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Archive for November 2012

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Date: November 30th | Category: Twilight
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True Blood's Black Season 4 Poster

     Photo Credit:     TV Line

Sounds like Bon Temps could be the site of a political summit in True Blood’s sixth season, since we might be seeing at least two governors! E! Online reports that we’ll meet a dude by the name of Creighton Burrell, who will be a season regular when the show returns. He’s the governor of Louisiana, and he harbors a serious grudge against vampires: His wife is a fangbanger and abandoned him and their daughter. “Ambitious and savvy, this politician sometimes lets his personal aspirations take over his humanity,” the spoiler hounds at E! say. The site previously reported that we’d be introduced to the governor of Texas, so either we’ll be seeing both or the story has changed. Stay tuned, Truebies! Source: E! Online

Date: November 30th | Category: True Blood
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Cosmopolis starring Robert Pattinson will be available on Demand with your local cable company on December 18th and on Blu-rau and DVD on January 1st, 2012!

You can pre-order Cosmopolis on Amazon!

Date: November 30th | Category: General, Movie
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Supernatural season 8 continued with episode 8 “Hunteri Heroici,” which had many more light-hearted moments than any episode so far this season.

Sam talked to Mrs. Tran and found out Kevin wasn’t having much luck with the tablet piece and Castiel told them he had turned off angel radio because he didn’t want anything to do with heaven. Instead, Castiel wanted to be a hunter and their third wheel (and didn’t get why that was a bad thing) and found them a case. A man’s heart actually burst out of his chest while he was meeting with his mistress, but when they turned to the wife suspecting witchy shenanigans (and Castiel did a terrible job as “bad cop”), they found out they had an open marriage.

The second victim was trying to commit suicide, only to step off the roof and find himself not falling. However, he did then fall, but witnesses reported what they saw, putting it on their radar. After Sam and Dean explained cartoons to Castiel, he watched some and made a comparison to God and man. Oh Cas. He picked up the news of the third death through the police waves. A security guard was crushed by an anvil. Someone had been going around town using the cartoon rules of black holes. There were areas in town where the crazy—all kinds, not just death—was lasting during robberies.

Their investigation led them to the retirement home. Mrs. Tate told them her diamonds had been stolen and a cat talked sometimes. Sam saw a photo of Fred Jones, a psychokinetic, on the bulletin board and remembered him from their childhood. They dragged Cas away from “interrogating” the cat (and once they did, it talked). When Dean hit himself in the head with a book, he heard birds. Fred had enough juice to reshape reality. However, after Dr. Mahoney heard Castiel ask if they should kill him, they got kicked out. During a birthday party, Fred was watching a cartoon, and as a character licked a firecracker, Sheila blew out the candles on her cake. Needless to say, there was quite the splatter.

Mrs. Tate said the nurse was wearing her diamonds, and she said her boyfriend gave her the bracelet. When they got to the guy’s place, he had been shot, and after Castiel healed him, he explained Dr. Mahoney was using Fred to rip off the elderly. Mahoney was going back to the bank. While Dean tested out the black hole in the alley of the bank, Sam and Castiel tracked down Fred, and in order to talk to him, Castiel transported them into Fred’s mind, which was right out of a cartoon. Fred did recognize Sam, amusingly enough as “the scrawny one,” but thought it had been three years, not 20. He explained that the worst thing that could happen to someone with a mind like his was to lose it. Cartoons made him feel safe and were something to hold on to.

Meanwhile, Dean tried to stop Mahoney as he cleared out deposit boxes in the bank vault, but because of cartoon rules, when he fired his gun, “Bang” on a banner came out, not a bullet. When Dean went to tackle him, they actually froze and “Hunterus Heroicus” showed up under his name, while “Grotesques Villainus” appeared under Mahoney’s. Mahoney knew how to work the cartoon rules and used a frying pan on Dean, but Dean had drawn an X to mark the spot. They both moved as an anvil fell.

In Fred’s mind, Sam said something that did seem necessary after his attitude all season and with him not looking for Dean when he was in purgatory. He understood it could be nice to hide in a dream world, but it couldn’t last forever. Eventually, whatever a person is running from finds them and then they have to wake up because keeping the dream alive would destroy everything. With that, they returned to reality, and when Mahoney tried to escape, the black hole didn’t work. He turned his gun on Dean, but Fred made him shoot himself. And of course, Dean had to say, “That’s all, folks.” Fred knew he would lose control again, but Castiel had something that would help, though he didn’t know how much of Fred would be left. Fred agreed to it and ended up back in the nursing home, happy and listening to “Ode to Joy” in his head.

This episode also saw Dean try to talk to Castiel about purgatory and even suggest he take a trip up to heaven for answers, but Castiel said he couldn’t after he devastated it when he was bad. If he saw what it would become, he said he might kill himself. Naomi did bring him back to her office in the end and told him he was making things right by doing what he was told. He was to stay out of heaven unless she called. He decided to watch over Fred for a few days, but wasn’t sure what he’d do after that. He knew he couldn’t run anymore.

Finally, there were also more flashbacks to Sam’s life with Amelia as they moved in together and he met her father (Brian Markinson, who was also in “Phantom Traveler”). It took Stan a while to begin to warm up to Sam and he did comment that he had the look of someone who had seen things they couldn’t forget and ran until they found something to hold on to. He thought they were holding onto each other and knew why Amelia ran. Sam heard him tell Amelia she should come home and she was living in a dream world, but she was adamant that she was happy with Sam. However, then she got a call that Don was alive.

Date: November 29th | Category: Cast, General, Recaps, Reviews, Spoilers, Supernatural
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