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Archive for August 2011

As you remember, the fourth episode of True Blood 4 was dedicated to Jesse James Cartwright. Jesse was a member of the True Blood transportation crew and lost his life earlier this year, leaving behind his wife and three children. Jesse was beloved by every True Blood team member and now the True Blood Staff, Cast and Fans are uniting to raise funds for Jesse’s family.

We have just begun a very special auction to raise additional dollars for Jesse’s Fund: Up for auction this week is a certificate for a visit to the True Blood sound stage at The Lot in West Hollywood, where you’ll enjoy the fine scenarios designed by Suzuki Ingerslev that you have seen so many times at home. That’s right, the lucky winner will get to bring a friend and see where True Blood is made! But wait, that’s not all…
Stephen Moyer & Anna Paquin have agreed to have a personal lunch with the winner!

The auction winner will be contacted by a representative from the television show to set up dates and times for the visit. The certificate needs to be redeemed during the filming of True Blood’s fifth season.

You and your pal will have to arrange your own transportation to West Hollywood, but hey – this is a once in a lifetime chance!

And oh hey, a birdie told us that very soon another beloved True Blood duo will be doing the same for Jesse Cartwright’s Fund: the lovely Kristin Bauer and Alexander Skarsgård! So ladies, gentlemen, get your bids ready, because there’s no way you can miss this!

100% of the proceeds from this auction (minus fees) will benefit The Jesse James Cartwright Fund.

Bid for the set visit/lunch HERE

Date: August 30th | Category: Articles, True Blood
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Over at NY Mag’s pop culture blog, Vulture, Marshall Allman gives the lowdown on last night’s episode and the actor’s insight into the tragic life of Tommy Mickens:

Did you go into the fourth season knowing you wouldn’t be back for the fifth?
No, but I found out pretty early on, so I had a lot of time to prepare. They told me around when we were filming the third episode. They were so effusive about how it had nothing to do with me as a person, it was just the way the story went. They did such a good job of honoring me with such great writing this season — it was bittersweet. Hopefully I can come back and “Godric” Sam, you know?

What did you first think about the skinwalker storyline, before you knew how it would backfire on Tommy?
I was so excited. Because from the moment I got on the show I was like, Man, shapeshifters — we need more. Because I didn’t think that they were getting the proper attention that they deserved. Everybody likes vampires; they’re all sexy. Whatever. Werewolves: They run hot and they’re big and sexy. Well, shapeshifters — what were they? They didn’t have an identity. They weren’t bad-ass. So I was like, Let’s get shapeshifters out there, because they’re really awesome. You’ve gotta get people’s heart throbbing for shapeshifters.

I think it was hard for a lot of viewers to ever really like Tommy, though, because he kept going from bad to good to bad.
He’s definitely misunderstood. To me he’s a tragic character. Because while his intention and heart are right, for every one good decision he makes, he makes another bad one. Or two more bad ones. So that’s Tommy in a nutshell. Does he want family? Does he want Sam? Yes, absolutely. There was not a single part of me as an actor that was like, I’m really pulling one over, making people feel sad for Tommy. But when he goes into his mode, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Read more of Marshall’s interview at the
to find out whether he viewed last night’s episode, which character he hoped Tommy shared scenes with and his hopes for Tommy fans after last night’s episode.

Date: August 30th | Category: Interviews, True Blood
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Supernatural’s seventh season is just a month away from premiering on the CW, and more and more is being revealed about what’s coming up. Now three more episode titles are out, and they are certainly interesting.

Season 7 episodes 7, 8, and 9 episode titles

Shortly after finding out the episode title for the sixth episode of the upcoming season and finally getting a new season 7 promo, fans now know more. According to SpoilerTV, the episode titles are out for the seventh, eighth, and ninth episodes: “All in the Family,” “The Mentalists,” and “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” These certainly sound interesting, but they can always change and the title for episode 7 is proof of that. “All in the Family” was the original title for last season’s seventh episode, “Family Matters.” Supernatural is all about family and the brothers’ relationship, but bringing in other family members or other families never turns out very well. What will happen this time?

