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Archive for October 2011

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner to Reveal New Twilight Clip on MTV!

Three of your favourite Twilight stars no other than Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will be on “MTV First: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” to reveal the official clip! You better mark November 3, 7:56 p.m. on your calendar.

Although a trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 1 has been released, MTV sad that they will be showing “never-before-released clip from the hugely anticipated new film live on-air.” The three major Twilight stars will be the one to introduce the clip so you definitely have to watch out for that!

Aside from announcing the clip, Kristen, Rob and Taylor will also be staying for a lengthy Q&A! Now for sure that’s what Twihard fans have been waiting for! To facilitate the Q&A is Josh Horowitz of MTV News.

Fans will be able to participate in the Q&A by submitting their video or txt questions to or Twitter! MTV is now accepting them right now!


‘Breaking Dawn’ Soundtrack Artist Christina Perri Explains Her ‘Twilight’ Tattoo

Christina Perri is a really big Twilighter. So, having her song, “A Thousand Years,” on the “Breaking Dawn- Part 1” soundtrack, out November 10, is a pretty big deal for the singer. MTV News was on the set for Christina’s just-released video, and while there, the 25-year-old opened up about showing her love for the saga in a completely different way: her “Twilight”-themed tattoo!

“It’s right here [on my wrist],” she said. “So it says ‘bitten,’ and if you’re a Twi-hard like me, you would know it’s in the font of the books, and I basically got this tattoo right when I read the books and became totally obsessed with the series. It’s my most dorky moment.”

What does the tat mean to Christina? “Well, I liked it because I felt like instead of anything real graphic, it just implies I’ve been bitten by the series,” she explained. “That I’m apart of the club.”

Christina actually got the ink while on a “Twilight”-related trek, taking in all things Edward and Bella. “I went up to Portland, where they filmed the first movie, and then I went and got the tattoo in Portland,” she said, adding that she isn’t sure she’ll get any more saga-related markings.

“I don’t think so,” she teased. “I, unfortunately, don’t think too far in advance before I get a tattoo. I can’t say no, but I don’t have any in mind. I would probably get Edward, just kidding. I don’t know. I’d have to think about it.”


Breaking Dawn Sex Scene Cut Down To Avoid R Rating

In an interview with Glamour UK Stewart said the sex scene between Edward and Bella on their wedding night was so steamy it initially got an R-rating from the MPAA. And Stewart, after spending years playing the buttoned-up and awkward Bella, said it felt a little weird to be bringing the character into a new phase of her life:

“It was so weird, it didn’t even feel like we were doing a Twilight film. I was like, ‘Bella! What are you doing? Wow! What is happening here?!’


As we all know the cast are on the Promotional trail for the upcoming release of Breaking Dawn, so here are some photos from various countries.

Nikki Reed in Madrid

Nikki & Jackson in Madrid

Nikki & Jackson at the Spanish Premier

Head on over to Celebrity Gossip to check out some more photos.

Thats its for today’s updates! Be sure to keep your eye out on our Facebook Page for updates!

Date: October 30th | Category: Articles, General, Twilight
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine

The Winchesters have been engaging in a cross-country crime spree. Robbing banks and diners, then killing everyone – and making sure that there are always cameras there to capture every heinous moment. Of course, these are not our Winchesters; these are leviathans who have cloned the boys and are trying to get them arrested. Against Bobby’s wishes, Sam and Dean set out to chase their clones. Bobby sends them to Frank, a paranoid, tin-foil-hat kind of guy, who helps them get off the grid as much as possible. Sam figures out that the clones are hitting up – in order – all the towns where they have had hunting gigs. Bobby stays behind, experimenting on Chet to figure out a way to kill a leviathan. So far, nothing even slows him down.

The boys find their clones in Iowa. This is also where the cops catch up with them. Sam and Dean are arrested while the clones look on evilly. The sheriff finally relents and gives Dean his one phone call. He calls Bobby, who has finally figured out that pouring sodium borate on a leviathan, then beheading it and keeping the head separate, will essentially make the leviathan powerless. It won’t be dead, but the chemical (available in any industrial soap or detergent) will slow it down long enough to be decapitated, and if the head is kept separate, it will be unable to rejoin the body. The sheriff thinks Dean is crazy – until he walks down the hall and sees one of the leviathans – posing as a deputy – eating one of the real cops. The other leviathan enters, the pair shift back into their Sam and Dean clones, and go off to find the boys. Now the sheriff will do anything to erase what he saw.

