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Archive for January 2012

Jackson Rathbone star of the The Twilight Saga talks to screenslam about his excitement and sadness for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 and what Director Bill Condon brought to the last two Twilight films

Date: January 31st | Category: Twilight, Videos
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More than anything, Chaske Spencer just wants to keep it real.

This may seem strange coming from the man who just wrapped up a multi-film stint in the massively successful fantasy-laden Twilight series, but a brief conversation with him makes this all too clear.

Take, for example, his perspective on his Twilight character, werewolf pack leader Sam Uley. While he appreciates many things about his animalistic alter-ego, not the least of which are his CGI antics played out on the big screen – “I never thought I would see myself jump off a cliff. I mean it was amazing!” he says – what he most hopes fans will take away from the most recent installments is that which makes the character most relatable – most human.

“What I got from talking to the kids, the fans of Twilight, is that a lot of them just hated Sam. A lot of them did not like Sam,” he recalls with a laugh. “So what I want to do is make him more human, more a character that you can relate to. In the Breaking Dawn film you get this sense that, in the script, he’s out to just kill Renesmee and he hates Bella, but that’s not the case. It’s just that it’s a job that he has to do.”

Similarly, Spencer notes, it’s the human element of filmmaking that has been the most rewarding through his work on the Twilight series and beyond. His bonds with cast and crew from the Twilight films have stayed strong, he assures: his fellow wolves are “like my brothers now,” he says, “and then you have Julia [Jones] and Tinsel [Korey, both costars] who are like my sisters.” It’s like “joining the circus,” he explains. “That’s basically what a film crew is. You join the circus, you all get tight, you’re like a family for a month or two, and then – boom. Maybe you’ll stay in touch, maybe you’ll see them again, maybe you won’t, you know?”

Read more with Chaske on Blast

Date: January 30th | Category: Articles, Twilight
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New True Blood cast member and Australian native, Melanie Camp just finished filming scenes on True Blood, Season 5. It may be that she is only in one episode, but since we don’t know the character’s name she played, it’s difficult to be sure. True Blood was her first experience on a TV show here in Los Angeles and she shares how much she enjoyed the experience.

“A show like True Blood only casts the best of the best so I was really surprised to even get an audition, let alone land the role,” she said.

“Everyone on the show goes to great lengths to make you feel at ease.”

While Camp remained tight-lipped about her role in the HBO series, she revealed her character was part of a “pivotal story”.

I came out to LA last year, True Blood was the first TV show (I shot), but I’ve shot a couple of indie movies and am down to the last two for a big new show, so fingers crossed,” she told Confidential this week.

She also hinted that she had a “few good roles” up her sleeve and was looking forward to returning to Perth to see friends and family.

Camp began her career in Perth on local radio working for Nova 93.7 and 92.9FM in Perth Australia before moving to Sydney and eventually LA.

“I’ve actually written a romantic comedy set in Perth, so hopefully I’ll be back in town to start shooting that this year.”


Date: January 30th | Category: Cast, True Blood
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