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Archive for December 2011

With the Secret Circle returning to screens next Thursday in the US, we have loads of updates for you.

When the CW series returns Jan. 5, Mama Meade (Hunter alumna Stepfanie Kramer) will be dropping by Chance Harbor, and we’ve got a first look at her unexpected visit. According to TV Line. Diana is thrilled to see her grandmother, but her presence means trouble for Charles and Dawn. You see, Kate is a very powerful Elder — “maybe more powerful than we’ve seen with Henry and Jane,” executive producer Andrew Miller previously told TVLine. “[She] will have certain abilities to sense things.” Like the world’s most awkward dinner party with Charles, Dawn, Diana and Cassie, in whom Kate takes an interest.
Check out the gallery below:

Charles’ (Gale Harold) mom is a “complicated and strong” character who will be played by Stepfanie Kramer (Sgt. Dee Dee McCall in Hunters) – an actress who looks young enough to be his sister!

“She’s a very competent lady,” Stepfanie says about Kate, “There’s a lot of internal machinations that are happening. She doesn’t tip her hand as to why she does what she does. She comes into the picture with a lot of information that others are not aware of. That is part and parcel of what compels her to do what she does.”
“She makes some choices that are going to be surprising to some people, but as the situation reveals itself, you start to understand why,” Stepfanie says. “She walks the line between warm and open and kinda creepy in a very subtle way. She does [things] truly from a place of love for her family, although that may not be obvious to others.”

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Date: December 30th | Category: Interviews
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Is it possible we haven’t seen everything of Season 3? Well, it seems so because, just found, are some photos from a deleted scene or scenes that include Bill, Sookie and Jason.

The first photo shows Bill and Sookie in a happy embrace.

In this next photo, we see Bill as he enters fairyland.

This photo shows Bill talking with Jason who is wearing a very bloody shirt.

Bill looks frightened as we assume he senses danger.

See more photos by going to: AllStephenMoyer Photo Gallery


Date: December 30th | Category: Articles, True Blood
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First up, we hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and got lots of lovely vampy gifts from Santa!!
The last couple of days has seen some great new spoilers and updates for the second half of Season 3. The CW has recently released a new promo picture for both The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle.

And while we are on photos, this photo taken on set shows Stefan and Tyler in some sort of confrontation.

And thanks to TV Line we have the following spoilers:

Question: Got any news about Caroline’s storyline on The Vampire Diaries? —Charlotte
Ausiello: She’s turning 18, and for her birthday the show’s writers are giving her the second episode back, airing Jan. 12! “It’s a big [one] for Caroline,” confirms showrunner Julie Plec of the installment. “It’s emotional. It’s scary. It’s very, very, very powerful.” But the episode isn’t all about Candice Accola’s vamp. “It’s a big episode for the friends — for Elena and Matt and Bonnie and Caroline,” Plec adds. “It’s a big episode for Tyler and Caroline’s relationship. It’s a massive episode for Stefan and Elena, and Stefan’s pissing contest with Klaus and the lengths he is willing to go to make his point, not giving a damn about anyone or anything. It’s a big episode for Damon’s continued evolution as villain to hero. It’s just a nice episode all around.”

Question: The wait for new Vampire Diaries episodes is maddening. Please give us some Delenda scoop to tide us over? —Gabi
Ausiello: Stefan’s seeming betrayal of Damon and Elena leaves the pair “fraught with sexual and romantic tension and very, very, very angry at Stefan,” reveals Plec. “It leaves them thrown together to defend themselves against whatever Klaus’ next move is going to be. It leads to a fairly interesting showdown between Damon and Stefan in which Damon literally tries to beat the answer out of Stefan as to why Stefan betrayed him and ruined his plan.”

Question: How about you give me the Vampire Diaries scoop I so desperately need? —Elizabeth
Ausiello: We definitely haven’t seen the last of badass Original sister Rebekah, Plec tell us. But don’t expect a happy reunion when someone finally takes that dagger out of her. “She let herself get emotionally duped by Elena, and Elena literally stabbed her in the back,” explains Plec. Rebekah’s anger at Elena will be “a big problem for Klaus, who doesn’t want anything to happen to [Elena], and for Elena herself, who pulled the ultimate mean girl back stab and is going to have to pay the price for that.” Rebekah will also be none too pleased with Klaus for lying to her about their mother’s death. “She’s just mad period,” says Plec with a laugh, “all around.”

In other news, the return episode is going to be filled with the excitement that we have come to know and love!

“When we come back in Episode 10, Elena and Damon are finding themselves in these moments where the romantic tension is a little bit deeper and the physical tension is a little bit hotter,” Julie teases. Next, she revealed some more Damon,Stefan,Elena “love triangle gone very bad” info. Elena and Damon, now think Stefan betrayed them, so their sexual tension rises and gets very strong. “It leaves them thrown together to defend themselves against whatever Klaus’ next move is going to be. It leads to a fairly interesting showdown between Damon and Stefan in which Damon literally tries to beat the answer out of Stefan as to why Stefan betrayed him and ruined his plan.” After that, she revealed that Klaus’ sister Rebekah is going to not only be mad at Elena when she arises from her slumber after being stabbed by Elena, she’s also going to be pissed off at Klaus for lying to her about the death of their mother. Klaus will also try and stop her from attacking Elena because he still needs her,alive, to continue to carry out his evil plans. It’s just a big,crazy,evil mess with wrath and vengeance mixed in.

Ian Somerhalder recently revealed that he had just finished shooting a particular scene that involved three individuals who are very powerful dudes.
The scene consisted of a very long dinner that took about two days to shoot,and it was a lot of fun. interviewed Candice, Kat and Steve recently. Theu found out how Steven feels about being able to see ghosts, whether a Bonnie/Damon love storyline might kick off, what will happen with Caroline/Matt/Tyler, if Damon and Elena will ever get together and found out that *surprise, surprise* Ian Somerhalder is the most flirtatious on set. Check it out below:

And I know that we’ve shown you this one before but I do love the mix between the Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle in this new promo for their series return next week!!

Newcomer to this season, Torrey DeVito, spoke with TV Fanatic about her upcoming role on the show. Torrey’s character, Dr. Mary Fell, meets Alaric and is fascinated by his ability to recover from medical incidents so quickly, DeVitto says. “And that professional fascination turns into a romantic fascination.” But will Dr Mary survive? Alaric seems to have a bad history with women….”For the sake of his character alone, I hope so,” she laughed. “Hopefully I don’t burn up in flames or try to kill him or anything. He deserves a better ending than he’s had.”

Nina Dobrev recently spoke with Starcam at the Water Project event, a couple of weeks ago. Whilst Nina was not going to give any spoilers away about Season 3 she did dish about Season 4.

Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) StarCam… by starcam

Nina has also been nominated for Hollywood Life Sexiest TV Girls Of 2011. So head on over and and vote for Nina Here

Thats all we have for you at the moment, but with the show due to start up again in the US on Thursday 5th January (one week today!) there is sure to be more daily!

Date: December 29th | Category: Articles, Cast, Interviews, Spoilers, Vampire Diaries
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FX UK has a video promoting the showing of True Blood’s Season 4 in the United Kingdom that you’re not going to want to miss.
The fourth season of our favorite show, starts February 5, 2012 on FX UK.
To see the FX UK video promo for Season 4, go to this link:

Date: December 28th | Category: Articles, True Blood
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