The Dean clone goes to torture Sam, while the Sam clone takes Dean. “Sam” and Dean fight, but the sheriff backs him up with a tub of cleaning solution. While “Sam” is writhing in pain, Dean cuts its head off. “Dean” is in with Sam. Since Clone Dean is in Dean’s head, he knows about Amy and spills the beans. Real Dean comes in with the chemical-beheading one-two punch. The sheriff is all too willing to help the boys cover up this mess and fake their deaths. The FBI agents who had been chasing the boys on their cross-country murder spree are annoyed that the coroner (the sheriff’s daughter) already released the body for cremation, but they are glad not to have to do the paperwork and leave. The young FBI agent, Valente, comes back. He is a leviathan and eats them both.

Valente’s boss, Dick Roman, is not happy about Valente’s failure. He wants to regroup and come up with a new plan. Crowley shows up, wanting to make a deal with Roman, but Roman wants nothing to do with him or demons, who he sees as “more worthless than humans.”

Dig It or Bury It?

Seriously, this season is so good! Every episode this season has been really great. Not just good for the series, but genuinely enjoyable hours of television. Tonight’s episode is no exception. It’s doing a great job of blending a very serious bad guy (the leviathans) with irreverent humor that in no way trivializes the “big bad.” The leviathans feel like an actual threat. Maybe because they are more corporeal than pitting heaven against hell. Maybe it is because in previous seasons, when the boys were in a jam, Castiel would appear at the last second and save them. They no longer have a last-minute get-out-of-jail-free card. Either way, this episode was great.

Spooky Humor

There were a lot of funny bits this week – and not a single one had to do with mistaken identity. I think my favorite part is when Sam and Dean are in their “Caboodle” of a car, after Frank insists the Impala is way too recognizable. Naturally, Dean doesn’t take too kindly to his “baby” being put on lockdown. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner,” he insists. “Um, Dean? You do realize that line is from–” “A Patrick Swayze movie! Swayze always gets a pass!” Sam backs off – until Dean puts the radio on and Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” is playing. Not only will Dean not let Sam change the station, Dean is soulfully mouthing the lyrics. Sam gives him a weird look, but Dean doesn’t stop – he just tries to hide it.

Sibling Rivalry

Sam is so angry when he finds out about Amy, he can barely speak. He tells Dean he knows, and while Dean apologizes, Sam can’t even deal with it. He takes his bags and decides they need to split up for awhile. Dean makes no excuses, and does not chase after his brother.


The boys have obviously made up, as they are working together next week to figure out who is killing people in a town of psychics and mediums.

Date: October 30th | Category: Recaps, Supernatural
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Sara

Breaking Dawn Director, Bill COndon, took some time out recently to speak with about everything Breaking Dawn from working on the film, with the actors and with Carter Burwell on the score.

Most moviegoers and ‘Twilight’ fans wouldn’t realize that you’ve come from working on another movie where there was this hardcore fan base. On ‘Dreamgirls’ there was lots of pressure to get it ‘just right’ from fans. Did you take anything away from this before you worked on ‘Breaking Dawn’?

That’s a really interesting question and I suspect it’s part of the appeal of getting involved with this. When you work on something that does have a huge fan base there is the potential for a lot of pitfalls, but there is this incredible thrill of seeing that kind of movie with an audience. If you somehow connect to their dreams of what this could be were I think there is a special anticipation that you don’t get in an everyday moviegoing experience. I wonder, I hadn’t thought of that before, but that’s probably part of what turned me on about doing this. But, yeah, there is this sort of thing you have over your shoulder of trying to — you can only do it in your own way and your own take of what the material is, but because it means so much to so many people you hope you tap into the collective unconscious and visualize it in a way you might imagine it. Or sometimes different just as satisfying.

You talk about a scene where you have 27 vampires on set and I believe in the second movie there are more set pieces than in the first. Am I correct?

Yeah, I would say that’s true. Absolutely.

It’s funny, I think some fans would have had trepidation because some of your previous work doing ‘Dreamgirls’ or producing the Oscar telecast, but my guess would be, did those projects where you have such elaborate numbers or scenes that have to be worked out, did that make it easier for some of the action scenes in this film?

