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Ok with less than one day (YES ONE DAY!!) to go till those GORGEOUS Salvatores and the rest of the stunning cast of the Vampire Diaries returns to your screens (and mine!)! So to jog your memory (and save you cramming a whole Season in in the next few hours) we have a recap of the last season for you!!

After along 5 month break, we all are anxious and waiting for Season 4 The Vampire Diaries to start and with the Premiere just days away, we need to make sure your back in the Vampire Diaries frame of mind with a Season 3 recap to see where we have left off.
5 months is a long time, I’m sure most TVD Fans have watched Season 3 again, or have caught a few repeated episodes on the TV because honestly 5 months without TVD Men (particularly Damon) is way too long.

This week a friend and I have watched the last 5 episodes to bring a fresh reminder of where Season 3 left off, and as TVD fans do we spend hours talking about Damon’s one liners, Stefans emotions, Tylers body, Klaus charm, how you would love to be in Elena’s shoes, and just Damon in general. One thing that was a highlight for me in Season 3 was Alaric, re-watching his last scenes were heartbreaking all over again and he will be missed in Season 4 if he doesn’t come back to visit Jeremy (Fingers Crossed).

Season 3 was seen as the year of the Originals and didn’t they all make an impact. The Salvatore’s and Gang are on quest to find out how to kill Klaus.

Episode 1 carried on well from Season 2 with Jeremy seeing Anna and Vicki’s Ghost, and Stefan going off with Klaus in return for Klaus providing Damon with his blood to cure his wolf bite., Damon, Elena and Alaric are tracking Stefan and Klaus’s every move to get Stefan back to Mystical Falls, Stefan tries to warn them against it as Klaus doesn’t know Elena is alive.

Whilst in the first half of Season 3 we saw a darker side to Stefan as “The Ripper” fondly dubbed by Klaus and see his emotions for Elena be switched off before our eyes. Tyler transformed in a hybrid by callous Klaus and continues his hot romance with Vamp Caroline. Matt gets into some ghost trouble by his sister Vicki and luckily witch Bonnie saves the day. Bonnie’s mum comes to town and after sharing a rekindle relationship this is taken away by Damon to save Elena and this puts strains on Elena and Bonnies relationships. Jeremy has an affair with ghost Anna and is again compelled by Damon to forget and move out of mystical falls. Of course we meet the Mikaelson family, already terrorised by Klaus, we meet Papa Mikael, Mama Esther, Sister Rebecca, and Brothers Finn and Kol, and return of Elijah. Also Katherine leaves town and vows not to return until Klaus is dead.

Second half of Season 3 was beyond amazing, awesome and exhilarating. Each episode had you on the edge of your seat wanting more. First we had the arrival of mysterious Dr Meredith Fell, who Alaric took instant shining too. But Mystical Falls had its own Serial Killer someone was killing off the Town Council members and Dr Fell was a suspect, and turn of events reveal this person to be Alaric who has a Jekyll and Hyde personality because of his ring and being killed so much mostly thanks to Damon, however he did get an apology during their good bye scenes.

Esther tries to kill all the originals in a spell which fails. Thinking that all originals are still linked the gang kills Finn however Bonnie had removed the spell just moments before under Klaus’s blackmail. Finn dies and shortly after Sage dies to, this reveals that when an original dies, the Vampires they create will also die, this leaves the gang with dilemma because even if they aren’t sired from Klaus’s blood line, Tyler is.
Episode 19, is the moment that Delena fans had been waiting for a hot passionate kiss between Damon and Elena when they are off to see Jeremy, Elena reveals that she doesn’t know what her feelings are for Damon, and Stefan says that she needs to work them out.
Bad Klaus finds an ally in Esther, Esther reveals that she has plans to make Alaric the best Vampire hunter ever, however this plan involves making him a vampire first, when Alaric wakes up he doesn’t want to complete the transition which sets off highly emotional episode. Esther is killed by Klaus, again. Everyone comes to say goodbye and We have a Alaric/Damon last special moment together. As he is fading out Bonnie is visited by Esther and brainwashed to go feed Alaric her blood to complete the transition. Evil Vampire Alaric is alive.
Vampire-slayer Alaric informs the town council the truth about Tyler and Caroline’s identity. Klaus had a stake made of white oak tree pierced into him by vampire-slayer Alaric. Tyler and Caroline planned to leave Mystic Falls together, but, as it turns out, Bonnie made some sort of deal with Klaus (causing Klaus to now share Tyler’s body). Elena finally chooses the Salvatore that she wants to be with (Stefan), while freeing the other (Damon). After seeing her brother Klaus dead, Rebecca decides to kill Elena. Elena and Matt’s car falls into the waters of Wickery bridge (due to Rebecca standing in the middle of the road), causing Elena to die (as Stefan arrives at the scene and saves Matt first). When Elena died, vampire-slayer Alaric died as well (as Esther made them connected). Elena explains to Damon the reason she chose Stefan is because they met first (but us viewers know the truth). After vampire-slayer Alaric dies, his ghost comes and says a final goodbye to Jeremy. Everyone is upset over Elena’s death, but Meredith reveals that she had injected vampire blood into Elena’s body when she was sent to the hospital earlier. The episode ends with Elena waking up from her “death.” And left all TVD fans with OMG!
Final Thoughts: We all know from last season’s finale that Elena is now transitioning into being a full-fledged vampire. She just needs to finish the transition by feeding on human blood, but of course she won’t turn right away. There are implications as well as certain people that are trying to stop her from becoming a vampire. Unfortunately, she’s already dead and will inevitably turn. I’m waiting for this moment as any avid fan will know when a person becomes a vampire, they remember everything that they were compelled to forget – meaning those instances where Damon told her “he loved her” let alone met her before Stefan will come flushing back to her. Elena will probably reconsider if Stefan is truly the Salvatore for her.

Date: October 11th | Category: Recaps, Vampire Diaries
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  • Alyson Cooper on October 12th, 2012 says:

    I am so excited that TVD are back tomorrow, thanks for the recap. It’s been way to long between seasons.

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