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Archive for March 2013

Thanks to EW for this first look into the Originals.


In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on newsstands today, we have the exclusive first look at the April 25 episode of The Vampire Diaries, which serves as a backdoor pilot for an Originals spinoff set in The Big Easy. In that hour, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) return to New Orleans — a city they helped build, then fled about 100 years ago when Mikael chased them out — and find that Klaus’ former protégé Marcel (The Game‘s Charles Michael Davis) has turned it into a town where, for all intents and purposes, vampires walk the streets freely. “Marcel’s got people to look the other way while they have these crazy hedonistic parties and do whatever they want,” Morgan says. Shooting one of those soirees earlier this month at New Orleans’ Hotel Royal, which doubled for Marcel’s home, proved memorable for the actor…

“It was three floors of balconies that looked down on the courtyard. Klaus is walking into the party, and there’s all these people feeding and doing really crazy, crazy things. So we were doing it take after take, playing this really loud music, and there were a few guests still staying there, and two things happened: First of all, we were playing the music so loud, at one point, in the middle of a take, someone opened the door and went, “SHUT UP! I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!” and then slammed the door,” Morgan recalls. “It was everything we could do for everyone to just not burst out laughing because it was so ridiculous in the middle of this vampire party. And then the other thing was, of course, it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend over that period that we were filming in the hotel, so we’d suddenly have to stop production while an incredibly inebriated couple stumbled through this vampire party trying to make it to their room. It was an experience. But that’s the pros and cons of filming there,” he says laughing. “You get this amazing atmosphere and these incredible characters, but you also get this amazing atmosphere and these incredible characters that you have to deal with.”

Gillies also had one of his favorite moments of the shoot at the Hotel Royal: “I was doing an EPK [Electronic Press Kit] on a balcony next to a guy who was obviously supposed to be having a ‘romantic weekend’ with his girl, and he came out and started laying into me at a certain point. I just remember thinking that this would normally be a sort of horrifying moment on a shoot, but because I was having so much fun, even that – this awful moment — seemed to have its own magic, its own kind of strange charm to it.”

Numbers are being crunched to determine where the spin-off would be filmed if The Originals gets a series order (that we’ll find out when The CW announces its fall schedule in May). Executive producer Julie Plec knows there’s no substitute for The Big Easy. “One of the things that our director Chris Grismer said is the best part about New Orleans is the history is all right there: If there’s a coat of paint on the walls, it’s covering 10 other coats of paint. If there’s a building, it’s built on the remains of the building before it. Even in the cemeteries, all of the bodies are buried with each other, so an entire bloodline of ancestors are all co-mingling in the dust below these gravestones,” she says. “And they were so accommodating and so glad to see us there. We got to shoot in front of the St. Louis Cathedral, which is the oldest cathedral in the United States. We got to shoot in Lafayette Cemetery, which has been there for hundreds of years. We got to shoot in and around buildings that have been standing since the last great fire. We cast a tour guide that had given me the tour when I went on my research trip back in December. He’s so smart and so good, and he knows so much about the city and the history of the French Quarter specifically.”

Gillies agrees that no other location can compete: “There’s an electricity in the air in New Orleans, and, when you’re doing vampire stuff, it’s as close as you can get to not feeling silly when you’re shooting it, apart from perhaps somewhere Gothic in Eastern Europe, because you’re like, oh, well, this feels like it would exist here. It’s tremendous. Of course you want to be filming in New Orleans.”

Still, Plec and the actors anticipate setting up shop alongside The Vampire Diaries in Georgia — for both cost and time efficiency. “There’s these huge streets like Bourbon Street and Frenchman Street, which are incredible to film on but impossible to control sound. In New Orleans, you just have to embrace it,” Morgan says. “So the ideal would be if they built a couple of the streets as sets in studios in Atlanta, and then we visited New Orleans a good few times a season. That’s the best of both worlds.”

Gillies concurs with that assessment, too: “Truth be told,” he says, “I think it would be damn near impossible to shoot in Louisiana for the duration. You’re dealing with a lot of drunk people a lot of the time.”

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The movie-making business is nothing if not an often-exasperating exercise in patience and perseverance. Case in point: The big-screen adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s best-selling young-adult novel “City of Bones.” Since being optioned back in 2010, the project has undergone a myriad of shake-ups and hand-offs, including the departure of director Scott Charles Stewart. But one constant has remained: star Lily Collins, who has had a soft spot for the project since the beginning.

“I love the stories. I love Clary because she’s this heroine who’s this normal girl, who finds out she has these powers,” the actress told MTV News during a recent visit to the Toronto-based set. “The emotion is there. It’s not just a CGI world. It’s not just a translation of a book. It’s more emotionally, character-based than just aesthetically beautiful.”

Based on the first installment of a six-book series, “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” follows Brooklyn teen Clary Fray (Collins) as she uncovers her family’s legacy amongst a race of half-human, half-angel warriors known as Shadowhunters. She teams with one such demon destroyer, the snarky yet dreamy Jace Wayland (Jamie Campbell Bower), to infiltrate the shadowy supernatural realm and rescue her kidnapped mother.

And the actress’ dedication to the role of Clary and the long-gestating project hasn’t gone unnoticed by her cast members.

