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Supernatural season 7 continues with episode 20, “The Girl With the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo,” guest starring Felicia Day. Bobby tells Sam and Dean that Dick has broke ground on those numbers for a “biotech building,” also known as a slaughterhouse. He’s planning to use the food, then cure people of diseases (curing cancer wasn’t a lie), and then engineer “the perfect herd.” The Leviathans are here to stay, meaning humans…aren’t. Sam gets an email from Frank, sent because he’s “dead or worse,” alerting him someone has his hard drive—that would be Charlie. It has everything about them—their new aliases and even where the Impala is—but luckily Frank put a tracker in it.

Five Hours Earlier

Charlie arrived at work, danced her way onto the elevator, and took off her headphones as she headed for her desk. She’s geeky. She’s awesome. Dick had Pete call her into his office He told her he was close to reaching his dream, calling the world his “dinner plate.” He commented that she was “impossible to copy.” He gave her Frank’s hard drive and three days to crack it or she’d be fired. She got to work.

Bobby warns Sam and Dean that they can’t break into Roman Enterprises and suggests they mail in the flask. They shoot down that idea because he could go vengeful spirit if he runs into Dick. After working all night, Charlie finally cracks the hard drive and folders pop up. After debating whether or not to open the Richard Roman Enterprises one and looking at her Hermione doll, she clicks on it and reads all about Leviathans and Dick.

Dick checks with Pete by his car and tells him he needs someone keeping an eye out. Pete’s not going to cut it, and that means he’s food for Daryl, so he can replace him. Charlie sees this and hurries home. When she notices one of her bobbleheads moving, she goes to leave. Dean and Sam stop her, and her sword breaks when she swings it at Sam. Dean uses Borax to prove he and Sam aren’t Leviathans, as does she.

A commercial for SucroCorp plays. They’re interested in “your well-being”: “Eat well, live well.”

Sam and Dean clue Charlie in on the endgame. There’s pretty much nothing she can’t hack into, and they want her to get into Dick’s email. It’s on a private server, meaning she needs to be in Dick’s office to access it. Once she realizes Dick’s not going to let her live after seeing the drive and her old life is gone, she volunteers to do it. She’s going to be wiping Frank’s drive anyway, and it’s time to start planning.

Sam and Dean watch from a van and see Bobby’s flask in Charlie’s bag via the security feed. They can’t call it off, but Dean tells her not to lose the “good luck charm.” When she gets nervous, Sam calms her down by talking about what her favorite Harry Potter character—Hermione—would do in a situation like this. It works. She’s going to “kick it in the ass.”

On the 11th floor, she sees a security guard, Bill, and Dean tells her to flirt. She can’t since he’s not her type (he’s not a girl). He talks her through flirting with Bill, and despite some hiccups (the usual ones when there are two people on the other side—the “Stop laughing, Sammy” bar), it works. She goes into radio silence when she goes into Dick’s office. Dick’s password is “w1nn1ng,” and she’s in. Bill gets suspicious, and Bobby locks the office door. When Bill enters, she’s coming out of the bathroom. While the transfer finishes, she distracts him with her number and leaves as soon as she can.

Supernatural Raises Another Mystery

Once at her desk, Charlie sends the guys the files. Pete shows up, and she tells him she’ll give him a full report later. Sam and Dean want her to leave, but she insists on finishing and begins looking at the emails. Dick stopped digging days ago and a suitcase from Iran is on its way, landing in 42 minutes. Dick’s courier goes for a snack while waiting at the airport. Charlie turns from her cubicle to leave, and Dick’s standing there.

Dick’s courier picks up the package and leaves. Sam and Dean now just have to wait. When the courier opens the package in Dick’s office, there’s a Borax bomb inside. (Two hours earlier, Charlie sent an email that the package was delayed to give them more time, and Sam switched the cases at the airport.)

Dean and Sam find red clay inside the suitcase. Dick wants to know what Charlie found. She tells him there was nothing on his company, and he asks about Sam and Dean. She searches and finds nothing. Good job, Charlie! He comments it got colder as Bobby stands behind her. Dick wants to know how she broke through, and she says nothing’s safe if you poke long enough. He still focuses on the fact that he can’t copy her. When he gets the call about the package, he tells her to stay there. Of course, she runs once he’s gone. After the explosion, Dick orders a lockdown on the building.

Bobby cracks the front door glass before focusing on Dick. Charlie gets hurt, and after Dean takes care of Pete, Sam picks up Charlie and they go to leave. Bobby keeps pushing Dick back. Uh-oh, time to be worried? They speed away. Dick wants his suitcase back and eats the courier.

For thanks, Charlie just wants them to never contact her again. She’s disappeared before, and she can do it again. Dean calls her the little sister he never wanted. Sam brings up Bobby’s vengeful spirit-like behavior, and Dean says they’ll focus on the case first, then Bobby.

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