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The CW’s Supernatural has paved the road to its holiday hell-atus with family obligations, flashes from the past (both in the form of returning characters and literal showcasing of memories), a new kind of brotherhood, and even a glimpse into the surreal world of cartoon deaths.

The show has somehow managed to keep its sense of humor, even amidst the most arguably dark situation thus far. Dean (Jensen Ackles) returned from Purgatory a more hardened warrior than even when he emerged from Hell with PTSD and a bond with a vampire that puts him on the outs with his brother Sam (Jared Padalecki). But Sam hasn’t been having a picnic either, pining for a girl and the life that could have been had he been able to give up hunting for good.

Or, is that just what the show wants you to believe? Supernatural‘s eighth season is toying with, and therefore challenging, our idea of reality in the Winchesters’ world. Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins) each remember Dean’s exit from Purgatory differently, after all; one very important angel has already admitted to manipulating Castiel; and Sam’s last recollection of his last year was so soft in style, we can’t help but question its truth.

So naturally, we didn’t want to go into the last episode before the new year, “Citizen Fang,” with a bunch of question marks. To clear things up and get all the goods, Celebuzz caught up with Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver.

“Speaking to this episode, there’s no question that where we started in the season…we’re very much at the moment here where certain things have to be dealt with, and how specifically Dean deals with this is really the heart of Episode 9,” Carver said.
“The episode is very jam-packed, and it’s very up and down as to how the boys are reacting to each other. Just when you think they may come together, there’s conflict. It’s very, very emotional.”

Sam has put an older hunter acquaintance, Martin Creaser (guest star Jon Gries), on the case of tailing Benny (Ty Olsson) to make sure he keeps his nose clean, as he promised Dean he would. When Sam gets wind from Martin that there was, in fact, a vamp kill, he implores his brother to head down there and check it out, despite Dean’s reservations of the source. Remember, last we saw Martin, he was locked up in a mental institution (In 2010?s “Sam, Interrupted”). So it certainly looks like Supernatural will be delivering answers on the “what’s reality” and “who’s sanity can and can’t be trusted” sooner, rather than later.

“Fans who have that question, that’s going to be addressed in Episode 9, as well,” Carver said of whether or not we could trust the memories we’ve seen unfold through flashback.
“Whether or not Martin’s better now is open to interpretation when you meet him [but] with what the boys are dealing with, they get to a certain point where crazy guy in the episode might be the most sane guy in the episode.”

Benny being in the middle once again could be enough to tear at the progress Dean and Sam were making in their relationship, but throwing Martin is an added complication, as Dean may be about to feel betrayed by two people now.

“Dean is very conflicted about what he learns, and how Dean deals with that—I really don’t want to get to into where we end up with Dean and Benny, but from Benny’s own back story, how that’s affected Dean, to Sam, to Martin’s own involvement, it’s all very fraught. What happens is fairly significant!” Carver said.
“I can’t promise you that the episode doesn’t end on an emotional point, but I think I can tell you there will be—in the future, to be non-specific—a coming together, where the boys really have to decide once and for all what’s most important to them in their lives, and where they each fit into that.”

Basically, prepare yourselves for one hell of a cliffhanger in “Citizen Fang,” Supernatural fans!

Date: December 7th | Category: Promos, Spoilers, Supernatural
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