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Underworld 5 movie

Have you see the latest Underworld movie? Then you saw that the open ending clearly invite a sequel. So I guess we may expect Underworld 5 to enter production sooner or later. And actually Producer Richard Wright did hint at the possibility of yet another installment in the Underworld movie franchise even before the release of the fourth opus:

“There are almost no old characters at all. I mean, there’s Kate and then there’s Michael…you know, the Scott Speedman character… his character plays a role in the film, and then the idea is that he would come back in the fifth one… As a franchise evolves there are inevitably going to be new characters who come in, also we keep killing off our characters, so it’s hard to have them come back, although we have figured out how to do that on more than one occasion (laughter). But Michael Ealy, I would hope that we would see his character in subsequent films. There are other characters that you will recognize that you will see in this film that we would hope would carry forward.”

Producer Richard Wright

Underworld 4 has its weaknesses, the plot isn’t as compelling as in the previous films. But I can see it the starting point of a new series of action-packed adventures: new interesting characters have been introduced and Selene is back and Michael woke up, and the vampire/lycan couple even has a daughter. So, I’m quite impatient to see how the whole thing will turn out inUnderworld 5.

Maybe you have a suggestion regarding the plot of Underworld 5? Share your thoughts below!

Anyway, stay tune with us for more details about Underworld 5!


Date: January 21st | Category: Movie
View Comments // View All Comments (27) | Posted by Vixen Mistress
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  • Joseph on January 31st, 2013 says:

    I want Underworld 5 action figure toys.I want Michael and Selene and their daughter to come back. Also, I want Michael Ealy in the movie turned into a Lycan.

  • MAXAEMILLION on March 22nd, 2013 says:

    Want a suggestion? Scrap that lame storyline from U: Awakening and bring Selene back, After the close of U: RotL.. Ya know, after Viktor reawakes from the defeat in his Castle, showing the attack on Selenes family and her changing, going from there. Bringing Selene, Viktor, Tannis, Amelia, Lucian, Raze and Marcus ( even possibly Alexander Corvinus ) back to the screen together would be awesome. As I see it now, it is no longer Underworld.. Yet, Upperworld.

  • Rabotlhoko on March 31st, 2013 says:

    I have to admit ,underworld 4 was off the track …..I was hoping to see the first Hybrid Michael in action but I was unfortunate….I cant wait to watch part 5 .There will dramatic twists and turns in part 5. Thanks Mr Wiseman and Crew.

  • ALEXJ on April 4th, 2013 says:

    Yes I literally have hundreds of good ideas to continue the franchise after Awakening with great new characters as well as those presented in the fourth , but I really don’t know how to get in contact with Len Wiseman or any of the producers.

  • Andrew on April 8th, 2013 says:

    I do understand if Kate does not want to come back. However, this movie series will never be forgotten. She will always be remembered as one of the greatest iconic characters in movie history. My first love was Kate:) even if she turns 60 I’ll still love her. But hope she will comeback for one more so all of her fans will appreciate the hard work that she forced herself to do. We want underworld 6!!! Plz !!! We will double our money watching it in the theaters:))))

  • eddie hernandez on May 17th, 2013 says:

    I hope there is an Underworld 5 cause it leaves off the daughter saying that michael is on the roof of the building and when they get there he is gone, SO hopefully in 5 they (mother/daughter) reunite with Michael.

  • Cello on May 18th, 2013 says:

    I would love to see Milla Jovovich team up or fught against beckinsale. That would be very nice.

  • akash on May 19th, 2013 says:

    i hope there will be Underworld 5 . coz underworld 4 didnt hav a proper ending and it puzzled me a lot , but there is no doubt that Underworld 5 will give us what v expected……………………………..may this series continue

  • Lorraine Tucker on May 20th, 2013 says:

    I am also in favor of the 3 being together for 1 movie. Kate and Scott need to find a way to stay just once more to bring their daughter into full awareness for the Underworld fans. Otherwise it’ll just kill any other following off springs to this wonderful series.

  • Joseph Lucas on June 1st, 2013 says:

    I want Underworld 5 movie action figure toys.

  • Rhonda Scott on June 11th, 2013 says:

    I would love to see a war with hybrids..they had Michael all that time…what were they doing?

