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Archive for November 2013

The first spoiler is out for True Blood’s Season 7 and I don’t want to be an “I told you so,” but it looks like we will see Eric Northman in True Blood’s final season.

Certainly, we don’t know whether it’s a flashback scene or if Eric survived the sun on the mountaintop at the end of Season 6, but this at least, as far as we’re concerned, this insures that the Viking vampire will be seen again, so breathe a sigh of relief everyone.


William Keck, a TV Guide columnist, posted the following on Twitter:

Guess Eric lives on @truebloodHBO – series is casting his new final season love interest, French woman Aka Sylvie #alexanderskarsgard

— William Keck (@KecksExclusives) November 21, 2013



Here is the official information regarding the casting:

Episode 7.2 (title:TBA)

* writer: Brian Bucner
* director: Lee Rose
* to film around mid-january 2014
* Woman AKA Sylvie: 20s, beautiful, French. Must be French and speak French fluently. Love interest to Eric (Alexander Skarsgård)… Episode 2 Arc, on the final season of True Blood.
* This role requires full frontal nudity excluding genitalia.

Source: TheVault


Date: November 28th | Category: True Blood
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Last night Stephen chatted with Jimmy Fallon about his upcoming live show the Sound of Music revealing that he will be playing the guitar live during the performance of Edelweis. Further Stephen said that he will be taking his daughter Lilac to the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Date: November 28th | Category: Appearances, True Blood
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“Dracula,” the latest version of vampires on TV has taken things old school—all the way back to Vlad the Impaler. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers plays Vlad who, after being cursed by a shady group of priests, is reawakened by Abraham Van Helsing in Victorian London. Van Helsing, the legendary vampire hunter, has a plan to destroy a secret order of vampire hunters made up of London’s rich and powerful who he blames for the death of his family. In the spirit of self-preservation, Vlad cooperates. Hiding in plain sight, he reinvents himself as American entrepreneur Alexander Grayson. He wants two things: To light up the night with electricity and to take down the order. Then he meets a woman who seems to be the reincarnation of his long dead wife Mina. It’s romance, revenge and um…science.

Turning an iconic character into an ambitious businessman (he seems to be inventing wireless light bulbs at one point) out for blood (literally) is a very modern take on Bram Stoker’s story that at first, feels a little odd. But if you can get past the idea of Dracula as a corporate raider, the choice works. It wouldn’t be very original to have him simply hunt and kill everyone. So, Grayson sets out to destroy the very wealthy men of the secret order in the only way that really matters. He ruins them financially which for some, has devastating consequences on their personal lives.

But “Dracula” doesn’t get too carried away with its twisty interpretation. There’s plenty of blood, fangs, sex and killing of random, hapless victims in the streets of 19th century London. Rhys-Meyers makes Grayson dangerous but alluring and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to seduction, which is the cornerstone of any successful vampire story. In fact, he’s good enough that I can forgive him for his questionable American accent.

At the heart of the story is Grayson’s desire for the beautiful Mina Murray (Jessica De Gouw), who he believes is his dead wife come back to him. Mina is modern and charming and engaged to Jonathan Harker (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) who Grayson has employed in order to keep Mina in his life. Their scenes allow Rhys-Meyer’s to be at his smoldering best.

I think the most entertaining vampire stories find a balance between monster and man so that you root for the man even while cringing from the monster. “Dracula” does this thanks to Rhys-Meyers but it also owes a lot to Nonso Anozie who plays Renfield. A mental patient in Stoker’s story, he is here cast as Grayson’s right-hand man. On one level, Renfield is a symbol of Grayson’s liberal outsider status but he is also comic relief and confidant. He gives Dracula just enough humanity to make you like him.

“Dracula” is on Fridays at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.

Date: November 28th | Category: Dracula
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Here’s a round up of a few tidbits for the Vampire Diaries.


Christina: I can’t lie, I totally geeked out over seeing three versions of Nina Dobrev in one scene on The Vampire Diaries, so I was sad to see Amara go. Please tell me Katherine will be OK!
Things aren’t looking good for our favorite sassy vamp-turned-human, which means she’ll have to rely on those around her for help. “As Katherine grows weaker, Nadia is fighting to take care of her and have her in her life,” Nina Dobrev spills. “You learn [Katherine] wants to have that relationship, but she keeps screwing it up.” But it seems like Dobrev’s workload might not lessen anytime soon as she spills to us, “Now they’re alluding to a fourth [doppelgänger], although we haven’t done anything, so I can’t say if that’s going to happen for sure.” Someone book this girl a vacation STAT!


Now that Silas is dead on The Vampire Diaries, who’s the new Big Bad? —Yana
ADAM: The new villain is waiting in the wings, according to Kat Graham, who we pressed for details. “You’re going to be really surprised and elated to see who the next villain is,” she says. “I’m so ready for him to be the villain.” So it’s someone we also possibly care about? “Yes, [it’s] somebody you’ve seen before.” Guesses?


Date: November 27th | Category: Spoilers, Vampire Diaries
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