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It seems like forever since I’ve seen an episode of Teen Wolf, and that makes me want the next season all the more.
If you’re like me then hopefully some of our little tidbits and spoilers might just tie you over for a while longer.

According to Spoiler TV we are going to be getting some flashbacks this season. And the first one we will get will be of a young 14-15yr old Derek Hale. The flashback will appear in Episode 3.08. According to executive producer Jeff Davis, there may also be a hunter flashback alongside that. Could we be seeing a younger Chris Argent? Perhaps that’s why Eaddy Mays (Victoria) visited the set a few days ago?

It also appears that we are going to get a look at Derek’s appartment sometime this season. His new apartment is none other than the set sketch we got from designer Rusty way back in December.


According to the MTV Remote Control blog, Jeff Davis has this to say about Derek’s new hideaway:

The loft will not only be the location for numerous werewolf confrontations, but will also provide for a far more romantic side to Derek. When a character grows and takes on a new attitude and lets in new feelings, it helps to have the setting change as well.

Moving on from Derek, it seems that Lydia and Styles are not going to be hooking up anytime soon since Jackson’s exit from Beacon Hills. Spoiler Chat had this to say on the matter:

Colormelauren: Any hope for those of us that ship Stiles/Lydia? I feel like they’re my Beacon Hills Seth & Summer! #TeenWolf
Hate to break it to ya, but Jackson’s exit will not leave an opening for Stiles to make a move on Lydia as we’re hearing he’s determined to move on from that and will do so within the first four episodes of season three. Plus, Lydia will be kind of busy dealing with the affections of one of the (many) new wolves in town.

Thats all we’ve got to bring you this week…..The Teen Wolf production team keep things well under wraps!

Date: February 1st | Category: Photos, Spoilers, Teen Wolf
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