  • Amber on July 14th, 2013 says:

    I woul love to see how the daughter turns out ok it will be sad but since kate doesn’t want to come back, mom and dad shoul be killed off maybe a sacrifice to save their daughter?! Then start underworld the new generation with younger vampires and the daughter a new species trying to find out her abilities she finds new and old friends maybe even love interest or close friends turned lovers while trying to create vampire/hybrid vampire sanctuary while fighting off lichans trying to keep the hide out secret and maybe even falling into moms foot steps loving the enemy. … idk but totally continue with the daughter shes a very interesting character!

  • MJ0503 on July 26th, 2013 says:

    I really hope that somehow they bring back Lucian. As I recall he was the first born Lycan and he also injected himself with Micheals blood before he was pumped with silver bullets. Micheal was a direct descendent from Aleaxander Corvin. I’m sure they can work that in a storyline somehow he was healing or in hiding all those years! Just a thought 😉

  • Sean on September 19th, 2013 says:

    I would love to see an Underworld 5…. But I would like to see Underworld: The fall of the Lycans. You know all those years between The rise of the Lycans and Underworld. How it went from 4 Elder Vampires to over thousands and many different covens. While there where Hundreds of Lycans and even more Were Wolves to only a hand full in Underworld. I want to see how the Lycans where deffeted. Though I still don’t understand when Rise of the Lycans took place. Was it before the capture of Michael Corvinos or after that time? If before that time then it must have been just after it as Salien has not been turned yet. If it was before his capture then why are Marcus and Amelia in hybernation? The time line is sort of messed up really. If you try to figure it all out. in Underworld Salien was turned in her 20’s then in Evolution she is what 7-10 years old when her dad makes Michaels tomb so that gives you 12-15 years from the time of Michale’s capture and Salien’s turning. So when did The rise of the Lycan take place? It would have had to have been before this time as In Evolution shows all three elders awake looking for Michael. But also in Underworld Salien Does not really know much about the history before her turning. So it would seem like there was 100’s of years between the capture of Michael and the Rise of the Lycan. But the way it seems in the movies that Michales tomb was being made before he was captured. So it all seems a little mixed up on what goes where. Some of the information in the movies seems to make it look like The Rise of the Lycan takes place long before the capture of Michael but other information makes it seem that It takes place in a short time before Salien was turned. And also Salien says that a humen that is bitten dies more offten then they are turned as their bit is poisonus to humans but it seems that in Rise of the Lyacans anyone that is bitten is turned. It also seems like this in Awakening. Any way I just wanted to get that out there. But yes I would like to see an Underworld 5. I would like to see maybe a small faction of Lycans, and Vampires all working togather for the better of thier kinds. They find Michael as he just woke up and is still kind of out of it. They dont know who he is all they know is that he is not human and take him in. Maybe he has amnisia or something? Salien and company are trying to find him and he ends up becoming the head of the Clan/Pack. When they finaly find him the cop is shot and is about to die and michael bites him to save his life or something like that.

  • Julie on October 16th, 2013 says:

    I don’t care what you do with it as long as Selene and Michael can reunite and live happily ever after.

  • JT on November 28th, 2013 says:

    I think all the Underworld movies were off the chain! Kate has done a fantastic job in all the installments, and I too hope she returns for a 5th movie. To see Michael as a hybrid wrecking stuff would be sweet! But I really would like to see Kate, Michael and their daughter toss up Lycans as a family! A great series packed with great actors. Gotta love the Underworld series!

  • arnold brian on December 1st, 2013 says:

    so far so good Mr.richard….bt if u may do me a favour in the next film pliz let me see VIKTOR,he makes the series lively.

  • jesus on December 18th, 2013 says:

    i would like to see another prequel ,from the beggining.the story of alexander corvinus and his sons and the way his sons became the monsters that started everything.that will diffinitely be MONEY MAKER.

