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Archive for June 2013

Sam and Dean
Things felt curiously quiet after ‘Supernatural‘ aired its climactic season 8 finale “Sacrifice,” as few interviews from either cast or crew painted a portrait of where the long-running CW series would pick up in season 9. So before we head to Comic-Con 2013 to get the latest on the Winchester brothers, let’s find out where the season 9 premiere episode will take us, and who we’ll meet along the way!

According to a new report from SpoilerTV, ‘Supernatural’ season 9 will pick up on Tuesday, October 15 with all-new episode “Devil May Care,” and feature the introduction of several new hunters, new to us anyway. Producers are reportedly looking to cast the roles of Tracy a “gorgeous bad-ass” hunter, and Irv, a manly hunter type and old friend of the Winchesters.

Elsewhere, little is known of ‘Supernatural”s ninth and likely penultimate season other than that Misha Collins’ role as the (formerly) angelic Castiel was returned to series regular status after two seasons, though his recent comments about the nature of the writing may have landed him in hot water. Curtis Armstrong will mostly likely reprise his role as the duplicitous angel Metatron, though no official deals have been announced. Frequent series star Mark Sheppard (Crowley) is expected to return as well.

We’ll likely learn more from the coming weeks at Comic-Con, but in the meantime what say you? Are you excited to see Sam and Dean hit the road again in season 9? What new ‘Supernatural’ scares will the CW series conjure?

Date: June 29th | Category: Cast, General, Promos, Spoilers, Supernatural
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Real life sweethearts Evan Peters and Emma Roberts will work together this fall as cast mates on "American Horror Story:  Coven."
Real life sweethearts Evan Peters and Emma Roberts will work together this fall as cast mates on “American Horror Story: Coven.”
Credits: Michael Loccisano Getty Images
On June 24, SpoilerTV posted an audition video for “American Horror Story: Coven” that was leaked to YouTube which features “Arrow” star Byron Mann auditioning for the role of Dr. David Zhong. However, since the video was uploaded, it has been removed.

According to a report posted earlier today by International Business Times, fans watched the video and described Dr. Zhong interacting with a wealthy woman named Maude off camera. She demands that he inject her with a youth serum he’s been working on. He tells her it’s not ready and she pressures him, saying, “What I need is an infusion of vitality.” But Zhong doesn’t relent.

Could this mean that “Coven” is going to explore the quest for eternal youth?

Maybe, maybe not. The scene in the tape could have nothing to do with the “Coven” plot at all. For the most part, details of the “Coven” story and characters have been kept under wraps.

As previously reported, series co-creator Ryan Murphy said that he missed the Tate and Violet love story element from AHS season one during “Asylum.” So, he was bringing back this Romeo and Juliet style love for season three.

We’re still not clear if this love story will focus on Evan Peters, who played Tate, and his returning co-star, Taissa Farmiga, who played Violet. Or, if Peters, who is the only confirmed male “Coven” cast member thus far, will be having any sort of romantic interest in his real life lady love, Emma Roberts, who is reportedly joining the “Coven” cast as a series newbie.

In addition to casting for Dr. Zhong, AHS is also currently looking for a male college student who is a jerk, according to SpoilerTV and Hank, who will be the blue collar husband of one of the witchy women, according to a May TVLine report.

What else do we know? The story will film in at least three separate locations, with series filming beginning next month in New Orleans. New Orleans is known for its prominent voodoo history and culture. Will we see some spells being served up Cajun style with a side of gator?

There is a fantastic line up of talented “Coven” cast members confirmed thus far in addition to Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga and Emma Roberts. AHS vets Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe and Frances Conroy are all on board, along with newcomers Patti LuPone, Angela Bassett, Kathy Bates and Gabourey Sidibe.

Oh what an eclectic cauldron of chaos these ladies could conjure!

While cast members aren’t letting any plot details slip, they are, most assuredly, all ready for anything! This is “American Horror Story,” after all, and we know from the past two seasons that Ryan Murphy and company are not shy about delivering shocking, sensual, scary stories that are a cut above anything the horror genre on television has ever seen.

We’d better gear up, then, for a cup of witch’s brew that we most likely will never forget …

“American Horror Story: Coven” premieres this fall on FX network.

Date: June 27th | Category: American Horror Story
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The 2013 PopSugar 100 List has been announced. Robert Pattinson took the top Spot! Check out 100 hot Rob moments to celebrate his POPSUGAR 100 title here. Below is what they had to say.

Robert Pattinson is the winner of the POPSUGAR 100! Robert was the POPSUGAR 100 No. 1 in 2009 and 2010 and is returning to the top spot. The actor has had an extraordinary year, including releasing Cosmopolis and wrapping up The Twilight Saga with the November release of Breaking Dawn Part 2. He also made a memorable appearance at this year’s Golden Globes, where he rubbed elbows with stars like George Clooney and Ben Affleck and reportedly partied with hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler at the fete’s afterparty.

