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Supernatural is back after a busy winter hiatus where the show picked up two People’s Choice Awards and a baby on the way for star Jensen Ackles. As is often the case, the first new episode of the year brought plenty of new mythology to the ongoing Tablet drama of season 8 and closed the door on the two side projects that took up a lot of the first half of the year.
Torn and Frayed

Torn and Frayed
Operation: Save Samandriel

Samandriel (aka the Wiener on a Stick angel) is still being tortured by Crowley for information on the Tablets, so Naomi convinces Cas to rescue him. Cas enlists Dean’s help (though Dean is slightly preoccupied by the hilarious porn on this laptop).

Sam isn’t around to help at first because he and Dean are fighting again over Benny and Dean’s mean trick of making his brother think the woman he loves was in danger.

Dean and Cas track Samandriel and Crowley to an abandoned warehouse because the torture has caused the angel to start blurting out Enochian words and phrases that caused a Burning Bush to appear. I hope to see more from the Old Testament in the future.

Unable to go in alone, Cas drags Sam into it while Dean asks Kevin for help building more Demon Bombs. The plan is for Sam and Dean to take care of the demons and take out the anti-angel symbols so Cas can save the angel.

However, they aren’t able to get in before Crowley’s torture successfully extracts some vital new pieces of information: There’s an Angel Tablet. It also wakes up repressed memories in Cas about how Naomi was sticking giant metal rods into his brain the same way Crowley does to Samandriel.

The Angel Tablet

Yup, so in much the same way the Demon Tablet can close the Gates of Hell forever and the Leviathan Tablet helped kill Dick, there’s a Tablet out there with some information about angels that would probably be very, very bad if it falls into the wrong hands. Like Crowley’s hands. Good, I like it when Crowley gets to play offense instead of defense.

Even worse, once Cas rescues Samandriel, the injured angel starts to talk about how Crowley got to all the secrets hard-wired into angels about Heaven and Naomi. He’s very scared of Naomi and even says that “they’re controlling us.” So is Naomi not an angel? Is she something else, something bad that’s taken control of the angels in Heaven? We don’t know because she orders Cas to kill Samandriel and bring his body back to her, which he does.

Amelia’s Ultimatum

Back in Kermit, Texas, Amelia meets up with Sam to find out why he’s back, but she’s more interested in a night of sex. She may be with her previously assumed dead husband, but she still thinks about Sam all the time and wants him back. She also wants to know the whole truth and for him to stop leaving, but Sam isn’t so sure telling her about demons is the best idea.

Amelia sets a deadline for two days. At that point they will come back to the motel if they still want to be with each other and then everything will be clear.

Sam and Dean Make Their Choices

After the madness Sam and Dean rest at the cabin and both freak out over something being seriously wrong with Cas. But first they must each make a big choice about the other people in their lives.

Dean calls up Benny and says their friendship is over, wishing him all the best. Something tells me this won’t actually be the last time we see that vampire as he seems bound to fall off the wagon any day now.

Sam also makes a choice and stays with Dean, leaving Amelia all alone in the motel room. Sorry girl, but this is Supernatural, where “bros before hos” is sort of the unofficial motto.

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