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Archive for April 2013

Heart of Darkness

Hot on the heels of the fabulous news that Beauty & The Beast has been renewed by the CW for a second season, we have been given the official synopsis for the final episode of this season, titled “Never Turn Back”.

With a title like ‘Never Turn Back” this episode can only be full of surprises. It seems that Cat is going to learn more about her history and its going to change her whole ideas of her past.

“When secrets about Cat’s (Kristin Kreuk) family are revealed, it will change everything Cat knew about her past. Vincent (Jay Ryan) finds himself staring his demise in the face; while Gabe (Sendhil Ramamurthy) takes drastic measures [to] get some answers.”

Also today, a short 32 second clip has hit the net from the final episode. I warn you – THIS DOES CONTAIN SPOILERS! So do not watch it if you don’t want to be spoilt!

Date: April 30th | Category: Beauty & The Beast, Spoilers, Synopsis
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Since last weeks EPIC episode “The Originals” there has been a few of interviews with Joseph Morgan & Daniel Gillies hit the net. So rather than post each and everyone, we’ve given you a snippet of each and of course you can head on over to the source to read the full interviews.

First up is a clip from the CW which has a has a behind-the-scenes peek at the backdoor pilot, featuring interviews with Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Charles Michael Davis, and Phoebe Tonkin.

Joseph Morgan also spoke with Digital Spy about what we can expect the new series to be about. And it seems that (as we kind of guessed) the series is going to have strong family lines as well as plenty of power struggles.

“I think the overriding theme of our storylines within The Vampire Diaries has always been about family. We can do terrible things to our family members but woe betide the person from outside who comes in and tries to mess with us! And so I think that’s going to be a theme of the series – family. And then also the sort of power struggle. Vampire Diaries is kind of a coming of age story, and I think The Originals is definitely more sort of epic. It’s even in the backdoor pilot that you’ll see – it’s almost like a war is brewing. It’s on a grander scale – it’s less about prom and more about a war between the vampires and the witches. So it’s good!”

However, its not going to be that easy to keep family together, as it seems that Rebekah has her fill of her family and doesn’t want any more to do with Klaus and certainly doesn’t want to move to New Orleans with the rest of her family. Rest assured though, Klaus certainly isn’t going to find a new love interest in New Orleans, so that certainly means no wedding bells for Klaus & Hayley. Joseph said “there’s no other love interest in the near future for Klaus. I know that he’s very much still enamoured with Caroline Forbes – he’s still very much interested in that.” But with both characters appearing on different shows now, it seems that there may not be much of a chance for Klaus and Caroline to interact much. According to Joseph there’s a huge amount of crossovers planned for the two shows saying “The whole idea is to expand this world which [executive producers] Julie [Plec] and Kevin [Williamson] created, and so I think that I would be really surprised if we didn’t see the characters crossing over. Or at least pen pals! That would be very Klaus, wouldn’t it? Very kind of old school, writing her beautiful letters, beautiful calligraphy, from New Orleans. Julie and all the writers are very much aware of how important that (relationship) is to the fans, and it will be treated with respect and with care.”

On the huge twist that was revealed on Thursdays pilot episode, Joseph told DS “I don’t think there’s a future in that way for those characters, but what we’ve done is given a complicated history to them so already there’s something between them, which makes things a little more complicated. I think it’s just making things a little more interesting – it’s stirring the pot a little more. And idea of family will change forever,” Morgan says. “There has never been the potential to have someone else join the family. … What will this baby be?!”

“Klaus is extremely flawed, and the fact that he would sort of be keeping himself pure for Caroline – it’s not realistic in terms of the character. I think no matter how much he loves her he still makes huge mistakes and errors of judgement all the time – talk about not learning from the last thousand years! But yeah, I think it only serves to make things more interesting and make him more rounded as a character.”

And the last thing that Joseph shared during his chat with DS was about The Vampire Diaries season finale. Although he kept tight lipped about just who does get the cure, he did have this to say, I can tell you it’s not what you think. I can tell you that it’s going to be… I think it’s going to be a surprise for everyone. It certainly took me unawares. There’s also some appearances in the coming episodes which people should get very excited about. There’s some characters that people should be excited to see.”

Date: April 30th | Category: Cast, Interviews, The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Videos
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True Blood Season 6?s premiere is a little over a month and a half away and finally HBO has released the first poster for the upcoming season titled, “Blood Will Spill”. Well, it’s actually their Facebook cover photo, but it looks enough like a poster to please us.In last night’s promo video we learned that the drink Tru Blood is going to be in short supply. This poster illustrates that fact and give us something to think about as to what’s going to happen this season. And, waiting still sucks!


source: True Blood on Facebook

Date: April 30th | Category: True Blood
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Very cute segment!!!

[Source: Kellan Lutz Online]

Date: April 29th | Category: Appearances, Twilight
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