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Archive for May 2013

Danielle Campbell is joining The Vampire Diaries‘ spin-off The Originals! Yes, the powerful witch Davina will be the object of desire of both Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) who want her on their side. However, she won’t be so sure of whom to pick according to Danielle who talked to Wet Paint at the CW upfront. She also confirmed that she returned for the backdoor pilot episode of the series on The Vampire Diaries last season, but was later cut out of it. Here is what she all had to say about her return to the series and what we might be able to expect from Davina this season.

She is a very powerful witch who gets stuck in the power struggle. So it’s going to be very exciting. There’s a lot of surprises with her. You’re gonna see her character grow a lot. She’s a witch who has a lot of power, more than is good for her.

Check out the video interview below with Danielle at the recent CW Upfronts.

Date: May 29th | Category: Cast, Interviews, The Originals
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Beauty & The Beast returns tonight on Channel 10 at 9.30pm with an all new episode. Watch the promo below to get yourself ready!!

Date: May 29th | Category: Beauty & The Beast, Promos
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In this in depth interview at the MCM Comic Con, cast members Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, Holland Roden, and Daniel Sharman and flanked by Christian Taylor, the crew talks about filming in Atlanta, the differences from season two to season three, and how the core group just got a little bit bigger. Are you ready to take a bite out of all this new and exciting info?

Date: May 29th | Category: Cast, Conventions, Interviews, Teen Wolf, Videos
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Lydia (Holland Roden) has been through the wringer on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Spending the earliest part of her high school life in a tumultuous relationship at best before realizing her own personal connection to some supernatural occurrences may just prove to be the tip of the iceberg. When season three starts, Lydia’s first, and perhaps true, love has left, and she is compensating by going just a bit boy-crazy. To Roden, though, that’s not a sign of Lydia moving on too quickly or not proving she’s as shallow as she perhaps once first appeared, but instead grieving and not knowing how to do so in a healthy way.

“I personally think she went through a breakdown because she’s no longer with her boyfriend and the love of her life. It’s a little bit like a certain…musically talented couple that like to break up and get back together a lot. Maybe he’s not the best for her, but it doesn’t matter because that’s who she loves. I think at the end of the day, whether it’s good or bad, it’s realistic. Jackson might not have treated her right at times, but I think he was the love of her life, and so she’s devastated,” Roden said when LA TV Insider Examiner caught up with her on the Los Angeles set of Teen Wolf earlier this year.

It’s not just Jackson’s absence that Lydia has to learn to cope with, though. As Roden put it, Lydia really “found out she was on a werewolf show at the end of season two.” She’s never had a big moment of worrying or wondering about what it all means, but it is something that creeps into her daily life on an increasing basis.

“She’s realizing it in season three…it’s just a matter of how and when [but] she starts off by herself, having these visions, ‘Oh crap, it’s happening to me again,’ and at some point, there’s a saturation point of fear. It’s all about perspective. She’s definitely getting perspective on her surroundings,” Roden said.

“As academic as she is, she’s not very self-aware, I don’t think. She’s a lot more fearful when it comes to things that hit her personally, which I think is just very human of her.”

Lydia is going to have to grow up in season three in major ways that might seem to manifest themselves in minor ways at first but will have major implications for the character and her relationships to come.

“I’ve played Lydia as sort of cartoon-y, very Tracy Flick-esque, and even octavely it was a higher voice because people when they get nervous, their voices raise, but now she’s almost talking like me. That façade’s kind of been taken down because Jackson’s left. You’ll see it go back up when there are new people around—people she doesn’t know and are not prepared for, but around Allison and Stiles, it’s different,” Roden said.

“I think you quickly realize after episode one and two is that Allison and Lydia are very close, and Lydia’s not the mean girl anymore. Now that Jackson has left, she’s left pretty vulnerable, and she has to reach out to somebody else. I mean, technically he could come back; he has not passed away; but sort of her world being ripped out from under her, she’s vulnerable and sort of forced to make friends. It’s Regina George at the end of Mean Girls.”

The first person Lydia wants to make friends with just happens to be one of the new Alphas in town. To be fair, she doesn’t know who and what he is when she’s initially attracted to him—or does she? She has always had a special link to the supernatural, and season three is going to show why.

“You find out why Lydia has the reactions she’s had to the supernatural creatures. You do find out that, and it is definitely a key part into the Teen Wolf story. It’s crucial,” Roden said.

Date: May 29th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Teen Wolf
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