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As the tension between Elena and Damon heats up, so do other relationships on The CW hit show “The Vampire Diaries.” Everyone in Mystic Falls seems to have that certain someone they are longing for. Take the character of Caroline, played by Candice Accola. Caroline has become a strong and independent woman since turning into a vampire. That is until someone tries to get in the way of her relationship with Tyler.

Candice recently sat down to talk about her relationship with Tyler; how Klaus and Haley are getting in the way; what will happen to Caroline during the rest of the season; and what fans can expect when Elena, Candice, and the rest of the crew go to the Christmas formal dance at their high school.

This season, your character, Caroline seems to be going in one direction one minute and another the next, especially with the different men in her life. Is it hard to keep with the ups and downs of your character?
Luckily she has been pretty focused on one man this particular season. She is definitely very focused in on her and Tyler’s relationship, and she is determined. That is the one big main goal. She wants to have a heck of a senior year, and also keep her boyfriend alive and keep their relationship alive. Klaus is more of a pesky mosquito that won’t stop bugging her.

So Tyler and Caroline are working together to build a strong relationship, but it seems Haley and Klaus are looking to get in the way. Do you think this is going to be an issue for Caroline and Tyler?
I think it definitely will be. Yet, I think she is starting the see things in a more grown-up situation. Tyler went away and was very upset at Caroline for keeping the drawing that Klaus gave her when Tyler was gone. They are both kind of realizing that they both have to work at their relationship. This is the first time where we are seeing Caroline in more of a grown-up relationship.

I definitely think that Haley and Tyler’s friendship is going to get under Caroline’s skin, but I think that she also understands that they are trying to accomplish a bigger task at hand. They are trying to take down Klaus, which is ultimately what Caroline wants to do. She has a notion of love conquers all when it come to Tyler. She is almost turning a blind eye to the fact that Tyler and Haley are friends. Once Klaus is gone then we don’t need Haley anymore.

Since that is their ultimate goal, what can fans expect to see from Caroline and Tyler for the rest of the season?
Caroline is at a very strong point right now with herself. She knows how she wants to do things. She knows that she wants to be fair and right. She is just really strong as a person right now and as a vampire and her role amongst her friends. I think that in her strength sometimes you forget to look at the broader picture and take on a bigger perspective. I think we are going to see Caroline start to question things right now as the season goes on.

This season is very much about Elena’s transformation into a vampire and how her heart is changing and who her heart is changing to. For Caroline, I think that she is so strong on her opinion of how Elena should be right now and who Elena should love right now. Caroline has all this confidence but is not looking at it through different perspectives. I think she will eventually get caught up in that.

On the Dec. 13 episode, Caroline and the rest of the crew are going to have a high school formal dance. Any sparks to fly at the formal?
Yes, there could be since everyone as a group is planning to take down Klaus. That is the ultimate goal, and so there will be some shenanigans. It is a really beautiful and Christmas-themed dance, but it will have some big things happening to move the main story arcs along.

Lastly, I have read that not only fans but TV critics, too, have been very pleased with Caroline’s transformation from being a human to a vampire over the series. What is your take on that?
I have been so grateful for the evolution of my character. As an actor, it’s just nice to have a job, but then to enjoy the people you work with and are proud of the show that you are part of is amazing. On top of that, to have a character that can grow on the show, as well, is very special. I think what has been so wonderful is that when Caroline became a vampire, people could relate to her as a human. I know that doesn’t make sense, but for teenage girls to see Caroline is to see someone who is a flawed character. She has made a lot of mistakes and is taking responsibility for them. As she starts being more responsible, she starts to grow and change, which to me, anyone can relate to.


Date: December 10th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Vampire Diaries
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