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Archive for March 2013


In front of Castiel’s return to Supernatural in tonight’s episode, “Goodbye Stranger,” Misha Collins previews Castiel’s angelic programming, his reunion with the Winchesters, and directing in season 9. Spoilers ahead!

Castiel is ‘thoroughly programmed’ when he returns
Collins tells TVLine that when Castiel returns, “He’s fairly thoroughly programmed at this point by Naomi for her bidding. So he is, for all intents and purposes, an automaton, but he keeps up appearances pretty well.

“Sam and Dean can tell there’s something a little off with him,” he adds, “but it doesn’t seem like he’s full robot.”

As for whether Castiel will try to fight the mind control, Collins previews that “[p]art of what we’ll see” in tonight’s episode “is the losing side of Castiel’s head fighting against the programming.”

This fight will take “a psychological and physical toll” on the angel. Collins adds, “I was going to say I’m surprised he’s still alive. But he shouldn’t be. He’s been killed four or five items now on the show. But yes, as per usual, there will be some scar tissue,” including an inability to tell what’s real and what’s not, which is “something that we will learn even more about in subsequent episodes.”

On Castiel reuniting with the Winchesters
Collins describes the Winchesters’, Dean’s in particular, reaction to Castiel’s reappearance after a long absence as cautious, skeptical, and even angry. “It’s not exactly a warm welcome, but they have a shared objective, which they collaborate [on] to achieve,” he says.

“In spite of the fact that Sam and Dean don’t trust Cas and are pissed at him, they know that he’s a valuable ally in pursuing this objective.” Meanwhile, some of Castiel’s “lying will come to light,” though “[t]here will be some resolution.”

Castiel and other guest stars
“Goodbye Stranger” also features the return of Meg, who has a complex relationship with Castiel. Collins describes their dynamic as being “happy to work with one another again.” He goes on to tease “a remarkably tender moment between one another” that is “unusual for the show.”

Collins, however, was evasive about whether Castiel and Benny will cross paths again, as the vampire is set to return in a future episode.

On directing in season 9
Shifting gears, Collins also discussed his return as a series regular in season 9, in which he is also slated to direct an episode. “What excites me most…is that I get to direct an episode of a show where the whole crew is going to be really supportive and I know them,” he says.

“They’re going to be happy to help me along the way. To me, it’s very comforting to know that I’ve got an entire crew that has my back.”

However, he jokes, “What’s stressful about it is that, unfortunately, Sam, played by Jared Padalecki, is in every episode. I’m going to have to direct Jared, and he’s going to do everything in his power to make my job a living hell.”

Date: March 24th | Category: Cast, Recaps, Reviews, Spoilers, Supernatural
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Any Means Possible

Gabe Lowen is new to the Beauty and the Beast scene, but we can tell already that he’s not just an assistant district attorney. Speaking to Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively, actor Sendhil Ramamurthy (also known for roles on Heroes and Covert Affairs) talks about Gabe’s agenda.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us how you landed on the show.
Sendhil Ramamurthy: They called up, just before Christmas, and said, “We’ve written this character, and we’d like for you to play him.” I wasn’t familiar with the show at that point, so the folks at CW and CBS sent me some episodes to look at. And I watched it, and it was very much a procedural cop drama. And I wasn’t quite sure where the character that they were talking to me about would really fit into the show. So that was my big concern, and then they put me onto a conference call with the executive producers of the show, and I said, “Listen. What I saw looks cool, and it looks like you’ve got this great love story going on with Vincent and Catherine. I think that’s really great and it really works, but I don’t know where an assistant district attorney fits into this whole story. Can you illuminate it for me?” And they were like “Well, it’s because we’re changing up the direction of the show, and that’s where this character is going to come in. We’re going to start exploring a lot more of the mythology behind the show and get deeper in Muirfield and make it slightly more serialized. And we’re going to amp up all the stakes, and that’s where this character comes in.” So right there, it kind of piqued my interest because, like I said, I just didn’t know where the character would fit in.

You don’t want to come in and solve the crime of the week?
Exactly. Then it’s like Law & Order, and there’s already Law & Order. So why are we doing it? So they kind of assured me that that wasn’t the case. And then they were like, “This guy’s ambitious.” And I was like, “Well, is his motivating force ambition? Because I’ve played characters where the motivating force is ambition, and that’s just not very compelling. Nobody cares that somebody’s ambitious just for the sake of being ambitious. It’s one-note. So is there something else there for the character?” And they gave me a resounding yes. There is absolutely more there. That’s just the surface. His ambition is really just a cover. And right away, I was like “Alright. I’m in. Let’s do it.”

