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We have loads of updates and spoilers for you this week, due to myself having been away for a week. So check it all out below and be sure to share our site with all your Vampire Diaries Friends!!

According to Zap2it The Vampire Diaries Elena’s parents have officially been cast! In a season finale flashback, we’ll see Miranda and Grayson Gilbert, played by local Atlanta actors (probably no one you’d recognize). Don’t expect to get a very in depth look at the parental units, though — they barely have any lines. Mostly, we’ll see evidence of what we already knew: They don’t mix well with water. Hopefully Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev are ready for a swim.

Thanks to Watch with Kristin for these spoilers regarding the shows love triangles:

ThomasJones: Any scenes coming up for Damon and Elena? Stefan and Elena? Any movement on the love-triangle front?
According to a very solid source, the Damon-Elena-Stefan love triangle will “blow wide open” when the show returns for its spring run with the “Heart of Darkness” episode. (Yee!) So,
Delena and Stelena fans, prepare yoselves for battle! And don’t forget: TVD boss Julie Plec teased to us more kissing (for all the characters) in the final episodes than all the previous episodes this season combined.

Molly: What can we expect from Tyler’s return? What does it mean for Caroline and Klaus?
Tyler makes his return in “Heart of Darkness” with a big sexy scene between him and Caroline. Hope Klaus doesn’t find out! No, really. You know how Tyler is all sired to him and everything? That would not end well.

More spoilers from Chicago Tribune

Surprised to learn why Sage returned after a century, Damon was pleased when she came up with an unusual method to help him find out what Rebekah is up to. Abby had a hard time adjusting to her new reality as a vampire. Informed of Stefan’s struggles by, of all people, Damon, Elena reached out to Stefan, hoping to bring him closer to his humanity. Damon discovered a new secret weapon and shared the news with Stefan. Coming: Elena and Stefan’s relationship could be shifting yet again.

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev have started filming the last episode of The Vampire Diaries. The actors were excited to be on set for the last few shoots but it also seemed a little bittersweet. While they are more than likely happy to have some time off, they will probably miss being in Atlanta and working together.

“Day 1 of the finale episode of #TVD! 11 days left… Whoa. Breathe-smile-repeat (sic),” Ian tweeted on Friday. “Day 1 of shooting the season 3 finale of The Vampire Dairies. It’s the beginning of the end of the season,” Nina tweeted. The eleven days will undoubtedly fly by but they will be fun. They will probably have a wrap party at the end of the season as well and that always promises a good time.

Season 3, Episode 19, “Heart of Darkness” is shaping up to be quite the epic-sode. Not only is Tyler returning, he’s going to be reunited for some sexytime with Caroline (Candice Accola). Speaking of love triangles, another one is about to “blow wide open” in that same episode. Elena (Nina Dobrev), Damon (Ian Somerhalder), and Stefan (Paul Wesley) have been hurtling towards something for three seasons, and executive producer Julie Plec teased more makeouts in the final few episodes than there has been all season long.

According to TV Line it wont be long before Bonnie forgives Elena
How long will Bonnie be mad at Elena for causing her mother to turn on The Vampire Diaries? —Michelle
NATALIE: Elena’s actions may have led to Abby’s transformation, but she certainly didn’t plan for it to happen! Ultimately, Bonnie will understand that, but perhaps not as well as Caroline. “Caroline realizes she’s made decisions that have affected people’s lives, so she’s not one to judge Elena for having to make big decisions, whether they turned out well or not,” Candice Accola tells us. “We’ll definitely see more beautiful friend moments as the season comes to a conclusion.”

The last few episodes of the season are fast approaching and the CW has released the titles for them:

Episode 18, “The Murder of One” airs Thursday, March 29th.
Episode 19, “Heart of Darkness” airs Thursday, April 19th.
Episode 20, “Do Not Go Gentle” airs Thursday, April 26th.
Episode 21, “Before Sunset” airs Thursday, May 3rd.
Episode 22, “The Departed” airs on Thursday, May 10th.

‘The Vampire Diaries’: Sara Canning returns as Aunt Jenna Sommers – Zap2it has exclusively confirmed thatSara Canning will be returning in the Season 3 finale as Aunt Jenna Sommers… with a twist. No, she’s not a zombie, and nobody is upsetting the balance of nature by channeling witch-power to resurrect her. Instead, Canning will appear in flashbacks, where we’ll get a glimpse into what Elena’s life was like before we met her in the pilot.

Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 19 “Heart of Darkness” Official Description

“Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) set off together to make sure Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) is safe in Denver, and to see if his special abilities can help reveal the information they need about ancient vampire bloodlines. It doesn’t take them long to learn that Jeremy has been hanging with the wrong people. Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) both go to brutal extremes in their search for the missing weapon. Caroline (Candice Accola) is thrilled when Tyler (Michael Trevino) returns to town, but Tyler soon suspects that something has been going on between Caroline and Klaus. Matt (Zach Roerig) has his hands full trying to keep Rebecca (Claire Holt) busy organizing the school’s upcoming 1920s Decade Dance.”

Question: Will someone from The Vampire Diaries‘ regular cast die before the season ends? —Charlie
Ausiello: If you’re asking whether Stefan will finally exterminate Klaus — and I’m hoping you are, since that’s the only scoop I have at the moment — the answer is… probably not, at least according to Paul Wesley. “Stefan may just say, ‘You know what? F— this guy,’” the actor tells TVLine with a laugh. “Klaus has become a little bit of a staple in this community, so it’s really more about getting Klaus to not be so much of a threat” rather than actually killing him. So Stefan’s going to suddenly abandon his quest to whack the big, bad hybrid after an entire season of Klaus’ tormenting and scheming to destroy him? “I’m not saying he will,” Wesley hedges, “but I think that it’s a possibility.”

Candice Accola Shares “Vampire Diaries” Scoop

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