I think you’re probably right and it’s not just action. As anyone who has read the novel knows, we end up in a big set piece with maybe 27 or 30 vampires on one sided aided by a dozen or so wolves against 80 vampires on the other side in this big confrontation. It’s mostly a discussion, but many dramatic beats within that. And that was like staging a spectacle on a stage almost, because we shot that for a month and not even counting all the second unit stuff. The sense of spectacle and moving fluidly through that, I did feel like I was calling on my musical roots there.

So, something that would give any director pause would be the fact you’re the fourth director these actors have worked with. In TV, where directors come and go, you always hear the actor saying, ‘Eh, the director just tells me where to stand. I know the character.’ How open were the actors to actually taking more direction than you’d expect?

Well, I don’t know about more, but certainly exploring with me and they were incredibly open. Y’know, I keep calling this ‘Twilight grows up,’ but in a way it is. All of the characters take tremendous steps in this story and that’s part of what turned me on to the material, to collaborate with Kristen Stewart as she goes from being the Bella we know in the first three movies to being a bride, being someone who finally has sex, gets pregnant, gets sick, gives birth, dies, become a vampire, becomes a warrior? Just think of that journey. I guess for none of them it was just playing the same old thing. Jacob becomes a man in this movie. He moves away from being the third leg in a triangle and breaks free of that and his background and his family and his pack and becomes his own person. So, that was a journey all the actors were eager and open to collaborate on.

Was there any actor who surprised you?

I think people will be surprised by everybody. In general, Kristen has such a huge journey to take and to watch her become this fierce, protective, powerful mother figure? I think that will surprise people. Taylor surprised me with his commitment and the dark places he goes to in this movie. And Rob, I think there is some sense that he has relaxed into this part and finally willing to show more of himself. His own charm, wit and grace are in evidence in this movie. It surprised me in how relaxed he seemed in something he’s fought a little against before.

is there a theme that’s repetitive through the movie?

If I say there are three, I probably mean five. There is a Renesmee theme that really comes to fruition to movie two that is quite prominent in movie one. There is a Bella/Edward love them that plays a lot throughout the first half of the movie. There is Jacob’s theme and there is a theme that suggests the love of everyone around Bella at the wedding, especially her parents and that’s really lovely. I probably am missing one, but those are the big themes.

Be sure to head on over to and read the full interview.

Date: October 30th | Category: Interviews, Twilight
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine

Today has been loaded with new Breaking Dawn info! First up there has been an influx of TV Spots. You can check them all out below.


Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 – Tv Spot # 2

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 – Tv Spot #3

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – TV Spot #4

If thats not enough to whet your appetite then check out this TV Spot of Jacob!!


And if your keen to hear some of the music for the upcoming movie then click on THIS LINK to visit the Breaking Dawn Facebook Page and listen to the full sountrack before its official release date of November 8. Here’s the songlist for you.

1. The Joy Formidable- Endtapes
2. Angus & Julia Stone- Love Will Take You
3. Bruno Mars- It Will Rain
4. Sleeping At Last- Turning Page
5. The Features- From Now On
6. Christina Perri- A Thousand Years
7. Theophilus London- Neighbors
8. The Belle Brigade- I Didn’t Mean It
9. Noisettes- Sister Rosetta (2011 Version)
10. Cider Sky- Northern Lights
11. Iron & Wine- Flightless Bird, American Mouth
(Wedding Version)
12. Imperial Mammoth- Requiem On Water
13. Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz- Cold
14. Mia Maestro- Llovera
15. Carter Burwell- Love Death Birth
16. Hard-Fi- Like A Drug
17. Sleeping At Last- Turning Page (Instrumental)
18. Kevin Teasley- Eclipse (All Yours)
19. Bruno Mars- It Will Rain (Video)

There’s also some new clips from the movie that have been released. Check them out below:

The Twilight Saga “Breaking Dawn: Part One” Film Clip, ‘We Need More Blood’

Breaking Dawn Clip-Wont Get Through Without a Fight.wmv

Date: October 30th | Category: Cast, General, Interviews, Music, Previews, Promos, Twilight
View Comments // View All Comments (0) | Posted by Katherine
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