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Today has also been a busy day in the world of The Mortal Instruments. A new still of Clary and Jase was released and we have untagged versions of photos already released. Also there has been a few interviews with Producers, Cast and the books Author released via Collider. Check them all out below…..



In interviews Author Cassandra Clare Talks Casting, Changes from the Book, and More

Question: So what’s it like for you to finally be on the set of this film being made?

CASSANDRA CLARE: It’s my second set visit but it’s amazing to see it come to life like this. The sets are really beautiful. They are very intricate. Hopefully you’ll see them when we go out and tour the set, but they really recreated these sort of imaginary places with incredible attention to detail. There’s a place in the books called The City of Bones that…the books are named after that…the underground city is built out of human bones and corpses and I think they made 1,000 or 2,000 different models of skulls and each one is different aged to look differently, each one has different sort of features and has been changed in a different way so even though you probably only see it in a glancing shot in the movie, I know every single one of those is different and I think it adds incredible texture to the film.

What was your initial reaction when you were approached regarding optioning your book into a film?

CLARE: I thought a lot of things get optioned all the time and they rarely ever get made, so I thought, “Well, okay, it’s wonderful that someone likes these books so much that they want to option them,” and it was originally an option project by Unique Features, which is Michael Lynne and Bob Shaye, who executive produced Lord of the Rings, which are my favorite fantasy series, so I thought, if you’re going to sell your fantasy series to someone, who’s a more trustworthy bunch of people than them? So I thought, “Well, I’m happy to option it to these particular people; probably nothing will ever happen.”

When you wrote these six books, obviously you have a vision of what these characters look like. So when they started casting, what was your impression? Were there moments where you were like, “Oh, that’s interesting.” or did it make sense to you when you started to see who was being cast?

CLARE: I don’t know if this is the case for all writers, but certainly I have a very clear vision of what these people look like in my mind and what I did not expect was for them to reproduce that vision exactly, because there’s no way you possibly can. What I wanted was something that felt more organic, that we were going to kind of get people who somehow embodied the spirit or captured the essence of that character and that mattered more to me than whether their eye color was the correct eye color or their height was the correct height and I think we managed to do that. Robbie Sheehan has that playful spirit that Simon has and I felt that he is such a good physical comedian and was so funny that he would be able to bring that to the role. Jared Harris is so wonderful at playing conflicting characters that I felt that he would be a great Hodge. He doesn’t look exactly like the character described in the book, but that doesn’t matter to me as much as the fact that I feel that he can really pull that off. The only stipulation that I ever made was that the character Magnus is Asian in the books and they must cast an Asian actor.

Read the full interview over at

Producers Don Carmody and Robert Kulzer Talk the Development Process, Casting, and More on the Set of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: CITY OF BONES

Question: This project was originally going to go, like, two years ago. Could you talk about what it’s been like actually getting this green lit and getting it going?

ROBERT KULZER: Interesting. It’s just always interesting when you go on stage and there’s the perfect director, the perfect cast, and I honestly mean it. The production designer, it’s all falling into place, and you just go, ‘Wow, how did we do that?’ It’s easy to forget, there’s a three, four year process of getting to this point. We had a lot of luck on this movie from the beginning. The fact that the project was originally set up at Warner Brothers and until today I don’t know why they let it go. My interpretation was that they were trying to find the next Harry Potter and Harry Potter is a boy, and Clary, our lead character is a girl. And I guess they went, ‘Whoa, we want a boy…but, we need a boy…but, we need a boy.’ And they let it go. As for doing the search to find big IP’s, we came across this project, we snatched it up from Warner Brothers. There was a writer attached at the time, a young writer, and as it turns out, she is the wife of an executive at Sony, who called me right away and said, “We want this project.” I went, “That’s awesome.” I’m basically just the middle man, the project falls into my lap, I turn it around, I give it to Sony and we have a great movie.

Obviously you find out it doesn’t go so easy because we started developing and they loved the project and we kept developing and they loved the project, and [saying] “We love this movie, it’s going to be fantastic, it’s going to be the next Harry Potter,” and then two years go by and it’s “At the end of last year you said, ‘Are you gonna make this movie? [and they say] “Yeah, yeah, yeah we wanna make this movie!” and it becomes January of 2012 and I sat down with my partner Martin Moszkowicz, and I said “I have a feeling we have to take the project away from Sony and do it old school like the way we did the Resident Evil movies where we fully financed them, cast them, package them, and then just make them. And he said, “Okay, let’s do it.” And since then, it was literally January of this year, we rewrote the script, attached a new director, started casting, and we’ve been on this uphill battle ever since. I said to [author] Cassandra [Clare], I said, “Listen, trust me, we’ll be in production in August and she said, “Okay, okay, I trust you.” I was really energized running against this deadline and we pulled it off.

DON CARMODY: Reiterating what Robert said, sometimes it just comes together. The best example I can have for it is Chicago. I was involved in the process of getting Chicago to the screen for six years through five screenwriters, four directors, etc etc. And when it all finally came together with Rob Marshall it was like magic and I feel like that’s the same way here with Harald [Zwart] and the cast we’ve got, I’ve never felt as positive about this project as I am about what we’re doing.

KULZER: And Harald was a big component because when I spoke to my partners in Germany I said, “You know, I just need to find a very, very great, successful director.” And they said, “Yeah, sure, right.” [Laughter] So you start spreading the word and there’s, just like what we experienced with video game adaptations, like on Resident Evil, there’s just certain people that go, “Euuugh!” There’s also a little bit of that with Young Adult material, like it’s some kind of a stigma. So when Harald Zwart came into my office he had a whole pile of boards with him and he said, “This is the color palate and this is what Clary looks like and this is what The Institute is going to look like and the wardrobe.” I was like, “Oh my god, he’s really auditioning for this part.” He just did a movie that did $350 million worldwide with The Karate Kid, every studio in town wants to work with him and he really is auditioning for the job. After that meeting, I was like, “Harald, I’ve got a feeling you really want to do this movie” and he said, “Are you kidding me? Why do you think I put up all this shit?” It was just lucky…obviously you never know where people are in their careers, he had projects at other studios, everyone wants to work with him, why all of a sudden he says “I want to do this.” He rolled up his sleeves and the last 13 months we’ve been working nonstop on The Mortal Instruments, but it’s been a great, great process.

Head on over to Collider to read the full interview.

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