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Archive for August 2013

We are already overjoyed about the rapidly-approaching premiere of the Vampire Diaries spin-offThe Originals. The scene will be shifting from Mystic Falls to New Orleans, and the focus will be onKlaus Mikaelson and the rest of his original family — but with this new promo, it’s evident that Klaus will meet his match in Marcel, the self-proclaimed “King of New Orleans.”

Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) are billed as bitter rivals with an intense past in this promo, which utilizes old footage to set up the upcoming conflict. While Marcel says that “the party never ends,” but it doesn’t take long to realize that this ride isn’t going to be a party. “I want what he has,” Klaus said. “I want to be king.”

The Originals premieres on October 3 after the Season 5 premiere of The Vampire Diaries. Will you be watching both of these sexy shows? Hit the comments!

Date: August 31st | Category: The Originals
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True Blood’s Joe Manganiello appears on the cover of ALEXA, the luxury broadsheet from the New York Postwhere they discuss his branching out out – from “True Blood” to “A Streetcar Named Desire”

In the interview, Joe reveals his struggles with alcoholism and discusses his evolution from bare-chested werewolf to character actor.

On wanting more for his role as the nearly naked Alcide on HBO’s “True Blood”:

“Sometimes all I’m being asked to do is rip my shirt off and growl. It’s easy to not feel like an actor. I have to get my creativity out somehow. I’m excited to get back into these intense theater roles and get wild, get raw. Running shirtless in the woods pays the bills, but it’s only a sliver of what I do. I don’t want it to become what I do, or who I am.”
On his new role in “A Streetcar Named Desire” as an anti-hero that rivals Don Draper:

“There’s so much talk now about how the protagonists on cable TV are anti-heroes who live in a gray area, be it Don Draper on ‘Mad Men’ or Walter White on ‘Breaking Bad.’ People talk about this as if it’s some kind of new thing, but Tennessee Williams did it in the 1950s, and I think did it better than anybody. Stanley Kowalski is still the quintessential, top-of-the-mountain male role in American drama.”
On his production company’s upcoming documentary:

“The real-life ‘Magic Mike.’ It’s going to blow people’s minds. It’s one of those docs where we’re inside this subculture and it’s fun, flashy, marketable, and then, wow, it just takes this turn into so much heart and substance. I don’t think there’s going to be a dry eye in the house.”
On his new book, “Evolution,” and overcoming past failures:

“It’s about removing excuses from the past, so you can set up a plan to move forward and change your life. I was super-skinny. I couldn’t do one pull-up, I wasn’t in the top tier of strength, or even in the middle. I was dead last, but I never gave up. I was a fighter. I think our culture is putting itself in a dangerous position, because it’s setting itself up to remove failure from children’s upbringings. Kids play soccer games where goals aren’t counted, and everybody gets the pat on the back — and that’s just not how men work. I have a list in the book of people who failed miserably, and through that, learned how to stand up taller. That’s certainly the case for me.”
On fighting his alcoholism – 11 years sober:

“I was homeless, careless, broke, struggling, jobless. I had horrendous relationships with everyone around me, family, friends. I didn’t act for four years. That’s just a slice of it. I’m a better man for having gone through it. When I was at the point where I had completely failed at life, I swore that if success ever happened, if I ever had another opportunity, I’d never take it for granted.”



Date: August 31st | Category: True Blood
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With the start of September, its time to think Fall and the final quarter of 2013 (believe it or not), and True Blood is no exception. HBO has released the new 2014 True Blood calendar.  Check out the images below and purchase them either at the HBO Shop or on Amazon.


Click on the images to see them larger.

2014 True Blood calendar 2014 CALENDAR INSIDE
Date: August 31st | Category: True Blood
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True Blood has already announced that Amelia Rose Blaire will be a series regular for True Blood Season 7. Now, two more cast members have also now been announced as being promoted to season regulars.

Formerly considered as recurring actors from season 6, Karolina Wydra, who played Violet and Luke Grimes, who played James, will also become series regulars in season 7.


Karolina  appeared as the vampire Violet Mazurski in season 6 and became Jason’s (Ryan Kwanten) lover over the course of the season. James met Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) at Vamp Camp and the two quickly became lovers.

This means that while several cast members met the “true death in Season 6, the cast will still be a large one when the series returns next year. Regardless, True Blood showrunner Brian Buckner has revealed in interviews that the show will be getting back to its roots in season 7 with most of the action being in Bon Temps.

Production on season 7 of True Blood is scheduled for December 2013. Season 7 will premiere in 2014, though a specific date has not yet been set.


Date: August 31st | Category: True Blood
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