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Supernatural season 8 continues with episode 7, “A Little Slice of Kevin.” A demon teacher leads a preschooler into a bathroom to clean up before a tornado suddenly hits and the bathroom glows. Then it’s empty. Dean’s driving when he sees Castiel on the side of the road, but he’s gone when he stops. When he returns to Sam, Sam has found them a case—the kid isn’t the only one who has disappeared in strange circumstances. He’s thinking demons.

Crowley is torturing the angel Alfie, who insists he gave him all the names. But it’s hard for Crowley to just stop torturing. When he leaves him, he joins the missing people. Kevin returns to his mother and gets drenched in holy water—one of her traps. They’ve been on the run, and she’s turned to a witch on Craigslist for help. She hasn’t told Delta Mendota exactly everything, but she knows they’re making demon bombs. They check in via webcam, and Delta says she has almost everything and tries to get the recipe. Linda’s not telling.

Sam and Dean visit the teacher and confirm she was possessed. Later, Dean once again sees Castiel, this time standing outside the window, but when he checks, no one’s there. Sam wakes up, and Dean tells him about both instances, to which Sam reminds him he said he didn’t make it. Dean tried so hard to get them out. He doesn’t understand why Castiel didn’t try harder. Sam suggests he’s feeling survivor’s guilt. A Purgatory flashback shows them getting close to the portal and Dean once again insisting Castiel’s coming, even though he’s not sure he’ll get through. Crowley asks the missing people if any of them can read the tablet. They can’t.

Delta meets up with the Trans, and Linda checks she’s human. She only hands over enough for one weapon; they’ll get the rest when she’s paid in full. Castiel once again appears to Dean, but this time, it’s him; the other appearances were weak because he wasn’t at full power. Dean knows what they had to do to find the portal, and it almost finished him. So how did Castiel get out? He doesn’t know. A Purgatory flashback shows Benny certain there’s a portal, and he’s right. Then it’s time to do the ritual that gets Benny through the portal, but when Dean and Castiel head for it, Leviathans join them.

As Castiel cleans up, Dean tells Sam something’s wrong. He remembers every second of leaving, so he doesn’t buy it that Castiel doesn’t. He saw the shape he was in; he couldn’t have fought his way out alone. Meanwhile, Linda learns why she shouldn’t have hired a Craigslist witch (who was in a band) when Crowley joins them. Delta was easily bought, and Crowley takes Kevin, leaving a demon to kill Linda. But Linda can take care of herself. As Sam reads the names of the missing, Castiel joins them. They’re future prophets. Only one can exist at a time, and when Sam brings up Chuck, Castiel says he must be dead. They realize Crowley’s responsible, and then Linda calls.

Crowley tries to get Kevin to help but telling him he could just kill him and use one of the others; he’d rather a stupid prophet than a stubborn one, and he kills one to prove it, leaving Kevin covered in blood. While waiting for Linda, Dean flashes back to Purgatory and fighting off the Leviathans. After killing them, he and Castiel headed for the portal, but Cas lost his grip and Dean disappeared with the portal. In the present, Dean takes Castiel outside the car to talk. He wants answers. He did everything he could to get him out. Castiel asks if he thinks it’s his fault, and that’s when Linda joins them, updating them on the witch, the demon bomb…and the demon in her trunk.

To motivate Kevin, whom he now has tied to a chair, Crowley cuts off one of his fingers. Kevin agrees to do it, and Crowley wants something game-changing. When they get to the warehouse, Sam cuffs Linda to the steering wheel. As Sam, Dean, and Cas enter the warehouse and take out demons, Crowley reminds Kevin he still has nine fingers (leave the poor prophet alone!). Kevin reads a section about building defensive weapons against demons and one describing sealing the gates of hell. There’s also a personal farewell note from Metatron. There are more tablets. While Sam takes out demons with the demon bomb and finds the missing people, Castiel kills a demon, clearly not up to full strength, and, when Dean can’t pick the lock, goes into the room with Crowley and Kevin. It’s Castiel versus Crowley, and while Crowley doesn’t think he’s up to it, Castiel begins glowing, wings visible, and smashes the tablet. When Dean enters, Crowley’s gone and Kevin only has a piece of the tablet.

Sam calls Garth in to look after the Trans and points out hiring a witch was a terrible idea. So how’s Kevin doing? He’s rightfully angry. Sam says Cas may be able to fix his finger (hopefully). Meanwhile, Castiel gives Dean a quick talk about will. It turns out that Dean doesn’t remember what really happened in Purgatory: Castiel pushed Dean away and told him to go. He didn’t want to be saved. He needed to do penance for what he did and planned on staying all along. Dean can’t save everyone. Sam joins them and is talking when Castiel is suddenly transported to Naomi’s office. Angels rescued him—and some lost their lives doing so. His repayment will be his chats with her. She wants to know about Sam and Dean and tells him to help them and report to her regularly. He won’t remember doing so. When he returns, they don’t even realize he was gone.

Date: November 18th | Category: Cast, General, Spoilers, Supernatural
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