting story line this season where he’s missing Caroline and going through angst,” TVD executive producer Caroline Dries told TV Guide. “We [needed] to channel that and find a storyline where he can be more front and center and not just based on a love storyline.” You can probably guess what happened next.

“We thought, let’s have what happened to Katherine happen to Tyler and the drama is there’s no getting out,” Caroline continued. “That knife is gone — he’s stuck. So, you’ll see what happens in the finale.”

Um, so it’s not looking good for our guy Tyler. Though he is set to have a major storyline in the remaining episodes of Season 5, his fate will be determined — for better or worse — in the season finale. What do we know about his role in the climactic episode? Well, according to the synopsis for Season 5, Episode 22 (“Home”): “Sheriff Forbes is horrified when Markos uses violence against Tyler/Julian to prove that Mystic Falls is now under the control of the Travelers.” Is “violence against Tyler/Julian” a euphemism for killing Tyler/Julian? We hope not, but we know there will be major character deaths before the season’s end. Will Tyler be one of them?

Source: WetPaint