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Hey there, Supernatural fans! How about season 8 season so far, eh? Talk about a roller coaster ride and we’re not even halfway through it yet.

In this edition of Supernatural Chat, I decided to talk about the newest character in the cast – Benny. I’ve been holding off on giving any real opinions about Benny until I knew more about his story, but try as I might, I can’t seem to help the fact that I’m not only forming those opinions, but that most of them so far are positive.

I didn’t expect to like Benny. I really didn’t. From the moment I heard that we were going to be seeing Sam and Dean after Dean spent a year in Purgatory, and that he’d met a new friend there – not just any friend but a vampire at that – I wasn’t sure what to think. Everyone probably knows by now how much I love Dean and Cas’ friendship, as well as of course the bond of the brothers, so I guess I wondered what we needed with another character. I’m not saying my thoughts were right, just that that’s what they were.

But after a few episodes with Dean’s vampire buddy, I think it’s possible that I might, just might, be starting to love Benny. Why “might”? Because seeing as how he’s a monster and how badly relationships like that have gone wrong for the boys in the past, I’m going try and hold my feelings in check until I know a lot more about him.

He’s a Badass

ou gotta admit – even if you’re not a fan of Dean finding a new friend or of that friend being a vampire – that Benny certainly fits in with the Winchesters. He took on his old nest single-handedly and managed to survive long enough to call Dean for back-up. The guy had multiple broken bones, including two broken legs, and got himself to a place out of the sun. I’m a sucker for a tough guy (which explains why I love pretty much all the characters on this show), so yeah, that definitely won me over a bit.

He eats blood, not people

Finding out that Dean had befriended a vampire in Purgatory, and then brought that vamp back with him to good ol’planet earth, raised a few questions. Not the least of which was: is Benny going to go back to chomping on humans when he gets out and if so, how could Dean possibly be okay with that? I guess I figured that Dean would have made a deal with Benny that he would have to give up his live diet, but what I didn’t count on was the fact that Benny had already done that years before being killed and dropped into Purgatory. That bit of his story made it easier to believe he could live on a blood-bag-diet.

He’s capable of love

This is the one that got to me the most. Again, I had assumptions about Benny before the season aired and one of them was that the only reason he and Dean had paired up was due to a mutual need. It never occurred to me that there might be real affection between them, but now I’ve seen it and know that it’s true. I think that is only possible because of the fact that Benny had been in love before he went to Purgatory. He was already a changed man….er vampire before Dean met him, which makes a big difference.

He’s trustworthy (so far)

As much as I wanted to find any way I could to mistrust Benny and his actions, so far the guy hasn’t done a thing to make me suspicious of him. He doesn’t seem to have lied to Dean in Purgatory (that we’ve seen anyway) and even when he was being mean about Cas, he was always telling them the truth about their situation. Even Cas saw it. Benny told Dean he would help him find a way out of Purgatory, and apparently did seeing as how they are out. Benny also promised Dean that he wouldn’t eat live when he got back and he hasn’t done that either. The interesting thing is that Benny has probably been the most honest person (vampire, whatever) in Dean’s life for a while.

He’s still a mystery

Yes, I have to admit that one of things that is really growing on me about Benny is the continued mystery. Sure we know a lot about him, but I bet there’s a lot more to know, too. The mystery factor that is still there is very intriguing and I find myself wanting to know more about him. That kind of curiosity always makes my affection for a character grow.


Date: November 15th | Category: Cast, General, Recaps, Reviews, Spoilers
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