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Thank the Lord for Felicia Day. Just her very presence on Supernatural vastly improved what might have been an otherwise poor episode. She has this likeability about her in everything she does thanks in part to being almost universally relatable to nerdy guys. Supernatural is already pretty nerdy, even though Dean often roles his eyes at mentions of Harry Potter and other similar franchises associated with nerds, but “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo” definitely upped the nerdiness to a new level, and it was all thanks to Day. Her character, a computer hacker named Charlie, has a Lord of the Rings desktop wallpaper and a Hermoine Granger bobble head. That’s pretty freaking sweet. Unfortunately, Day and her amazing taste in movies may have carried the episode as far as they could on their own, but they couldn’t save it from its worst enemy; itself.

Remember way back to the end of “Out with the Old” when a captured Leviathan told Sam and Dean the Leviathans were going to cure cancer? At the time it seemed like the writers were throwing a colossal curve ball at us, hinting there was more to the Leviathans’ plans than simply taking over the world and using humans as their food supply. Well as it turns out, there isn’t anything meaningful behind that reveal about curing cancer after all. The big plan was to just eat humans all along. Curing cancer was just a way to make us healthier to eat. They want to genetically modify us the same way we modify pigs, but we kind of already knew they were doing that, so I fail to see how this was supposed to be a big surprise. Here I was, under the impression we were building to something at least shocking, if not smart. It wouldn’t have been that great a twist to find out the Leviathans were actually good guys, but its an even worse twist that they’ve been doing what we’ve known all along. In fact, that’s not a twist at all. That’s just everything stubbornly going according to plan.
’ve noticed this season has just been riddled with situations that don’t make a ton of sense. Almost every episode has at least one instance where somebody’s actions leave me scratching my head. In this case, it was Sam and Dean’s insistence on Bobby staying away from Dick, the man who killed him. They say they’re worried Bobby will get too angry and become a vengeful spirit; a transformation there apparently is no turning back from. Yet at the end of the day, Bobby proves he’s the most useful person when it comes to facing Dick. He kicks his butt royally and all Sam and Dean can do is look worried. While their fears may not have made much sense, it did provide for a decent amount of suspense as we watched Bobby attempt to control his anger just footsteps away from Dick. We all knew he was going to blow up eventually, it was just a matter of when.

Charlie’s brief alliance with the brothers was fun. In fact, I could have done with a whole episode just about this expert hacker. She was way more interesting than anyone else that’s been on the show this season. I felt like she was a fully formed character, which made it even sadder when it became clear this was a one-time gig for Felicia Day. This was easily the most fun I’ve had watching Supernatural in quite some time, even if it still managed to disappoint me with the important parts, like the progression of the story.

Date: April 30th | Category: Recaps, Spoilers, Supernatural
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