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Archive for February 2014

Check out this sneak peek of next weeks episode of The Originals, it seems that Klaus will stop at nothing to get revenge…..

Date: February 28th | Category: Previews, The Originals
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It seems that Karma has finally caught up with Damon Salvatore and it is in the worst way. In a recent interview with TV Line, Executive Producer, Caroline Dries spoke about their decision to have Damon suffer from a horrible and possibly incurable disease.

“We knew when we were doing this we wanted to make sure the person that got infected with the virus was the worst person for it to happen to for the story,” executive producer Caroline Dries tells “We knew what we were doing when we put this in him, but at the same time it’s like, ‘OK, what do we do now because he actually might not get out of it?’ So Damon’s objective is: How do I survive without killing all my friends who happen to be the thing I want to eat?”

Fortunately, Stefan (Paul Wesley) will set out to find his ailing brother, despite telling Damon in their last exchange to leave and not come back. “Stefan is ‘the ripper’ of our series and so being Damon’s brother and loving him unconditionally, he makes a decision that he can’t let him go off on a killing spree killing all these people. So Stefan’s objective for the episode is Step 1: find him, Step 2: figure out what to do with him after he finds him.” And as we’ve seen in previews, Stefan isn’t showing up alone. “Stefan tugs along Elena (Nina Dobrev) not realizing it’s Katherine … and you have this chemistry starting to re-sizzle in the relationship.”

Date: February 28th | Category: Executive Producers, Interviews, Vampire Diaries
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With Season 3B moving along at a fast rate, we are digging up as much as we can on the upcoming episodes of Teen wolf. Thanks to TV Line we can tell you that Beacon Hills is getting another new cast member! And yes he is handsome, witty & funny! Sounds like the perfect guy…….

The show is currently casting the role of Mason, an out-and-proud athlete, described as funny, witty and handsome. He’s also the best friend of Beacon Hills High’s new star lacrosse player, and we’ll meet both guys next season. If this sounds like Danny and Jackson 2.0, it’s probably because it is — but something tells me Mason is going to get a little more involved in the town’s supernatural shenanigans than poor, clueless Danny.

As for Stiles & Lydia is seems that there’s nothing romantic in their immediate future, unfortunately, but you will be happy to know that their bond will play a major part in the pack’s rescue efforts. Lydia has a deep connection to Stiles, and that will be crucial when it comes to ridding him of that pesky Japanese spirit. The question is: Can their connection also overcome his feelings for Malia?

Date: February 28th | Category: Spoilers, Teen Wolf
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Take a look through the gallery below at the photos from tonights episode of The Vampire Diaries……(Why is Damon always in trouble???)

Date: February 27th | Category: Photos, Vampire Diaries
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