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Today has seen a plethora of interviews come out, mainly with Mystic Falls No.1 Original, Joseph Morgan. I posted a few for you this morning which you can read HERE. He also spoke with The Huffington Post and while some things he spoke about have been discussed in previous interviews there was a few things that came out that haven’t been…..


There was a very moving moment for Klaus in last week’s episode. There were actually tears in his eyes. Was it fun for you to play that side of him?
Yeah, definitely. The more opportunity I’m given to explore the different sides of him, the better for me. I was really allowed some freedom by our director as well. Mike Allowitz, who works on the show quite frequently, he allowed me to really go. In fact, I remember when we were filming, I said, “I don’t know how far to go with the end.” And he said, “Well, I think he’s in love with her and she’s dying. This is it! So go for it.”

What can we expect the relationship to be between Caroline and Klaus after this? It’s definitely the most extreme thing he’s ever done to her.
Absolutely. The characters are still going to have a fair bit of interaction, certainly in this week’s episode. He’s still trapped in Elena’s [Nina Dobrev] living room. [Laughs.] So he’s not going anywhere for a bit.

What I like about these two characters is that there always seems to be a glimmer of hope, even with all the terrible things she’s done and the vast differences in their personalities and the way that they see the world and interact with other people. I think there’s this spark between them that is fascinating and it’s nice to be able to continue to explore that. I think what’s happened now between them will only add another layer of complexity to their relationship and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes.

What about how this all affects Tyler and Klaus’ already tumultuous relationship? Will we see much of them this week?
Yes, we will. My storyline in the upcoming episode is completely tied up with Caroline and Tyler. They’re trying to translate the code on the Hunter’s Sword and Klaus has a lot of ancient, relevant knowledge to help them crack the puzzle. But, like always, he’s not just eager and willing to volunteer his knowledge; he likes them beg and tell him how useful he’ll be and promise him things. He likes to puppeteer the whole situation. So there’s going to be a lot of interaction between the two of them and the dynamics between the triangle that’s there is very interesting.

It’s impressive that Klaus has so much power, even caged in the Gilberts’ living room. When can we expect him to get out of there? It must be weighing on him mentally, being locked in a room with the body of his little brother.
Yes, it is. I love that last week’s episode started with Klaus staring at the body. I think that was really a great choice by the writers.

But, you know, he’s going to have to get out of there soon, unless they’re going to set the spinoff in Elena’s living room. [Laughs.] He will be getting out of there and when he does, there’s going to be a list of people he wants to visit after them getting rid of his brother like that.

Going back to the beginning of the season, I have to ask if you helped Michael Trevino embody Klaus? It was really fun to watch.
He was great, wasn’t he? We didn’t do loads together, but we’ve done a fair bit of scenes together since Tyler was sired to Klaus so he naturally picked up mannerisms and so on. Then we went to Monte Carlo together and did the whole press thing and stayed together for a while. So we’ve spent a bunch of time together as friends. He asked me a few little things [about embodying Klaus], but really, he just took it and ran with it. You know, what’s weird is to hear someone else talking about your mannerisms. [Laughs.] But I like to think that Klaus almost sort of smells people because of his werewolf side. It’s like he looks at everyone not as a person, so he’s looking at this alien being in front of him, just curious, cocking his head. He’s very objective about the world so he has a sociopathic nature. Trevino did a really great job with embodying some of that, for sure.

We know there is a huge death coming this season. I know you can’t say much, but what was your reaction when you found out?
You know, it’s always difficult. I saw a little bit of it when Sarah Canning [who played Jenna] went at the end of Season 2, although I didn’t get a chance to get to know her that well — and I was playing the character responsible for her dying, which is slightly awkward. [Laughs.] But it’s weird because you’re such a part of each others’ lives. We’re in a bit of a bubble here in Atlanta so it’s always a strange feeling. They try to give us as much notice as they can that someone’s going to die and give the person in question as much notice as they can, but it’s always still a little awkward and kind of emotional to know that one of the people that you see every day, or almost every day, you’re suddenly not going to see them so often.

Will you be shooting on location in New Orleans?
Yes. We’re filming a little bit in Atlanta and then we’re doing about five days in New Orleans for the pilot. Then, I think, should we be picked up, we’d go between the two, but more often in Atlanta in the studio that we shoot at.

Have you met any of new cast members yet?
Actually, I know Charles Michael Davis. [Laughs.] I used to play poker with him when I lived in Los Angeles. He texted me when he was auditioning and then he text me again when he was testing for it so I was thrilled when he got the role because our characters, Klaus and Marcel, have a history. It’s wonderful to know that it’s going to be him. He’s such a smart guy and he’s got a killer role … pun intended. [Laughs.] It’s fantastic. But I haven’t met the others yet.

Do you know know how much or how little Klaus would be involved in “The Vampire Diaries” should “The Originals” get picked up?
I would assume very little, just because I’d have to film 22 episodes of “The Orignals” and it would be pretty tough. [Laughs.] But I know that there would be crossovers. Definitely. I mean, here’s the thing that I think really speaks in favor of it: There’s such a strong following for “The Vampire Diaries” so the idea of expanding that world so you have two shows that characters move between and refer to each other and storylines crossover, I think that’s just surely such a tempting idea for the fans. That could be wonderful! You’d never know who’s going to show up where because the reality is, we’d be filming in studios that were just down the road from each other the majority of the time. Bringing a character over to film a scene here and there, if not a whole episode, would be very easy thing for them to do. It just means the whole thing gets more complex and more interesting, I think.

E!Online also spoke with Joseph about Klaroline’s future, the episode fans of the couple will not want to miss, TVD’s big upcoming death and reteaming with Daniel Gillies for the highly-anticipated spinoff…

“I can tell you we’ve done a lot of shooting together. There’s still a fair bit of storyline to go between the two characters and things that complicate their relationship even further,” Morgan teases of Klaus and Caroline leading up to episode 20, which serves as The Originals’ backdoor pilot. “If you can believe that’s possible after last week, but they’re building a tremendously complicated history already. There’s more to come.”
And Morgan specifically points out episode 18 as a must-see for Klaroline fans. “Keep watching, episode 18 is going to be a good one. I’m probably going to get some hate mail after 16, but we’ll see!”

As for tonight’s episode, fans can expect even more Klaus and Caroline drama as he refuses to help her and Tyler (Michael Trevino) translate the code on the hunter’s sword. “It’s another episode of manipulating and puppeteering for Klaus, but building on the history of last week having almost killed her. We go back, and the idea that Tyler has been kind of gloating, has really infuriated Klaus,” he explains. “[Episodes] 13 and 14 was really enjoyable for me to shoot. It was like rehearsing a play. Doing all the scenes on one set, with two actors who I love working with, so that was really fantastic. The other tease I can tell you is Klaus has a piece of information about the cure, which changes everything, so we’re really starting to see towards the end of the season now.”

Morgan says fans should start preparing themselves now for next week’s outing, which will see the death of one of our beloved characters, something even the cast and crew are emotional over.
“It’s always like an emotional thing for us as well, because we are filming in a world where we see each other all the time, and then suddenly someone isn’t a part of that world anymore,” he says. “So yeah, it’s hugely upsetting for everyone. The episode where it happens and the episode afterwards, are tremendously emotional episodes, so get your tissues ready.”

Head on over to E!Online to read what else Joseph has to say about the upcoming spin off series, The Originals.

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