Robert also traveled to Australia to film The Rover earlier this year and is currently preparing to begin production on Queen of the Desert and Map to the Stars. Robert made headlines earlier this month when he was officially announced as the new face of Dior Homme. While he allegedly ended his relationship with Kristen Stewart, he hasn’t been letting that get him down and has been hanging out with friend Katy Perry and focusing on his career as he prepares for his post-Twilight life. Congratulations to Rob for another winning year!

Robert Pattinson ranked 1st in the Fresh Faces category.

Kristen Stewart took the 7th spot on the list. Below is what they had to say.

Kristen Stewart dropped four spots since last year but still had a huge past 12 months. She wrapped up the final installment of the Twilight series with Breaking Dawn Part 2, the sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman was announced, and she premiered On the Road. In June, Kristen snagged two more roles for Camp X-Ray and Sils Maria. On the fashion side of things, Kristen confirmed her second Balenciaga campaign and was named the best-dressed woman of 2013 by Glamour UK. Kristen’s 2013 Oscars red carpet look had the public talking since her accessory was a pair of crutches, but she bounced back with a breathtaking entrance in Stella McCartney at the 2013 Met Gala. In May, Kristen and her longtime boyfriend Robert Pattinson reportedly called it quits.

Kristen Stewart ranked 3rd in the Fresh Faces category.

Anna Kendrick took the 61st spot. Below is what they had to say.

Anna Kendrick had another standout year when her sleeper hit Pitch Perfect yielded an unexpected result: her rendition of “Cups” in the movie turned into a viral sensation. “Cups” is certified platinum and earned a top 30 spot on the Billboard charts. Anna also wrapped up the Twilight franchise with Breaking Dawn Part 2 in November and filmed a humorous Funny or Die video about joining a Korean pop group.

Anna Kendrick ranked 15th in the Fresh Faces category.

Date: June 27th | Category: Twilight
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Jurnee Smollett

One of the new characters on True Blood’s Season 6 is Nicole Wright played by Jurnee Smollett Bell. Jurnee, as Nicole debuted in the standard way last night, by stopping by Merlotte’s with friends before announcing that she knew a bit more than she was letting on: She was aware Sam is a shifter and wants to help the supernatural cause.


Below is part of an interview that Jurnee where she talks about her new role on True Blood.


Ok: First things first. Nicole is human?
I don’t know if they’re letting me say what I am or not!


This show has such passionate fans. What do you anticipate the reaction to your character being?
I don’t think people will hate my character [laughs]. It’s amazing because the True Blood fan base is awesome. After HBO announced [my casting], I got all these people hitting me up on Twitter with these amazing usernames. They were all like ‘@ObsessedTrueBlood’ fans. Really funny Twitter user names. And they were all so excited, welcoming and warm. Every time I post something about True Blood they are so enthusiastic. It’s amazing the loyal fan base that this show has.


Tell me about how you got on the show.
Oh, I had a very funny audition. I was visiting my in-laws in Detroit [over the holidays] and we had just landed there and I got a call from my manager saying, ‘I know you just landed there but can you come back to meet with the producers for True Blood? And I [thought], ‘Dude. This is ridiculous. I never get to see my in-laws! I can’t leave’ I’m crying trying to figure out some last-minute arrangement. I had just gotten there that day. It was crazy. So casting suggested I just put myself on tape, so literally my husband and I just went into the basement of his mom’s house with the loud water heater and the baby crying upstairs – You can hear people walking around on my audition tape and the baby’s yelling, you could hear the chairs being moved. It’s so funny, we had to keep doing it take after take just because the water heater would turn on unexpectedly. It was so loud in the audition tape [laughs]. So I sent that in and they cast me based on that.


Well, it clearly worked out for you. What has been your friends reaction?
Oh my gosh. I have friends that are obsessed with the show. I have friends hitting me up like, ‘Can I come to the set?’ or trying to get plotlines out of me. ‘Can you tell me what happens in the script?’ It’s funny. I didn’t realize how many of my friends were die-hard True Blood fans. Random! People I never would think watch the show. When people are into the show, they’re like obsessed INTO it. There are a few friends I might try and sneak on. I might [laughs]. But I kind of like making them wait and see what happens and not telling them too much.


What was your first day on set like?
It was awesome. It was a scene with Sam, at Merlotte’s bar, and he was great. The cast is so warm and welcoming. It can be hard when you join a show that’s so established and so in their groove: It’s a big family and you’re kind of like the new child. It was amazing at the table read — that was technically my first day — and everyone gave me big hugs, some were fans of Friday Night Lights and others were just so warm, so enthusiastic. Really encouraging, which instantly cut any awkward anything.


Read the rest of this interview by going to:

Date: June 27th | Category: True Blood
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