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Hey there, Supernatural fans! Well, we’re about two weeks into hellatus and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already counting down the days until the season 9 premiere. While the season 8 finale is still fresh in mind, I thought I’d look ahead to season 9 and list out a few wishes for things I’d like to see next season.
Sam and Dean in the same place (mentally and physically)
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I’m not usually the type of fan who gripes and groans too much when our boys are split apart. I’m always up for a little angst and drama and I’m fully aware that one way the writers can give those things to us is by having the boys at odds with each other, or have them torn apart in some way. Send one of them to Hell, send one to Purgatory, send one off in his own little adventure with a vet and a dog – these are all things that will definitely cause drama. But I think for season 9 I’d like to actually see the boys stick together the whole time.
Castiel will get his grace back… but not too soon
As I said in my review for the finale, I’ve been predicting Castiel losing his grace for a long time and I’m extremely excited to see where his new condition takes him as a character. While I do hope that our nerdy angel does get his wings back at some point, I really hope it doesn’t happen too soon. I’m looking forward to seeing him struggle as a human and wondering how he’ll contribute to the fight when he doesn’t have his grace to back him up. I know we saw a bit of this from Cas in the second half of season 5 so I’m also hoping that they work out a way to make this situation feel different. Back then Castiel was depressed about the whole business so I think it might be fun if he is excited about his new condition this time and looking at things with bright, hopeful eyes.
Just a touch of the good old days
Dean and Sam
What do I mean by the “good old days”? Basically that just means that I want to see all those elements that we all know and love about Supernatural. Things like more classic rock songs, the boys having long talks in (or on the hood of) the Impala, killing stuff, Dean cracking jokes while Same rolls his eyes – you know, basically hunting things and doing the family business like they always do. A lot has changed since the first seasons when that was all that they did and I appreciate they’ve got some heavy stuff to deal with in season 9, but I still want a few of the old moments to creep in whenever they can.
Return of beloved characters – Benny, Bobby, Sheriff Mills and more
Citizen Fang
I know I said in a previous article that I didn’t necessarily want Bobby to return forever and I’m still thinking along those lines, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to see him at all. He can return via flashback or even make a brief appearance up in Heaven, which would be awesome. I also want to see Benny back and Sheriff Mills and heck, anyone else they’d like to pull out of the woodwork from previous seasons. We’re so far into this now that there are many characters we could see again.
Human Crowley?
I put a question mark on this once because a) I’m not sure the spell worked fully and Crowley could be human again, and b) even if it did work, I honestly don’t know if I want to see him human forever. So I think my wishes for him are similar to Castiel’s – maybe have Crowley human for a little while but then give him his powers back at some point. The reason I want to see him human again is that I’m kind of liking the idea of seeing him have to live with all the evil things that he’s done. Sort of like Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But I also love Crowley as the evil mastermind that he is so I don’t think I’d like him to be human for too long.

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