Meanwhile, it sounds like episode 8, “The Mentalists,” could be the episode where Sam and Dean have to deal with both real and fake psychics while trying to solve a case and figure out where there are actually ghosts. Things can get tricky when others get involved in their cases, and while some of the town sounds like they could end up being helpful, it only takes one to mess up a job.

Finally, the ninth episode title sounds like it could make for a fun episode, but the show could end up taking a happy time like a wedding and turning it into a bloodbath. This is Supernatural after all, and there’s often more bad than good on the series. What will end up happening in this episode?

What do you think of the episode titles that have been revealed so far?


Date: August 29th | Category: Supernatural
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DO NOT READ if you don’t want to know what happens in Home MAJOR SPOILERS!!!

Lawrence, Kansas: a woman, Jenny (Kristen Richardson) looks through photos and her daughter, Sairie (Haili Page Philippe) says there’s something in the closet.. But the closet is empty. She puts a chair in front of the door so it won’t open, but the chair slides away. Jenny finds a chest in the cellar with photos of the Winchesters: John, Mom, Dean and Little Sammy written on the back of the photo. The door opens and there’s fire. The woman screams through the window. Sam (Jared Padalecki) dreams about her. He draws the tree. Dean (Jensen Ackles) surfs the Net and finds a case about a trawler crew being missing. Cattle mutilations and a man shooting himself int he head Three Times. Real X-Files territory. Sam’s seen the tree before in photos and knows they must go back home.

Dean: “Okay, random, where’d that come from?” Sam tells him their house was rebuilt and there’s people there who need their help. Dean must trust him. Sam: “I have these nightmares and sometimes they come true Dean. I dreamt about Jessica’s (Adrienne Palicki) death for days before it happened.” Dean thinks it’s a coincidence. He dreamt of blood dripping, fire and did nothing about it. Now he’s dreaming about the tree, the house, it must mean something cos that’s where it all started. Well Sam’s secret is out now, at least about his dreams/premonitions. Sam thinks a demon could have killed them. Dean: “first you tell me you’ve got The Shining , then you tell me that I’ve gotta go back home, especially when…when I swore to myself that I would never go back there.” Dean’s done plenty of swearing so he’s sworn to himself too, bad joke. He’s just like Dad (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) then since he didn’t go back there either, though we find that Dad had been in Lawrence (and is still there when they arrive.) Yet Dean knows they have to go.

Jenny opens the door and Sam introduces them as Sam and Dean. They wanted to see their house and she found their photos, now that couldn’t have been a coincidence. Yes but now they could have been anyone using their names. She has a baby int he kitchen, Ritchie (Jamie Schwaneback) who loves his juice. She moved here from Wichita. They have lots of happy memories and the light flickers, there’s rats, the sink’s blocked. Dean asks if she’s seen the rats or if she’s heard them. Up to his usual questions. Sam says there’s nothing in the closet. Sairie says something came into her room and it was on fire. Sam adds that flickering lights and scratching is a sign of a malevolent spirit. Dean: “I’m just freaked out that your weirdo visions are coming true.” As if they wouldn’t.

Dean tells Sam he doesn’t recall much from that fateful night, the fire, heat and he carried Sam out the front door, which Sam didn’t know. Mom (Samantha Smith) was on the ceiling and the Thing disappeared. Sam needs to find out if it’s the same Thing and needs to talk with neighbours, friends. Dean calls Dad. There’s a voice message: 8669073235. Dean: “Dad, I know I’ve left you messages before, I don’t even know if You Get them. But I’m with Sam and we’re in Lawrence and there’s something in our old house…I don’t know what to do, so whatever you’re doing, if you could get here please. (he breaks down.) I need your help Dad.” Well that plea fell on deaf ears. At least Dean had the courage to actually step foot inside the house, unlike Dad, who not only didn’t go into the house, but didn’t even show his face when his son asked for help.
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Date: August 29th | Category: Supernatural
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