Well, lay it out for us. Who is he?
Well, he is the assistant district attorney, and he walks into the precinct, and you’re introduced to him, and he says, “Okay. I’m here, and you’re all terrible at your job. I’m here to fix your screw-ups.” So right away, he ruffles feathers. He pisses people off. And obviously, nobody likes being told they’re doing a bad job, and so, right away, people don’t like it. Catherine’s suspicious of it. Tess is suspicious of it. Joe is suspicious of it. And then, at the end of the last episode you kind of find out what his plan is for solving this situation. You think you’ve got this guy figured out. And then, you see that he’s actually really kind of overzealous. There’s ambition, and then there’s this, which is potentially like going off the deep end. Why is he so aggressive? Why is he so in your face about getting this vigilante and bringing him to justice? And then, as his backstory is revealed, and you find out a bit about his past, you find out actually that Gabe has a connection to Catherine’s past. It’s a very cool scene. It’s one six-page scene that we shot straight through. It’s like doing a play. It’s like filming a scene in a play, and you never do that on television. For those who don’t know, you always break things up, and you shoot it in little chunks and whatever. But this director that we’re working with, Mike Rohl — who is fantastic — said, “We’re going to do it straight through.” So thank God we knew our lines, Kristin and I. So much backstory comes out for Gabe and for Catherine because they don’t know. They both realize a connection to Catherine’s past.

So the blurb says that there’s an attraction to Cat. Is the threat to Vincent as a result of that, or does he actually have a connection to Vincent through sources?
Aren’t you clever? There are connections to everybody. Let’s say that. Not a connection that I think people will realize at first; but through Catherine, I would say, there’s a connection. I think I can say that.

But it’s not a jealousy thing. Like, oh, he has the hots for this chick, and as a result…
No, no, no. That would be very kind of Sweet Valley High-ish. That’s certainly not where the story is going. The relationship between Catherine and Vincent, that’s the heart of the show. I don’t see that changing. The relationship between Catherine and Gabe is very adversarial at first, and there’s some flirtation, but it’s more Gabe trying to get information out of her.

It seems more manipulative than a love connection.
Gabe senses that Catherine is hiding something. And then as the episodes go on, Catherine senses that Gabe is hiding something. So they’re playing this cat-and mouse game trying to figure each other out, and then when this bombshell is dropped that they have a connection from their past, then it’s can-open-worms everywhere. How is this going to play out? And I have the next episode sitting in front of me. It was placed in front of me just like while I’ve been doing these interviews, and the last page of it is — it’s awesome. It’s really cool. There’s a huge reveal at the end of the ninth episode which I think is going to surprise the H?E-double-hockey sticks out of everybody. Yeah, it’s good. It’s all good.

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American Gothic

Zapt2it recently had the chance to sit down with Claire on set, while she was shooting an upcoming scene with Nina Dobrev… and Nina Dobrev’s body double.

Yes, Katherine and Rebekah will finally come face to face, and we can expect some fireworks.

“It’s kind of funny,” Claire tells us. “They’re so similar in a way, but so different in a way. I think Rebekah likes having the power. She likes controlling situations. I think she’s liked to play that sort of vixen role in Mystic Falls, and Katherine has been the ultimate vixen, so I don’t think they’re going to be the best of friends, that’s for sure.”

Now that the cure for vampirism is in play, Rebekah is on a single-minded mission to become human, despite warnings that an ordinary life may not be what she’s looking for. “She wants to take it. She wants the cure, she wants to be human. This whole hype has been, since we found out there was a cure, Rebekah has been destined to take it. So I think that’s what she wants right now. Who knows, if and when she gets the cure, if that happens, if it comes into her possession, whether she’ll really pull the trigger. But I think she thinks it’s a really nice romantic idea,” Claire says.

Speaking of romance, Paul Wesley seems to think that there’s potential for some genuine affection between Stefan and Rebekah — he even called her his “main squeeze.” Claire, on the other hand, thinks that the relationship is doomed for failure.

“I would love for it to [continue] because I absolutely adore Paul Wesley, he’s one of my favorite people on the planet,” she says. “People don’t know this about him but he’s so funny. Probably one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life … I think we had some really great chemistry, it harkens back to the 1920s episode, but like, really? I don’t think anybody really wants to be with Rebekah forever unless she changes her ways.”

Tune in to “The Vampire Diaries” Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST to see how Rebekah’s search for the cure continues.

In the meantime, you won’t want to miss their video interview in which Claire talks about working with Phoebe Tonkin on “The Originals,” shooting scenes with double Dobrevs, and what she’s most looking forward to exploring when Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah are reunited.

Date: March 24th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Vampire Diaries
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American Gothic

The Young Hollywood Studio welcomes Candice Accola (that’s “AK-ola”, not “uh-COH-la”!) to talk about her character Caroline Forbes from “The Vampire Diaries” and how she — and Candice herself — has evolved over the years. Candice also reveals what she hopes for Caroline down the road, plus she discusses her love for bacon, solves a tricky riddle, and offers up some dating advice!

Candice Accola recently spoke to the site Who What Wear and dreamed up an outfit for her on-screen alter ego. “Caroline’s style is colorful and flirty. She is, and will always be, a small town girl, more likely to be scoring a designer deal at T.J.Maxx than sporting the new Chanel. I’d love to see her in a clean-cut, modern orange pantsuit with her hair slicked back. To give an edge to the girly dresses Caroline does wear, I think she’d rock the neon pink Tibi Contoured Fit and Flare Dress. Graduating from high school and moving on to college, I think Caroline needs a cool new backpack.”


Date: March 24th | Category: Cast, General, Interviews, Vampire Diaries
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