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The internet seems to be abuzz with news that the production teams have begun their meetings in Hollywood.

A quote from the official FB page states that “I will confirm that the entire team IS together in Hollywood doing some very important VA business. They have gotten word for our 205k mark and Mike Preger has this message for all of you: “Congrats to everyone on this impressive number. We will have some VERY important news to share soon!””

Also on the page is a wonderful new note from Mike Preger, Producer

Here’s what we know, what we can tell you, and what we need to yet accomplish along this journey.

1. Recently we welcomed the most critical additions to our ever-expanding family; two people who are the visionaries, creative force, and inspired artists who have taken this dream and given it life. It’s hard to explain just how important their contributions are, but what they have accomplished is nothing short of genius! They are Dan Waters, our Screenplay Writer, and Mark Waters, our Director. We are so excited, and frankly, blown away, by the vision and movie they have envisioned for all of us.

2. With this full vision and powerful material now completely realized, the next critical hurdle is our distribution and marketing relationships for the coming film series. We are also very excited and deeply invested in finalizing those relationships — and are moving forward with some amazing opportunities and people. We are closer, than you may even believe, with all this “behind the scenes” business stuff, prepping this project to move forward, and soon!

3. Rumors that we are now casting this movie are flying all over the planet. Don Murphy, the guy who is doing a lot of the heavy lifting and kicking in of doors all over Hollywood to get this project going, reported to us exclusively – right here on our Page – that casting would begin shortly. One thing I’ve learned in my experience in working with Don, is when he says something – believe it!!!

As has been posted by some of our more exuberant fans on the Page, limited casting has begun for some of the principle roles for the film. What we now need our OVAM team members to understand is that while all of this is very exciting, this is one of the most important phases of the entire project to be accomplished. I would like to take a few minutes to explain why…

We understand how important these characters are to our fans. We also understand the complexity of the work and the acting experience that must be brought to these roles for the film to work. I can assure those fans and aspiring actors who believe “they” are the only ones who can play these characters, that this is not the dream job and experience they may think it is. It is extremely hard and challenging work to accomplish. The cast will be working with highly experienced filmmakers and other professionals who all rely upon their knowledge and years of experience and training to get their job right, and to do it fast!

While we completely understand and appreciate the passion of many of our fans, the decisions we must make for this film to succeed is rooted in the hard realities I’ve touched on above. We ask for both your continuing support and faith that we are doing the job you expect of us, and in turn, we promise you we will get this right!

Regarding the casting, I can assure you, we are sparing no effort. We have professional talent from all over the planet submitting their work from: Russia, to Australia, England, the US, and beyond. It is a huge job and we are fortunate to have an exceptional team of casting professionals on the job. We are engaged in serious conversations with some extraordinary actors and actresses from all over the world. I will also assure you that this same team has spent months following our Page, so everyone can be certain that every idea that has been posted has been considered. Even the fan self-videos have been seen. So nothing, or, no one has been ignored.

We look forward to many new announcements being made in the weeks and months ahead. Let’s celebrate our success thus far and help each other get through the challenges yet to come.

You can read the full letter Here

Date: February 1st | Category: Articles, Movie, Vampire Academy
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