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No White Noise picks the best moments that happened in television. True Blood and The Vampire Diaries make the list.

14. True Blood | Bill dies (and then is evil)

What better moment to end a season of everyone just dillydallying around the vampire HQ than to have Bill drink all of Lilith’s blood and melt into a pool of his own viscera? Oh, we know! Have Bill rise from that pool like a Phoenix only to become a super evil animal-type thing, we assume. Whatever, it was glorious. Murder them all, Bill!

15. The Vampire Diaries | Damon and Elena… you know

This was the moment that we had all been anticipating for four years now. We finally got to see Delena happen! Nevermind that the moment was somewhat ruined by interjecting scenes of Caroline and Stefan. Never mind the following episode that dropped the sire bond bomb.Tumblr was filled with gifs just moments after airing and with good reason. This was the sexiest sex that TVD has ever had.

Check out what other moments in television made the list here

Date: December 29th | Category: Articles, True Blood, Vampire Diaries
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