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Archive for March 2012

Accola says the March 29 episode, “The Murder of One,” is not to be missed. “That is a very big game-changer and will set the tone leading up to the finale.” SPOILER ALERT! That episode’s official synopsis:

Damon and Stefan focus on a new project that will bring them closer to destroying Klaus, and they quickly bring Elena, Caroline and Matt in on the plan. After Klaus threatens someone close to Bonnie, she has no choice but to work on the spell he needs.
Meanwhile, Klaus and Rebekah find the perfect motivator to convince Finn to cooperate with them, but Rebekah is more interested in her own brutal plan to take revenge on Damon. Stefan’s emotional turmoil leads him to a dangerous confrontation with Klaus and, later, to a heartbreaking moment with Elena.

If you missed Caroline (Candice Accola) in last week’s return of The Vampire Diaries, you’ll be happy to know she’s back tonight. She’s been busy helping Bonnie’s mother, Abby, adjust to her new life as a vampire. “We’re gonna see Caroline step into the role of the mothering mentor. We’re gonna learn about what happens when a witch does transition into a vampire and what that means and what she loses,” she says. “We’re gonna get to know Jamie [the young man Abby took in while she was estranged from Bonnie] a little bit better. I can say he’s chopping wood in a very revealing tank top, ladies. So get ready, because those arms are chopping wood like no other.”

And speaking of TVD‘s May 10 season finale… we know from Twitter that the cast now has the script in their hands. “I won’t reveal if I cried or not… Okay, fine. I totally cried. But in really unexpected moments,” Accola says. “It really is so great. I think the viewers are gonna be so happy with it.”
Since she can’t share more than that, we ask her to name her favorite TV season finale ever: “When Meredith and Derek finally got together at the hospital prom,” she says, choosing Grey’s Anatomy’s season 2 ender, “Losing My Religion.” That’s also the first episode that comes to mind when we ask her to name a TV moment that made her cry: “Denny. Denny, Denny, Denny. Denny made me bawl my eyes out,” she says. “And Dawson’s Creek, when Pacey told Joey he was gonna kiss her in 10 seconds, and then there was that space, and then he counted ’10?….”

Accola admits to being “very involved” in the Joey-Pacey-Dawson love triangle when she was younger — which is a nice segue for us to bring up Caroline’s admittedly lopsided love triangle with Tyler and Klaus. “We will see Klaus and Caroline continue to interact as the season drifts on, but I think it’s so funny because he’s an evil, evil guy and everyone is so excited for them to be together just because he’s batting his eyelashes and speaking that British accent all up and down Caroline,” she laughs. “But we’ll see how the rest of the season plays out, if she is inevitably wooed by him. What she really wants is for him to relinquish Tyler’s sire bond to him. That’s her main goal.”
She also says Caroline will take notice of Matt’s possibly resurfacing feelings for Elena at some point, but don’t expect a love triangle to develop there. “I think Caroline has feelings for Matt in a very protective way. At this point, she’s in a full-fledged relationship with Tyler, who used to be his best friend. There’s really not much going back to that,” she says. “Although it is high school, so it’s a little bit more acceptable.”
You might be surprised to hear the TV love triangle she’s currently obsessing over: “I’m just starting to watch Ally McBeal. I’m still in season 1 of that, and I was like, ‘Geez, am the only one that does not want Ally and Billy together at all? Like AT ALL?” she laughs. “I don’t like where it’s going. I like him with Georgia. Right now, that’s the relationship that I’ve been very glued to…. Can you tell I still need to call Comcast to get my cable re-set up from moving?”


Date: March 29th | Category: Cast, Interviews, Vampire Diaries
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At the Duracell event to support the U.S. Olympic basketball team, True Blood star Joe Manganiello gave Extra some tantalizing teases about season 5.
He’s already worked more in the first six episodes of True Blood season 5 than he did in all of seasons 3 and 4, and he promises that Alcide will go further than he did in the books – “action-wise, romantically…” Ooooh!

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Date: March 29th | Category: True Blood, Videos
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True Blood’s Kristin Bauer van Straten asks you to join her and stand with the people of Brazil for a zero deforestation law to Save the Amazon!

Got a webcam? Create your own video response with your message of support for the movement to save the rainforest by going to

Date: March 29th | Category: Articles, True Blood
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Darling Sammy’s Lucifer-related insomnia has worsened considerably since last we saw him, and it leads directly to a pre-credits car accident that lands him in an insane asylum after the emergency room doctors determine the dear boy’s suffered a psychotic break. Of course, Sam’s Lucifer hallucination comes along for the ride, and the foul fiend quickly devises a series of nuthouse-related torments designed to run Our Intrepid Hero into an early grave. Darling Sammy does his valiant best to ignore the torture, however, and he even finds time to gallantly help a fellow inmate rid herself of the pesky ghost that had been plaguing her for the better part of the last year, so that was pretty nice of him, I guess.

Meanwhile, Dashing El Deano uses Darling Sammy’s hospitalization as an excuse to freak the **** out, and he begins dialing his way through Dead Bobby’s lengthy list of contacts until one of them calls back with news of an actual, honest-to-God faith healer named Emanuel, who just might be able to cure Sam. Dean tracks Emanuel down to the latter’s tastefully-appointed home deep within the lush coastal rainforests of central Colorado, and is shocked and appalled to discover that Emanuel is actually an amnesia-afflicted Castiel. My Sweet Baboo, you see, emerged from that municipal reservoir all those many months ago with no recollection at all of the last several years — no comment — whereupon his adorable self was quickly adopted by some random who is now his wife, and he’s been spending his time since then curing his various friends and neighbors of their various ills and ailments. You know, more or less.

Luckily enough for Dashing El Deano, Emanuel is more than amenable to the idea of a road trip to go restore Darling Sammy to the latter’s typical levels of mental health, but naturally, there’s a problem: Crowley’s cancelled the moratorium he placed on all Winchester-related demonic activity, and so on top of everything else, Dean finds himself under repeated attack by Hell’s many minions. Fortunately, Meg shows up just in time to offer Our Intrepid Hero a crucial assist, and she promptly invites herself along as a sort of bodyguard for both Dean and Castiel on the rest of the journey to the asylum.

Date: March 28th | Category: General, Recaps, Spoilers, Supernatural
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