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With the possibility of a Vampire Diaries spin off in the works, Joseph Morgan has become a sought after man! He recently spoke with Inside TV about just what this spin off could mean for his character Klaus and also about the impending “cure” for vampirisim:

Down the Rabbit Hole

In Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8 p.m. ET), Joseph Morgan’s Klaus is still trapped in Elena’s house while the hunt for the cure continues on that island off the coast of Nova Scotia. “He’s really the only thing at the moment that can help them translate the code on the sword and break the code on the tattoo and find out where the cure is. [Tyler and Caroline] are pushing him to try to get that information, and he, as always, loves to lord it over people. ‘Yeah, I have the information. Maybe you should beg me,’” Morgan says. “I feel like if this was an episode of 24, the other characters are the ones out on the streets busting into a drug warehouse or something, and we’re the ones back in headquarters going on the computer like [bloop], ‘We’re uploading the satellite thing now.’ There’s that kind of feel to it.”

As we’ve been pointing out in our recaps, we’ve never actually heard what form the cure takes and how many people can partake in it. That will change this week: “It’ll become a lot clearer,” Morgan says. “We find out a lot more about what the rules are concerning the cure.” Something else to look forward to: Klaus’ incarceration will leave him understandably pissed: “They killed his brother, he saw it, it was right there in front of him. And to top if off, Tyler spent the next two episodes taunting him. I don’t know if we can get quite as glorious as the slaughter of 12 hybrids with an ancient sword, but he’s certainly going to come out looking for vengeance.” (Klaus won’t be in the Feb. 21 episode, “Stand By Me.” Says Morgan, “That’s because of the way he lays it down in this episode.”)
Looking ahead to the April 25 episode of TVD, which will serve as a backdoor pilot for a New Orleans-set spinoff centered on the remaining Originals (costarring Daniel Gillies and Claire Holt), a grateful Morgan says he’ll travel to the Big Easy the week of March 11 to shoot it. (If it goes to series, they’ll shoot primarily in Atlanta to allow for crossovers.) “I’m terrified I’m gonna say something I’m not supposed to,” he admits, “but there’s some huge, huge transitions and some reveals that will change the character forever…. We’re gonna see some tremendous moments of vulnerability, but he is so, I wanna swear, badass. We’re gonna see him cooler than he’s ever been before.”

Klaus returns to New Orleans, a town he helped build, to find his protegé Marcel (The Game‘s Charles Michael Davis) its unofficial king. “It would be nice, if we were picked up or even possibly during the pilot, to see a little bit of Klaus as the underdog, the one we’re rooting for,” Morgan says. Look for Morgan and Davis to have good chemistry: “I used to play poker with him in L.A., so I randomly knew him. He actually won money from me a bunch of times,” Morgan says, laughing. “He’s a really good poker player. He texted me when he was auditioning for it. I’m excited to start it with him, because I feel like I know the dynamic between the two of us works. It’s good to know that that’s something else that works, as well as mine and Gillies’ relationship.”

Joseph also spoke with TV Line about Klaroline and his Mystic Falls Exit:

TVLINE | That final scene between Caroline and Klaus in the last episode, did you read it as her being honest with him? Or was she manipulating him?
I thought she was being honest. As an actor, when you get a scene like that, you want to make the most interesting choice. I would assume that Candice [Accola], looking at that scene, would think the most interesting choice would be to play it as if she’s being honest, that she wishes she could forgive him for the things that he’s done. That just adds to the complexity of her character.

TVLINE | It was a rare moment of vulnerability on both their parts. How does it change things between them?
It was. It evolves the relationship further. It’s interesting – the more time they spend together, he keeps messing things up and doing the most horrendous things and then slightly redeeming himself at the end of it. It’s just giving them more and more of a history and adding more weight to the relationship.

TVLINE | Is he going to try to be better for her? Or is he still hell-bent on destroying everyone in his sight?
You know that saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? I don’t know if he’s got it in him. He’s pretty stubborn. But you never know. He may be able to compromise a little bit, but I don’t think he’ll be able to reverse a thousand years of seeing the world one way.

TVLINE | Will Klaus ever get lucky in love? He has to be the most celibate vampire in Mystic Falls.
Yeah, he’s going to get some action.

TVLINE | What have you heard about his exit from Mystic Falls?
I’m waiting to find that out essentially. I know the bookends of that story. I know leading up to that point and I know after that point, but I don’t know what the crux is that sends him [to New Orleans]. I’ve got some ideas, and I feel it’s all tied up in the hunt for the cure and in Silas himself and all of that business.

TVLINE | What are you, personally, going to miss about Mystic Falls?
I’m not going to miss them all trying to kill me. It’s definitely nice to get away from that. But it really was the start of it for Klaus. And truly, I will miss all of the actors who I won’t work with so much doing this, provided it gets picked up. All of it — the crew and everything. It’s been a huge part of my life and utterly life-changing.

Read the full interview over at TV Line

And in case you didn’t get a Valentine yesterday, here’s one from Joseph!

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