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If you haven’t watched this episode yet, be prepared you will need to have box of tissues on hand, not only are we saying goodbye to Jeremy Gilbert, our main girl Elena is going thru some serious emotional & life changing stuff, Nina Dobrev owns this episode truly amazing performance.

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At the end of last week’s episode everyone was shocked by Silas draining and breaking Jeremy’s neck, and had us all wondering was he wearing his ring? He was wearing his ring. However in a cruel twist there was a catch. The ring won’t work anymore because Jeremy was one of The Five, and the Gilbert ring doesn’t work on supernatural beings.

Elena and Stefan leave the island to bring Jeremy’s body home, leaving Damon on the hunt to find a missing Bonnie, who mysteriously went missing from the cave. Damon’s witch hunt was interrupted by a noise in the woods. “Unless you’re blonde, a Bennett witch, or a doppelgänger, I suggest you steer clear,” he said. Who was it? We don’t know. But Rebekah appeared shortly there afterward. She may not be Elena’s No. 1 fan, but that doesn’t mean the lonely Rebekah doesn’t feel badly for her, especially because she just lost a brother, too.
Stefan and Elena arrive home and Caroline is at the Gilbert House cleaning up mess of Kol, and is devastated when Stefan walks in with Jeremy’s body, Caroline tries to contact Tyler to let him know what’s happening back home, but also to check in on him, he’s phone goes straight to voicemail.
On the island, Rebekah assumed Damon wasn’t strong enough to handle a grieving Elena, and he used her as a shield to stop an incoming arrow from the Vampire Hunter. They find Galen Vaughn, and he doesn’t get a warm welcome. After some payback torture, and a few heated threats from Rebekah, Galen tells them how he knows so much about their quest for the cure. One word: Katherine!

Katherine teamed up with the hunter, leading him to the island to help her get the cure. She most likely wants to use the cure to bargain with Klaus for her freedom. Turns out they had a little help from Shane’s former BFF & Tyler’s Wolf buddy Hayley, who just so happens to be in New Orleans, most likely hiding out from Klaus.

Bonnie wakes up near small fire with her stab wombs all healed. Bonnie’s saviour is none other than Professor Shane, whose broken leg also have miraculously healed itself. He fills Bonnie in on Jeremy’s death. Obviously, this doesn’t bode well for Bonnie’s sanity. Take her heightened emotions and add in some dark magic. But Shane offers her a way to bring Jeremy back.

Back in Mystic Falls, Elena is still hoping for Jeremy’s recovery. After all, this is town in which supernatural things happen on the daily, so is it completely likely that Bonnie could find a way to bring Jeremy back? Unfortunately, Caroline and Stefan can smell that he is starting to decompose and calls in Dr. Fell to come and assess Jeremy and hopefully persuade Elena to allow her to take him to morgue.

Hoping to get Elena away from the house for a bit of fresh air, Stefan calls on Matt. But when a very confused Donovan enters the scene, he wasn’t prepared for what he saw. Matt Donovan breaks down at the sight of Jeremy’s (very dead) body. Matt and Elena were drinking their usual cup of Grief Tea and toasted to Damon logic (being mean to the people you care about, which means he loves Bonnie).

00679130feb (2)

Matt takes Elena to the stoner pit, and they reminisce over Jeremy’s “I Love Vicki” graffiti art. He also tells her it’s OK to have hope because sometimes, that’s all you left in this world. Aww Matt. But their sweet conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Stefan: Damon found Bonnie and she’s got a plan to bring Jeremy back.

Bonnie and Damon drove up to Elena’s house, and Damon immediately told Caroline to get him Stefan. Apparently Bonnie had shared her plan with him on the trip home. If DAMON says your plan for carnage is wrong, it’s wrong. If only that plan wasn’t absolutely crazy! Shane tells Bonnie that if she wants to see Jeremy again, not only does she have to kill 12 people to complete the Expression triangle for Silas, but she also has to lift the veil to “The Other Side.” This means every supernatural being on “The Other Side” would come back and wreak havoc on the real world. Even Elena thinks this plan is crazy-town.

00679140cd7 (2)

And then April calls and asks to talk to Jeremy. For the first time since returning from the island, Elena comes to terms with Jeremy’s death. “He’s dead,” she says.
With the sudden realization that her brother is actually dead and there’s no way to bring him back without awakening every single supernatural, the bad included, Elena finally breaks down. “Every inch of this house… it’s filled with memories of the people I love who are dead,” she cries as she dowses the Gilbert family home (and Jeremy’s body) with lighter fluid. But before she can light the entire house on fire, Damon steps in and uses their sire bond to shut off her humanity. This scene was heart breaking; the look on Elena’s face with her humanity being turned off was brilliantly done by Nina, more people cried at this scene then losing Jeremy.

Meanwhile, back with Bonnie, Matt drives her home and who else but Shane is waiting for her at the door. He really needs Bonnie to use her Expression skills to open the veil because Shane isn’t who he says he is.

After Rebekah, who’s still on the hunt for Katherine, comes across Shane’s near-lifeless body on the island, it becomes painfully clear Silas is using Shane’s body. Now, he’s brainwashing Bonnie to open up the veil to “The Other Side” to try and raise his undead army of very unhappy supernatural beings.
Once he drops Bonnie off, Matt finds a quiet, deserted place to pull over his truck and cry. And When Matt cries, we all cry. Poor Matty, He really has no one left. Jeremy’s dead, Tyler skipped town, Elena’s lost her humanity, and Bonnie’s a brainwashed.
Outside, Stefan told Damon it was a mistake to turn off Elena’s humanity, since it was all she had left, and Damon said humanity means nothing if you don’t have someone to care about. Stefan said she had Damon, and Damon said he wasn’t enough this time — she’d lost her brother. Ah. That was the best moment: I wanted to know for certain that Damon hadn’t turned off her emotions because it’s what he’s always wanted. He truly thinks she wouldn’t survive losing her brother because he couldn’t. His plan is for them to keep an eye on her, and then Damon will eventually use the sire bond to bring her humanity back. Good luck! The moment got even better. Damon told Stefan their differences over Elena mean nothing now, and Stefan started to tell Damon what he couldn’t actually say — I love you. Damon said he knew and put his hand on Stefan’s shoulder. I teared up.

Despite turning off her humanity, the Gilbert home still ended up in flames after Elena made the decision to burn it — and memories inside — down for an alibi to Jeremy’s death. The image of Jeremy’s burning body and the burning of his possessions was a touching good bye to little Gilbert. Elena’s humanity and any connection she once had to her human life is now gone.


Date: February 25th | Category: Recaps, Vampire Diaries
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