“She’s an absolute star and incredible, on-the-moment brilliant actor and consummate professional,” said Robert Sheehan, who plays Clary’s best friend Simon. “It’s lovely to have someone like that for the really emotional, dramatic stuff. That’s what really makes the film, first and foremost, a human story. Because if it’s not that, it’s not really relatable or interesting.”

Bower also admitted to a few mesmerized moments courtesy of Collins.

“To get to watch Lily do something — that’s really amazing,” he said. “There have been times I’ve been in a scene with Lily, and she’s doing something, and I just zone out, being like ‘God, you’re brilliant. Oh wait! I’m actually meant to be saying something.’ I’m like, ‘Oh, crikey! There’s words at this point.’ ”

And, no surprise, Collins is ready for more.

“I love Clary. I love this series,” she enthused. “I’m so ready. I’m so ready to be a Shadowhunter a little more since I’ve only gotten a taste of it in this film.”

“The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” hits theaters August 23.


Date: March 31st | Category: Cast, Interviews, Mortal Insruments, Movie
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Over the course of four fantastic seasons, The Vampire Diaries has introduced a cadre of recurring characters for fans to sink their teeth into — but no supporting player is more endeared to fans than Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah’s immortal brother, played by Daniel Gillies.

The fan-favorite not only kicks off a multi-episode arc with tonight’s episode, but is one of the stars of The CW’s hopeful spin-off, The Originals (a backdoor pilot for the series serves as TVD’s April 25 episode). To find out what we can expect from Elijah’s return in tonight’s episode, and what The Originals looks/sounds/smells like, ETonline rang up the always delightful Daniel Gillies.

ETonline: Fans were thrilled when it was announced Elijah would be returning tonight. First, what’s it like to have created a character people are passionate about?
Daniel Gillies: I’m completely bewildered by it, to be honest. I feel immensely grateful, obviously, but I don’t know how you make sense of that kind of passionate adoration. It’s immensely gratifying and really humbling.

ETonline: What brings him back to Mystic Falls?
Gillies: It’s his brother — it always is [laughs]. Elijah can maintain a low profile for only so long, and he’s spent the better part of a millennium in pursuit of his brother and tidying up his little disasters. This is no exception. This race/contest for the cure necessitates his presence in Mystic Falls.

ETonline: As a character, do you find him easy to segue in and out of?
Gillies: It’s always difficult to get back into the groove of a character. Elijah is very specific and I made some really distinctive choices in creating him because there was no real guidelines at the outset, so it’s a little bit of a gearshift to slide back into Elijah. Honestly, it takes me 2 or 3 episodes in a row to be firing on all cylinders, but I’ve been doing this job for long enough that I won’t let anybody see behind the curtain, as it were.

ETonline: What was your reaction to getting the spin-off phonecall?
Gillies: The idea has sort of been ruminating for some time. It’s been two years since I started hearing Julie [Plec]’s quiet aspirations, which then became overtures to the network, which then became a full-on assault [laughs]. There’s always a sense of disbelief. Even when I was filming the pilot, I didn’t quite believe it. We’re so blessed to do this. I mean, it’s enormous. The show already has such a built-in following. This opportunity is huge.

ETonline: Did you feel more pressure filming this show than you did any other pilot you’ve made?
Gillies: I won’t lie to you, there were a lot of voices when we shot the pilot. As there should be. It’s expensive and everyone wants to do it right. I felt more pressure filming that episode than I’ve felt filming anything else. I can understand that pressure, but that crew is so good about supporting your creativity that I’m excited to see what could happen next.

ETonline: Did you guys have fun filming in New Orleans?
Gillies: That was a strange concept. You’re in the most decadent place on earth, but you’re doing something that requires all your professional fortitude [laughs]. Luckily, this was the fourth time I’d been in New Orleans this year — I went for New Year’s with my wife, for the Super Bowl, which was extraordinary, courtesy of Beyonce and then a third time, so I’d done my share of bacchanalian nonsense and by the time I got to set, I was already in my third episode of The Vampire Diaries, so I had a good stride. But it’s distracting. That town has this frequency of mischief that is wonderful — not only visually for the pilot, but it penetrates everything.

ETonline: Tonally, how does the show compare to The Vampire Diaries?
Gillies: It doesn’t feel like another episode of The Vampire Diaries. You’re taken to another world with another mythology, another web of trouble and danger. Julie did a lovely thing by book-ending the episode with our heroes in Mystic Falls, so fans won’t be left feeling insulted. She wasn’t irreverent, but she had to take us away from there in order to introduce this whole other element. I think she did it really beautifully, poetically, successfully and sexily.

ETonline: What excites you about the spin-off’s potential?
Gillies: The advantage the show carries is that, because Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah have been alive for a millennium, we can bounce all over time. Different timelines mean different things in different regions of the world. Because they’re invulnerable, it makes everything kind of fun — if people are falling in the streets because of the Bubonic Plague, it’s awful, but they’re resilient. Or if you take them to the time when Jack the Ripper is threatening the streets, that could be kind of amazing. I would love to see them as they develop their powers, I’d love to take them to Asia. I would love to see what they could do in The Middle East or among The Vikings — although I might regret some of these answers when we’re placed on a ship for two months traveling to these places, but it’s all so exciting.


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Things are starting to come to a head! Check out the preview for Episode 18, which airs on April 18.

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