  • jesus on December 18th, 2013 says:


  • Susan L. on December 31st, 2013 says:

    You can’t do an Underworld 5 without Kate Beckensale. She is Underworld. I agree with everyone else that Selene, Michael, and their daughter should be in the fifth edition together. Unless I am mistaken I believe there is a fourth elder that has yet to be introduced. That elder should be awakened to either help or be a new villin. Now that humans are in the know about Vampires I think it would be important to continue with some humans trying to continue to help and others to hunt the Vampires cuz you know there are always people out there who think they have to kill what they don’t understand. What I was not sure of is do the humans know about Lycans yet other than Michael and his daughter who are hybrids so have they seen full fledged Lycans to know about them? That could be a nasty introduction somewhere in the movie. I would like to see a continuation of Vampires trying to come to a truce or happy medium with the Lycans. They are gona need the numbers against murderous human exterminators. Let’s face it Vampires and Lycans are not the only mythical creatures in the world and what would be awesome is a creation of a whole new creature that does not yet exist in the world. Dig deep into mythology. There has got to be a creature not yet used in a movie somewhere. If there is to be the beginning of a whole nother series of Underworld then at this point it is understandable that if Kate doesn’t want to continue in the series then fade her caricature out in the middle to the end of the movie with an introduction of the next generation of Underworld caricatures. Just please don’t do any crazy crap like killing her off so there can be cameos later. Give the fourth elder a funky cool power like ressurection. A story direction for the Viktor fans, if Bill Nighy is still interested in doing another movie, there is always resurrection by the fourh elder by doing something like pulling DNA from Selene to clone Viktor via the fourth elder. She was turned by him after all so one could conclude that his DNA could be coursing through her veins. I agree I really like him. He plays such an awesome bad guy. I love seeing him in movies. Again, if I’m wrong and all four elders are dead then I say throw in a fifth that no one knew about, you know, a fail safe secret hidden away from all other Vamires and Lycans that is only known by one Vampire we have either already met or not yet met. You gotta hid someone away for that worst case scenario that has clearly already happened. After all, it is a movie so the possibilities are endless. Underworld rocks!!! I just hope there will be more. To the director of the next one(s) I give you explicit permission to use my idea(s) for free.

  • MaggieM on January 16th, 2014 says:

    I LOVE all of these ideas however I don’t think anyone has stressed how the 4th movie did not measure up simply because Michael was not in it. I love Kate Beckinsale more then the next fan but the move just seemed all about her which was too much for me. I think the character Michael adds too much to the core of the movie then writers had expects which is why I am so glad they didn’t just kill him off. I say a 5 is a must but is Michael isn’t in it don’t bother!

  • Dennis on January 30th, 2014 says:

    Hi I think we can have all the old characters come back if you have a prequel with the story where it all began from where Celine became a vampire and her family was killed Victor became a vampire. sorry I just did all that backwards but you know what I mean. with all the characters that we fell in love with we would see them all over again and how it all started I think it be wonderful. let me know if its a good idea Thanks

  • dave on January 31st, 2014 says:

    Ummmm^^^^…fail…they already did a prequel… Rise of the lycons ….& its Selene not Celine

  • Person on February 6th, 2014 says:

    Is there going to be a 5th installment? It’s killing me waiting !!! I just watched Awakening and it’s just asking for a sequel but that was 2 years ago and nothing has happened and I’m pretty a rue we all are confused (or just me) I need to know!

  • melissa on February 27th, 2014 says:

    please make underworld 5 I love all the movies I have all the movies on dvd please come back Kate and do another one and your daughter and Michel back

  • Tsholofelo Rugal Letsoalo on March 2nd, 2014 says:

    i’ll like to see the corvin’s family standing by each other against the lycans,i mean the original michael,selene and their child we know in underworld 5

  • Alfredo on March 4th, 2014 says:

    I think that it would be great to see victor back or perhaps even Amelia because we haven’t seen what she can do in either of the films. There bodies were on the ship which Alexander blew up but create a plot that suggest there survival like that specific part of the ship was blocked from the fire. I think that you could say Marcus and Amelia were secretly a couple and that he awoke her before retrieving the key to william’s cell. Amelia was part of the plot to form a pack of lycans with Marcus but since he failed on his end she was in hiding ever since. She also knows something that Victor concealed from one of the other elders and she uses this as sort of a leverage for him/her to help her form an alliance against Michael and Selene and there daughter.

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