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Archive for January 2013

SN-812_510x380Tonight’s episode of Supernatural brings back a device that has produced some of The CW show’s fan-favorite episodes: time travel. Playing with the fourth dimension has teamed up the Winchester boys with younger versions of their parents, with the legendary creator of the all-important Colt and with real-world Prohibition lawman Eliot Ness. This time, a bit of temporal displacement leads to Sam and Dean meeting the paternal grandfather they never knew, Henry Winchester, when he travels from 1958 to 2013.
The episode, titled “As Time Goes By,” reveals a back story fans never knew about John Winchester’s side of the family. Earlier this week, executive producer Robert Singer told reporters, “We make this stuff up as we go along, but we try to use what we’ve done before [with the family] and spin out from there and tell interesting stories and get into back story like this.”
In the role of Henry is Gil McKinney (Friday Night Lights, ER), who bears some resemblance to Matt Cohen (young John), though Singer said physical similarities weren’t a major consideration during casting. In fact, he wanted there to be a clear contrast between Henry and the Winchester brothers.
“This is a guy who is more elegant and more learned and more educated. Our boys are roughhewn,” Singer explained.
As for what’s up with Henry’s more bookish nature, we’ll just tease that that has something to do with his different approach to the world of supernatural creatures. That does create some clashing between Henry and his grandsons, but that’s not the only source of conflict between them. [SPOILER ALERT!] The boys – Dean especially – aren’t too happy to see Henry because all they know of their paternal grandfather is that he walked out on John when he was a kid. And we all know how Dean’s feathers get ruffled when there’s betrayal and abandonment of family – or insulting and hurting of the father he idolizes – involved.
“Dean had a probably more complicated relationship than Sam did with John,” Singer said. “Dean was always in defense of Dad, and John made the ultimate sacrifice for Dean, so I think he takes this stuff a little more personally than Sam does.”
To see just how Dean and Henry lock horns tonight, tune in when “As Time Goes By” – which was directed by longtime Supernatural cinematographer Serge Ladouceur – airs on The CW at 9 p.m.
Check back here on after the episode airs for more from Singer about what the episode’s new developments mean for the rest of the season.

Date: January 31st | Category: Promos, Spoilers, Supernatural
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Thanks to E Online For the latest scoop on the Vampire Diaries:

Yes, Vampire Diaries fans, the time has come once again to start up your prayer circle because there is a death coming up on the hit CW series…and Kat Graham says “It’s actually one of the biggest deaths since the beginning of The Vampire Diaries.” The death will be permanent and it will change everything, she added. Also saying that “Bonnie is going to take a different turn and is going to make some choices that are going to affect the rest of the characters. It’s really, really huge,” she teases.

So does this mean that Bonnie might be the one to cause the impending death???

Also from some recent casting news, it seems that another flashback could be heading our way. Thanks to Cherrix Casting it seems that The Vampire Diaries is going Punk….

Please PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to submission INSTRUCTIONS! Vampire Diaries is looking for extras (NEW FACES!) for a PUNK CLUB scene, (18-35), to work with us Thursday, Feb 7th or Friday Feb 8th. If interested you must be available to come for a fitting Tuesday Jan 29th or Wed Jan 30th between 10a-7pm. Please email recent photo with name, age, phone number, email, height, weight, clothing sizes (including shoe size), must live in Atlanta area: $58 for 8 hrs., overtime after 8 hrs. SUBJECT LINE: “PUNK– and INCLUDE Preferred FITTING DAY and TIME, and which day you are available to work.

The CW has released an eerie new Vampire Diaries poster featuring Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, and Klaus.

Klaus looks on as Jeremy prepares himself for a vamp-hunting spree, while the tagline reads “Prepare for houseguests.” So just who could be coming to stay? Could it be someone we know or someone new??


Date: January 31st | Category: Spoilers, Vampire Diaries
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Check out this weeks second webclip for “A View to A Kill”

Date: January 31st | Category: Previews, Vampire Diaries
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The season is now back in full swing and a new episode is due out tomorrow, so check out this weeks preview and webclip below:

Date: January 31st | Category: Previews, Vampire Diaries, Videos
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